Fortress Investment Group, Leading Investors into a Profitable Financial Future.

Fortress Investment Group is the top firm internationally that deals with highly assorted investments all over the world. Figures from the last financial report show that Fortress has assets worth more than thirty-six billion dollars under their care. Fortress Group which was established in the year 1998, oversees and manages property both financial and physical property, for more than sixteen hundred clients. These are investments spread across a variety of sectors such as real state, independent equity, credit, and capital. Fortress has clients spread out in many places of the world among them Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Italy and New York City. Fortress is the mother company to many subsidiaries among them Intrawest, doBank, Paratus AMC GmbH, Drawbridge Special Opportunities Advisors LLC, Fortress Japan Investment Holdings LL, Fortress Canada Investment Corp and Fortress Capital Formation LLC.


In the year 1998, Fortress Investment Group LLC was founded by three partners as a private investment firm. Wesley R. Edens, who formerly worked at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc., was one of the three pioneer founders. Randal A. Nardone, who at the time was a manager at UBS and his counterpart Rob Kauffman who also worked at UBS were the other two founders. As Fortress business field grew by a large dimension, the company would deem it necessary to include Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz, who were elite partners at Goldman Sachs. The two were a welcome inclusion because at the time Fortress had begun investing in hedge funds, debt securities, and real estate and the duo carried along a large sphere of experience and market knowledge.Fortress success would see it listed on the New York Stock Exchange in early 2007 where Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs served as their underwriters. The resulting Initial Public Offer would see three co-founders alongside Briger and Novogratz become instant Billionaires. The company would grow from big to bigger and in 2014 the Institutional Investor applauded Fortress to be the best manager of Hedge Funds in that year.


The end of the year 2017 would see Softbank Group; a Japanese technological firm announced that it has finalized the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. The acquisition meant that Softbank now holds all Fortress Shares after a three billion US dollar deal with Fortress. Fortress now operates under the umbrella of Softbank as an independent entity. However, Fortress maintained its top leadership with Peter Briger, Wesley Edens, and Randal A. Nardone still at the helms of power.

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The New York based company has identified a number of private equity investment packages among them Eurocastle Investment Limited, Aircastle Limited and Capstead Mortgage Corporation. A remarkable Fortress Investment was an $875 million loan to Millennium Development Group for the construction of an Olympic village during the 2010 winter Olympics held in Vancouver. Fortress would later acquire the property. The company which has been acclaimed as the best investment manager lists asset management, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and having canal knowledge of the market as their areas of expertise.

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What Whitiney Wolfe Really Wants

Society is filled with plenty of agendas that are being pushed. Often times, they are pushed with the use of businesses. Whitney Wolfe has contributed to feminism with use of Bumble. However, she was not always comfortable with the label of feminist. The only thing that has influenced her in the acceptance of this label is that she has shown herself to not back down from a fight for justice. Even though she has given women a lot of advantage with Bumble app, there is one thing that needs to be asked. This is what she really wants. This is the driving factor behind the success of Bumble.

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If Whitney Wolfe was asked what she really wants, one can expect any type of answer until they ask her. Whitney has been on many interviews talking about her experience with Tinder and the journey towards Bumble. During the interviews, she has talked about what she wants for herself, for women and even for men. One thing that has brought her a lot of attention is the effect that Bumble is having on women. Women are starting to gain confidence now that they see what it feels like to be the ones initiating.

One thing Whitney Wolfe mentioned was having some of the things that other women often didn’t have when they were going through something heavy. She had a lot of support. At the same time, she has recognized that there were a lot of girls and women that go through bullying and other traumas all alone. This can have a long term effect on the psyche of an individual. She wants women to know that they do not have to deal with all of the abuse and trauma by themselves. Women who get together can have the type of lives they want.

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Investment Tips to Learn from Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the co-founder and board member at Swiss Startup and he has strived to help other entrepreneurs develop their firms through his passion to share ideas with them. In his recent interview, Mike insists that every individual with a passion for setting up a business must be idealistic and ready to listen to the opinions of other people. Mike believes that ideas are brought to life through sharing and implementing one’s thoughts to achieve the set goal. He further encourages entrepreneurs to ensure that they come up with realistic ideas and not to be afraid to try out new things as innovation is the key to success when it comes business.

Mike started his career in banking at a tender age of 16, and he has gained a vast knowledge of finance over the recent years. In the early 90`s, Baur worked at UBS firm, where he acquired a great chance to diversify his knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. He was later promoted to an advisor, through which he got a chance to interact with various people and talk about the best ways to succeed in business. He then gained a passion for technology and after leaving his job as an advisor, he moved to startup his firm, together with the young entrepreneur back then, Max Meister. Through Swiss firm, Baur has gained an opportunity to offer financial advice to people and guide them on the best strategies they can use to succeed in their ventures.

Mike is highly focused towards developing Swiss firm and he majorly concentrates on financing and raising funds at SSUF. His commitment and dedication towards his work is a great inspiration to many people, which have strived to emulate his steps. The advice that Baur has offered to entrepreneurs through the vast number of interviews that he has attended has seen many of them improve the production in their firms.

He believes that hard work and commitment also go hand in hand with the implementation of ideas because success cannot be achieved without the application of the right resources towards achieving it. He encourages entrepreneurs not to be shaken by the words of people with a negative attitude towards living but instead, they should trust in themselves and apply the right strategies to meet their business goals. The renowned entrepreneur is an inspiration to many people and does not hesitate to share his ideas with every individual that needs expert advice on how they can succeed in their ventures.


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96 years of financial service and philanthropy

On 29th September 2017, Nexbank announced that it had closed its offering fixed to float low borate notes. The notes are said to mature in 2027, and until five years pass, they are non-callable. The offering was closed when the company completed its private placement of the noted to high-rank investors with high net worth. The arrangement was finalized for fifty-four million dollars. Nexbank used a placement agent for the private offering of its notes. The agent was Sander O’Neill and partners firm. With this completed placement, the company records two hundred and eighty-three million dollars that it has so far raised from debt and equity in just one year. All the proceeds are to be utilized in Nexbank’s general corporate purposes.

Nexbank is a company based in Dallas, Texas. The company provides banking and institutional services to a wide variety of clients in the United States. Nexbank was founded by one James Dorengo in the year 1922. The company is run under the leadership of its Chief Executive officer and president, John Holt and James Dorengo who is also the founding president.

The services provided by Nexbank include mortgage, commercial, mobile and internet banking services, institutional services and lending services. The clients served by Nexbank range from individual business owners to large corporations, foundations and institutions. Investors also benefit from Nexbank’s services especially those in the real estate industry.

As of June 2017, Nexbank was reported to have more than 6.4 billion dollars’ worth of assets.

The financial services company is also known for its works of philanthropy. Recently, Nexbank offered a sponsorship deal to the annual Dallas Women’s Foundation. Nexbank sponsored the 32nd edition of the event and gave out a hundred thousand dollars in the form of a gift. This was all to show its support for the work being done by the Foundation. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is an organization that is devoted to helping women in the region attain financial security, tap into their leadership skills and advances their lives. This is a course that has captured Nexbank’s attention. This foundation is just one of the many that Nexbank has aided in the past.

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Ricardo Tostos Speaks On Legalization Of International Assets

Ricardo Tosto gives a report on the 13,254 law that outlines the rules and regulations on worldwide transactions concerning assets. This law provides a proper mode to necessitate better negotiations amongst Brazilian and other international lawyers. Ricardo Tosto argues that this kind of partnership is very significant in restoring various resources that belonged to the Brazilians.

In addition, Ricardo Tosto claims that the law of restoring assets provides a connection among the country’s lawyers with those of other countries. This idea was also backed up by his colleagues namely Nelson William Advogados and Gil Vicente Gama. Gil Vicente Gama even added that those kinds of partnerships make it possible for clear ways and methods concerning transactions between more than two nations.

However, the accomplishment of restoring these assets was not an easy task. Various individuals really struggled before the approval of the project would be reached at. Initially, 17.5% tax proportion was levied on the project with an addition of fine of the same the amount. Later after much negotiations the duty and the fine on the revenues were all reduced to 15%.moreover, the cost of the exchange rates was also increased to approximately 20%.this resulted due to the variances between the prior and the current exchange rates. For instance, in December 2014 the range in the dollar money was valued at $ 2.65.

The 13,254 law also has a provision for penalties for those persons involved in crimes such as evading of taxes imposed on them, and gross misconducts among others. This means that such cases may be given some considerations. However, other serious offenses such as bribery and transaction based on the banned trading actions like drug marketing will not at all be forgiven.

For the perfect manifestation of the law, Ricardo Tosto gives emphasis on both the foreign and the nation’s legal representatives to conduct investigations for persons who tend to keep their possessions concealed. Clear reports need to be given as to why the individuals tend to hide their products from the Brazilian government as well as their sources.

This legalization project on resources traded internationally is not a choice but mandatory for all people involved in the transaction.

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End Citizens United Announces New Endorsements For 2018 Midterms

Issuing a flurry of key endorsements around the nation, the political action group known as End Citizens United (ECU) is ramping up its efforts as the 2018 midterm elections, now just a little more than six months away.

Among those getting a boost from ECU is Lauren Baer who is running for congress in the Florida 18th District. Baer formerly worked as a foreign policy adviser in the Obama Administration. She is running against Republican Brian Mast who is seeking his second term after winning the seat for the first time in 2016.

Democrat Liz Watson is getting the nod from ECU in Indiana’s 9th District. She is running against Republican Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, also a first-term member. Liz Watson is an attorney with considerable political experience. She is the former director of workplace justice at the National Women’s Law Center, and was also the executive director of the Georgetown Poverty Center. She served as the Labor Policy Director for Democrats in Congress.

In Michigan, End Citizens United has endorsed Democrat Matt Morgan for the 1st District race. Morgan is a 20-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Morgan now works in the television and film industry. He will face off against Republican Rep. Jack Bergman who is seeking his second term.

In New Jersey, ECU has endorsed Democrat Tom Malinowski for the 7th District seat there. Malinowski was born in Poland and came to America at age six. He went on to become a Rhode Scholar. His most recent government experience was serving as Assistant Secretary of State under President Obama. Malinowski will likely face incumbent Republican Leonard Lance who has held the seat since 2010.

End Citizens United is backing these candidates because they share the primary goal of this grassroots PAC – getting Big Money out of politics. In all cases, the ECU endorsed candidates have come out strongly for overturning the 2010 Supreme Court ruling known as Citizens United. This was the disastrous decision that opened the floodgates for unlimited campaign contributions made by major corporations and billionaires to the candidate of their choice.

The result has been a corrupting effect on American government. Congress members who take big donations from special interests have almost universally lost interest in representing the average American citizens they are supposed to serve.

ECU has raised $35 million in small donation averaging just $14 each. The candidates they endorse have pledged to turn away Big Money from special interests and dedicate their time in Congress to working for the people.

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Its Time To Conquer Europe; OSI Group Adds Flagship Europe To Its Portfolio Companies

OSI Group is indisputably one of America’s best performing custom food service companies. In fact, it was recently included on the list of the top 100 companies. OSI specializes in custom food services and supplies hundreds of food outlets across the globe with its products. The company has carved a special niche for itself because it offers special services that few others provide. It has a watertight inspection team that keeps track of its products from the point when they leave the supplier to the actual restaurant where they are sold. OSI has over 65 outlets in 17 countries. It has a bias for meat products but has recently included other foods on its menu; if only to impress its customers’ diverse food preferences.

OSI Foods Continues to Grow

The acquisition of Flagship Europe is one of the many assertive strategies that OSI has employed to spread out to the rest of the world. The company has also acquired several other important installations and built a chicken processing plant in Spain at a cost of 17 million Euros. The chicken processing plant in Toledo area was built following increasing demand for OSI chicken products. The company management says it could not meet the demand with the existing processing units. It has boosted its capacity to 45,000 tones of meat products. OSI also acquired the Tyson owned plant in Chicago. The plant is located on a vast area of land and is strategically close to another OSI outlet.

Flagship Europe

Recent news reveals that OSI has acquired Flagship Europe. Flagship supplies the market with frozen chicken poultry products, pies, mayonnaise, dressings, and sauces. It has its clients, mainly, in the UK. On its part, Flagship had developed into a formidable food company with the acquisition of Calder Foods. With regard to the acquisition by OSI Group, Flagship Europe Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Russel Maddock says that the company is impressed with the successful deal that enables them to access vast amounts of resources for easy operations and meeting the customer needs. He pointed out that since they are now part of OSI group, they will also access new clients in new markets. OSI Chief Operating Officer and President, Mr. David McDonad observed that the purchase of Flagship Europe adds to its presence in Europe; a development that is part of OSI Group’s expansion agenda. He pointed out that the products that Flagship Europe specializes in are a major compliment to the products offered by OSI.

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Robert Ivy Receiving Lifetime Achievement Award

Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters will be honoring Robert Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Ivy is the EVP and CEO at the American Institute of Architects.

This will be the first Polk Award in history to be given to an architect. The award is generally given to art patrons and artist that have a connection with Mississippi. Some of the past award winners include singer Leontyne Price in 2000, Shelby Foote in 2004, actor Morgan Freeman in 2007, writer Eudora Welty in 2001, and the late artist Walter Anderson in 1989.

The President of AIA, Carl Elefante says that Robert Ivy due to his practice in architect, and him as an author and editor, it makes him a worthy ambassador for the architect profession. Carl Elefante congratulated Robert Ivy on his receiving an honor that is so unique. He says that the achievement is good for Robert as Robert is a Mississippi native.

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Aside from the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy has be honored with others honors including the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture in 2017 presenting Ivy with the Dean’s Medal. Robert Ivy was designated Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi which is a national architecture fraternity in 2010. Others who are members of the fraternity are Richard Buckminster Fuller, I.M. Pei and Mies van der Rohe.

On June 2, Robert Ivy will be officially being presented with his Lifetime Achievement Award. Also being awarded at that time is Andrew Cary Young. Andrew Cary Young is a Stained glass designer and works for Pearl River Glass Studio.

The President of MIAL Nancy LaForge says that Robert Ivy is the only person from Mississippi that makes it possible for the general public to have so much close access to architecture.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a membership organization of architects and designers established more than 150 years ago by 13 architects with a mission to promote and support architects and the field of architecture. AIA now has more than 90,000 architect and design members throughout the U.S. and three of its territories, Europe, Canada, and Asia. The AIA is committed to building structures that create safe neighborhoods, but it is also deeply involved in the broader global community. The AIA has as one of its goals to reimagine the role of architects and designers.

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David McDonald, The President Of OSI Group, Contributes Highly To The Success Of The Company

The leadership predetermines the success of an organization within the organization. Proper leadership skills always lead to the success of an organization. Among the leaders who have been able to express an admirable skill set regarding leadership are such as David McDonald. David McDonald currently serves as the President of ISO Group. OSI Group is a company that deals with the supply of food products. Under the leadership of David McDonald, the company has been able to register a significant change towards the positive scale.

Background Check

David McDonald attended the Iowa State University. In 1987, David McDonald graduated with honors after pursuing the BSc. Animal Science. Later on, he joined OSI Group. Over the years, McDonald has been rising in ranks, and currently, he serves as the OSI Group President. By working in the OSI Group or over 30 years, McDonald has showcased that he is passionate about his work and he has always been determined to take the company to the next level.

During his incumbency, David McDonald facilitated the supply of food products to OSI China. The food amounted to over 100 tons of food products. The food supply process occurred during the Beijing 2008 Olympics games. The successful completion of the delivery without any form of a complaint was a result of David McDonald being dedicated to offering quality services.

David McDonald facilitates the acquisition of Baho Food

OSI Group is a company that deals solely with food products. Under the leadership of David McDonald as the president of the company, various acquisitions have been made. Among the companies that have been bought by OSI group ae for example Baho food among others. Such acquisitions help in the growth of the company regarding expansion and outreach to the consumers. Moreover, such acquisitions come in handy when forming formidable alliances in the world of business.


David McDonald has worked with OSI Group over the past 30 years. He has shown utmost dedication towards the growth of the company. As a graduate who undertook an undergraduate degree in BSc. Animal science, he is well knowledgeable when it comes to how to run a company that deals in food products, mainly animal products. As the President and the chief operating officer of OSI group, David McDonald has facilitated various acquisitions that have come in handy while trying to ensure that the company can expand its outreach internationally.

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Jeremy Goldstein Has A Compromise For Corporate Compensations

Companies all over the world have different ways of providing compensation or incentives to their employees for signing up with the company or being more productive and contributing to the growth of the company. Stock options are the most common way for companies to provide this compensation and in the past, it was not a half bad way of doing things. This is not so much the case anymore in today’s economy. With the ever fluctuation prices of stocks for companies, especially new and smaller companies, stock options as compensation are volatile. At any given time the prices could go up or down, which is a negative to one side or the other. In either case, someone is not happy. Employees don’t want to lose their compensations, but employees also don’t want the extra costs related to stock options or the added costs associated with rising stocks. Learn more:


There is a noteworthy compensation expert working to resolve this issue, Jeremy Goldstein, who believes he has the solution for everyone to find a common ground and be happy, which is knockout options. Instead of the usual way of things, knockout options would save companies should their stocks rise or fall too much, rendering the stock option void. This will save companies a lot of money in the long run and allow for increased long-term growth. Employees will stand to benefit as well since they do not have to worry about stock options or the possibility of them falling. According to Jeremy Goldstein, most employees would rather have higher salaries than stock compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein has released several articles explaining what knockout options will mean in full detail for employees and corporations around the country. He goes into the specifics and what the pros and cons will be for both sides. Let’s face it, there are always cons to deals and compromises, but it is the middle ground to appease everyone. Jeremy Goldstein believes the pros far outweigh the cons, for both employees looking for jobs in the corporate world and major corporations around the world today. Employees will also have an easier time seeing what a company has to offer and their potential for growth with the new options on the table.

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