Maintaining a constant, well processed and packaged food products distribution service all around the world has been and continues to be the ultimate goal for OSI Group. This food supply giant has served the American market well since its inception over a century ago. This success in business is without a doubt a result of strategic investment decisions on all fronts in the running of the organization.

One very strategic investment that the organization has made in the most recent past is the acquisition of Baho Foods, a Dutch company that has been in the food processing and distribution business for over 60 years. According to David McDonald, the President of OSI Group, this acquisition helps to broaden the presence of the organization in the wider Europe market. Mr McDonald, who also serves as the group’s Chief Operations Officer, adds that Baho Foods portfolio of products goes a long way to compliment OSI Group’s renowned strengths in processing. He says this will also broaden the organization’s capabilities to address their customer’s ever evolving needs. Baho Foods has been a leading supplier of snacks, convenience foods and deli meats in over 18 European countries.

In what would be considered as another very wise investment decision, OSI Group went ahead to retain the staff at Baho Foods. This not only eases the management of the new acquisition, it also helps to further enhance their customer base. Known for their belief in treating staff as family, the company has had low staff turnover, an aspect that goes a long way in making the food supply giant the success it is today.

OSI Group has won many awards over the years for their exemplary service in the food supply business. Chief among these is the 2016 Globe of Honor Award given to OSI Food Solutions UK by the British Safety Council. This was in recognition of the group’s outstanding commitment to the management of environmental risks.

To know more visit @: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03083661

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Fortress Investment Group Under Peter Briger

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002 as a Debt Securities and Real Estate businesses lead during a time that the company was in a phase of diversification from its equity businesses that were core and private. He is currently the company’s Principal, the Directors Board Co-chairman and Real Estate Credit Business Head. His wealth has always grown from his expertise in assets trading that are of value to very few persons. He, however, has a specialty in distressed debt. He received his MBA from Penn University Wharton Business School and his BA from Princeton University.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he had worked at Goldman Sachs Company for 15 years and as a partner since 1996. During the 15 years, he was positioned as a Trading business and sales of Whole Loans Co-head, Asian Business of Distressed Debt Co-head, Private Asian Equity business of Real Estate Co-head and Group of Principal Investments Fixed Income Co-head. He is also a great supporter of philanthropic causes holding different positions including, Special Surgery Hospital Advisors Board Member, Caliber Schools Board member, Investment Company of Princeton University and Tipping Point Director and offers support to the Conservancy of Central Park.

Peter Briger together with other two Princeton alumni established a program of pilot funding (AEF) to help other alumni into entrepreneurship. This would help accomplish the vision of Princeton Way of Entrepreneurship that builds the distinctive strengths of the University for providing education on liberal arts. This fund would help the alumni members put to life their creative ideas with funding of up to $100,000. The program aims to encourage and put into action innovation, idea-generation, risk-taking and creativity among the recent alumni and current students.

While in the Rockies of Canada for a heli-skiing trip, he met Casares who explained to him about the Bitcoin Technology and how it worked. With an in-depth explanation of its benefits and how convenient it was in moving money all over the world, his interest grew. It would benefit companies like Fortress Investment Group which had to transfer millions through different banks all over the world hence influenced Wells Fargo to venture into it.

In an article by Nathaniel Popper in May 2015, Peter Briger talked about Wall Street journey into bitcoin business. In 2013, Wells Fargo bank branch in San Francisco travelled to Fortress Investment Group headquarters in New York for a meeting to look into Bitcoin exchange that would be the first to be regulated by the nation. In the meeting, Peter Briger gave his pitch concerning the project. He said that Bitcoin technology would benefit Fortress Investment Group with its feature of an instant and cheap way of sending money around the world. He urged Wells Fargo to catch up with Bitcoin to handle the payment networks challenge that it was facing. With this, he argued that this bank together with his company could provide a bitcoin regulated exchange in America. The conversation did not end at an agreement then, but these two giants in finance meeting provided a window for Wall Street to slowly but continually grow with this technology.

To Learn More Click Here

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Dr. Mark Mckenna Is Congratulated On His Expertise In Medicine And His Success In Business

Dr. Mark Mckenna is known for his medical prowess as well as his entrepreneurial mind. Mark has successfully combined the two for a highly profitable and fulfilling profession. It takes a great deal of effort to be good in the medical field nevermind create successful business ideas. This is a testament to Dr. Mark Mckenna’s remarkable abilities.

Mark was able to study at Tulane University for a period of years until he earned his medical degree, which allowed him to start practicing medicine with his father, who already owned his own family practice. Mark was able to get a great deal of hands-on experience working with his father, which also built his aspirations to achieve even greater things. Due to his position, Mark was afforded many opportunities for creating his own business, which he decided to jump on when he got the chance. Dr. Mark Mckenna’s first come was known as McKenna Venture Investments, an investment firm in the New Orleans area. The stories from Mark’s childhood had finally come true since most of his childhood community agreed he was the most likely to be successful.

After finishing up his work in New Orleans helping out the community, Mark moved to Atlanta, Georgia. It was here that Dr. Mark Mckenna was able to start up his next business idea using the medical field as a background. This company was known as ShapeMed and was focused on aesthetic wellness. This company gained a lot of traction and Mark managed to sell it off to Life Time Fitness in 2014 thanks to its popularity. Thanks to this, Mark was able to get started on his next innovation in the field of medicine and business, OVME. Mark’s clients are able to order products and treatments right through OVME and have it delivered to their homes, rather than having to go to the doctors. All treatments are non-surgical of course for safety. Thanks to Mark’s unique approach and special ability to mix his medical expertise with his entrepreneurial ideas, he’s impacting both industries for the better.


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Chainsmokers Are Releasing New Emotion Filled Music

Recently the group duo the Chainsmokers released a track called “Closer”. “Closer” has been anticipated greatly by Chainsmoker fans. One of today’s biggest sought after stars Haley, is included on the track. One half of Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart is featured on the hit radio track “Closer”.

The group are DJ’s who usually only contribute electronic tunes to their tracks. They don’t generally lend their own vocals to their tunes. Other artist, songwriters and vocalist were used to lend their talents. The group is known for creating up tempo dance music. They now want to be known for being artist and not just two guys behind the scenes creating tunes. Taggart and Pall like to add emotion to their tracks. The addition of emotion allows listeners to be exposed to more and more of the pair.

Growing up, Alex Pall enjoyed music and became a DJ. He started in New York DJing gigs and realized that he was far more passionate about being a DJ than just having the job be something of a hobby and something that he did on the side. Alex decided while DJing at an art gallery that he really wanted to give dance music a shot as it had become something that seemed to completely consume his life. Pall’s then and current manager, introduced him to Drew. Pall and Drew hit it off immediately prompting Pall to quit his current job and Drew relocating to New York from Maine. That was the beginning of the “Chainsmokers”.

Drew became interested in being a DJ before meeting Alex Pall while he was attending college. He was an early fan of electronic music. College mates went from making fun of Dew for listening to dance music and wearing v-neck t-shirts to finding themselves doing and enjoying the same things. Drew began producing music and began landing gigs in New York. Drew was made aware that knew Alex’s manager and informed Drew about the “Chainsmokers” and made him aware that one of the members would be leaving the duo and the remaining member was looking for someone new.


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Clay Siegall & His Rise To Cancer Research Success

The name Clay Siegall might not be too familiar to the majority of the population, but this extraordinary guy has brought many innovative things to cancer research. This man is a doctor, a scientist and a businessman. When it comes to fighting cancer, this fellow is known as Dr. Clay Siegall, and he has left a lasting-impact on society. Dr. Siegall had an up-close-and-personal account with cancer as his father became ill from this dangerous disease. Siegall was a college student at the time, but he remembered just how harsh cancer treatments were back in the day. Everything from radical surgeries to amputations were taking place, but there had to be a more efficient way of winning this battle.

After earning a Ph.D in Genetics as well as attaining an undergraduate degree in Biology, Siegall went to work. He has worked for a number of prominent industry names such as Bristol Myers Squibb and the National Institute of Health. In 1998, Dr. Siegall made his dream come true via Seattle Genetics. This biotech-oncology company started-out as a tiny startup company of only a handful of staff members. Seattle Genetics was focused more on research and drug development back in the day. Funding the company was quite difficult, but this small list of staff members found a solution to pull the company out of the hole. Dr. Siegall was forced to sell the company’s international-commercial rights just to stay afloat, but today is a new day. As of now, Seattle Genetics sits at the top of cancer research thanks to it’s proprietary drugs.

Owning patents as well as owning international-commercial rights is what you have to do to make it to the top. The company now has a Swiss-office overseas, which handles the company’s international marketing. The future is looking much brighter than before and Dr. Clay Siegall is the reason why.

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Reasons to Use the Talkspace App

The problem with regular therapy is that it can be time-consuming for a lot of people as well as expensive. You have to put it into your schedule to go to the therapist’s office, and this isn’t always as convenient as it should be, especially if you need to go and see a therapist each week. One of the other problems that you might have is that you do not have coverage, so you’re paying for every single therapy appointment on your own. This can get downright impossible to afford, especially considering most therapists charge hundreds of dollars per session. If you need a greater choice for therapy, Talkspace is the option for you.

Talkspace was designed for people in your position and is easy for most budgets. You just pay a couple of bucks a day and have full access to a therapist who is licensed and even more experienced than anyone you’ve ever used before. In fact, a lot of people have found Talkspace therapists to be far better than anyone they have ever seen before. If you feel it is time for change and would like to make use of a professional app that brings the therapy home to you, Talkspace is the best thing for you at the moment.

In fact, there have been a lot of apps and programs that were launched that try to copy Talkspace, but Talkspace was the first of its kind and has grown to be one of the best choices for people wanting therapy in the comfort of their house or mobile app. You will be able to either message your therapist wherever you may be or have a video chat session with them if you would rather see them face to face simply by downloading and using the Talkspace app to your phone.

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The Chainsmokers are Still Smoking, and at it Again!

Although the name rings a bell with mainstream consumers as one of those off-beat bands that probably dominated some underground scene in the punk rock era, The Chainsmokers are pop star neophytes. At just two years old the producers have made magic again, with the release of hit song Sick Boy.

Sick Boy expresses the darker pop-icon side of The Chainsmokers. In a recent interview, Drew Taggart expressed how the iconification has opened them up to such profound perceptions by the public at large that they are now living in this hypercritical caricature state. He also infers that any misperception of their image is taxing to separate from the unknown soul of the flesh and blood person behind it. The song appears to focus on similar stereotypes about people from the east and west coasts of America.

The duo quickly climbed the charts after freely distributing their debut single #Selfie. The single piqued the interest of Dim Mak Records, who soon worked out the details for commercial release via Republic Records streaming platform.

The Chain Smokers duo, Producers Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, cite the influences of deadmau5 and others as a paradigm for their live performances. They have described the style as something along the lines of indie-pop hip hop that makes you dance. The Chainsmokers are capitalizing upon the realities of the digital age. And age where it is not just the music, but the overall production and universal appeal that wins fans.

Consumers today want the full package, the best of everything all at once. And that is what The Chainsmokers have consistently delivered with so many well-produced singles like the gold chart-topper Paris. Producing this quality of music, and keeping it fresh with new songs, has garnished the attention of hundreds of millions of fans all over the world. The Chainsmokers joint venture with superstars Coldplay to produce the single “Something Just Like This” shattered the steaming records at 9 million video views in a single day.

Check them out! They make pretty damn good YouTube videos!


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Jason Hope funds a Biotechnology Research foundation

Jayson Hope is a renowned serial businessman, philanthropist and a creative thinker based in the United States. Jason Hope studied his engineering degree at the Arizona State University and later joined the well-known WP Carey School of Business to pursue Master of Business Administration. Hope believes in the possibilities of research and the power of technology in the department of biotechnology. He has always dreamt of making extraordinary achievements in the technology sector. He funds numerous research programs and start-ups.

Jason Hope throws a close eye on the innovations in technology and biology. He also likes studying and researching on the advancements in the Biotechnology field. It’s because of his love for Biotechnology that Jason Hope funded the SENS Research Foundation with $500,000 in 2010. Hope continued to donate to the SENS Research since then. The SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. The donation from Jason Hope has helped the SENS Research to construct their Cambridge Laboratory. The SENS Research Foundation concentrates on advancing the general value of life and also increasing the life expectancy of the humans. The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit company that relies on the support of researchers, scientists and philanthropists. It also gets aids from private individuals and well-wishers.

The Chief Science Officer and co-Founder of the SENS Research Foundation, Mr. Aubrey Grey, addressed the aim and goal of the foundation in his opening speech of the yearly Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference that was in Santa Clara. Grey noted that the conference aim was to come up with a transformation biotechnology engineering that speed-up the advancement of drugs via the broad-based relationship of damage-repair skills.

Jason Hope is a regular contributor on the Internet of Things through writing and researching. SENS Research Foundation and other similar organizations are keen on using a unique strategy to anti-aging for finding treatments for diseases that cause fast aging of our body cells. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s, lung and heart diseases affect every function of our bodies. SENS Research Foundation focuses on preventing such diseases from happening ever.

Jason Hope is famously known as a specialist in all manner of entrepreneurial queries. He is among the business advisors who are organizations and individuals run after in the United States.

In his interviews, Jason Hope praises technology saying that it is the most prominent catalyst for change in the contemporary world. He also noted that every person knows that the society’s future is dependent on technology as it interconnects and connects places, things and more importantly people.

For More info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

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TMS Health Solutions and Clinical Depression Management

TMS Health Solutions is a Sacramento, California business that prioritizes mental health. People who are interested in treatment that can help depression and mental health problems in general frequently depend on it. The team at TMS Health Solutions believes that mental health issues have answers that can work. It provides patients with all-encompassing psychiatric assistance. It assists people with the management of medication. If an individual suffers from clinical depression that gets in the way of her daily life, then she may want to turn to the skilled and enthusiastic crew at TMS Health Solutions. This company offers TMS therapy that can be a game-changer for people who live with the realities of depression. It can be a game-changer for individuals who live with mental health struggles overall.

TMS therapy is all about the TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) approach. This is a reliable form of therapy that has United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) backing. It’s a type of non-invasive treatment option that can come in handy for individuals who have not gotten any results from standard antidepressant use. It can aid individuals who have not had any success with available treatments in general. People who have clinical depression and who feel like they have no options often try TMS therapy.

TMS Health Solutions caters to people who are clinically depressed. There are some people who are clinically depressed who do not know it, too. It’s essential for people to be aware of common indications of depression. Clinical depression can lead to emotions such as despair. People who are clinically depressed tend to have bleak outlooks on life. They tend to think that nothing positive is ever going to happen. They often feel as if their existences are pointless. If an individual has clinical depression, he or she may always feel nervous, tense and edgy. He or she may even have suicidal tendencies. This is a significant hazard. Focusing may be a difficult task for individuals who are clinically depressed as well. If an individual doesn’t seem to have the capacity to pay attention to basic daily tasks, then he or she may be in need of depression management. Depressed people sometimes encounter trouble with motion, too. They may move in oddly slow manners. They may talk in ways that are oddly slow as well.

The specialists who work for TMS Health Solutions have exhaustive knowledge regarding all kinds of mental matters.

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Bradesco Bank Chooses New CEO

Bradesco Bank is known to be one of the top private banks in Brazil. The bank is headed by some of the most notable names in the field and is considered to be one of the most sought-after choices for those who are looking for a friendly neighborhood bank. The company has had a long history and has had its fair share of ups and downs. Even in the face of severe market changes, the bank has managed to stand out from the crowd, and establish itself as a bank for the people of Brazil.

Recently, Bradesco Bank underwent a series of changes that have changed the management and inner workings of the bank. Most recently, the bank announced its new president, Octavio de Lazari Junior, who now will stand as the head of Bradesco Seguros. He will be replacing the former CEO of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who currently is set to fulfill the position of chairman of the company. The new CEO of the company will be able to start performing all of his functions on the 12th of March, which is when the General Meeting of the shareholders of the company will be held.

The reason Bradesco has gone through so many shifts in management over the past few months was that of the retirement of Lazaro de Mello, who served in the position of chairman of the company for the past twenty-five years according to insiders.morningstar.com. He was one of the oldest chairmen of a bank and decided to retire upon reaching the age of ninety-one. After his retirement, Trabuco, who was the then CEO of the company was asked to take his place, and Lazari taking the position that Trabuco had now left vacant.

Read more: Bradesco deve anunciar sucessor de Trabuco antes do Carnaval

Bradesco has always followed a long-standing tradition of offering positions only to those who have spent a considerable amount of time working with them. As a company, Bradesco Bank upholds very strong values and wants their leaders to be able to understand and exude them as well. All of the current executives working at Bradesco have been working at the bank for several years, only after which they can rise to important positions within the company. Octavio de Lazari is also someone who has worked for a considerable amount of time with the company. He has been working for Bradesco for the past fifteen years and has had a considerable amount of contribution to the workings of the company, and the tasks that they have to deal with. As he takes on the position of CEO of Bradesco, he has big shoes to fill, since he will be replacing Trabuco, who was responsible for the incredible amount of growth that Bradesco witnessed.

When Trabuco took over the company as its CEO, Bradesco had just suffered a slip to the second spot in the private financial sector in Brazil. Instead of dwelling on the fact that Bradesco had lost it’s number one position, Trabuco decided to focus on something else, which was providing the people of Brazil to better access of Bradesco’s services. Under the plan that he had implemented, Bradesco grew in numbers, leading to more and more outlets being set up in locations all over the country. He also tried to improve the customer management that took place in the outlets, so that the people using these services could have access to better facilities, and thereby, choose Bradesco. The implementation of this plan proved to be a huge success, and Bradesco slowly made its way once again to the top with more and more people choosing them over other banks that were available.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: https://istoe.com.br/octavio-de-lazari-junior-sera-sucessor-de-luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-no-bradesco/

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