Jacob Gottlieb Is Considering A New Hedge Fund Investment

Jacob Gottlieb is an established man in the investment industry and he was the co-founder of Visium Asset Management. Unfortunately, a scandal ended Visium’s run in the market due to certain management members taking advantage. Jacob is finally back at it with a new business plan for an investment company and hedge fund. This new venture will rely on other investors that want to get involved with Jacob’s business plans, though he is still undecided on the right timing. With the liquidation of the old fund still in process, there is still room to change the plans according to Jacob Gottlieb.

One of the reasons that Jacob took some time before coming out with his business idea was because of the problems that occurred at his last company. Jacob wasn’t apart of the shady practices that were going on, he wasn’t even accused of it. In fact, he was all for the go-ahead to shut down his company as the CEO given what was going on. Altium Capital is Jacob’s newest venture and he is still considering how he will focus his new hedge fund. Altium is much smaller than Jacob’s previous company, with less than 10 employees currently working at the firm.

Although Visium is now closed, Altium has the same principles behind it, both focusing on the healthcare industry and investing. Jacob Gottlieb hopes to bring more light to companies that are doing good things in the healthcare industry. At first, Jacob was considering taking a break from the industry after Visium needed to be shut down. Instead, after just two years, Jacob has decided that he doesn’t have the time to take a break and wants to get back into the swing of big business investing. Healthcare was Jacob’s focus before and it will be again. Not only is this because Jacob Gottlieb was once a doctor himself, but he wants to improve the medical field and bring about new advancements to help many people around the world.


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Real Estate Investor Hassain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a wealthy and successful Arab billionaire who serves as the owner and founder of DAMAC, which is a company based on property development in Dubai, United Arab Emirate. Formed in 1992, Hussain Sajwani created DAMAC as it eventually turned into a successful company, as their reported revenue as of 2016 is up to $ 1.947 billion and has employed around 2,000 people. The company also owns some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts in the UAE, as one of its divisions, DAMAC Maison Hotels & Resorts, is considered one of DAMAC’s main subsidiaries.

With that being said, Hussain Sajwani is said to be one of the top richest Arab men in the world, as his net worth was at $4.1 billion during August 2018. Due to his intelligence and experience in the real estate business, it’s no wonder how Hussain Sajwani got to the success where he is today. To add on to his impressive resume, Hussain Sajwani has won numerous awards for his real estate involvement, including winning the Property CEO of the Year for the CEO Middle East Awards 2017 and the Real Estate Business Leader of the Year 2018 for the Gulf Business Award 2018.

A self-admitted risk taker, Hussain Sajwani grew up selling watches and other goods before getting high roles in big companies. He even went out of his way to try to help his family out the best way he could possibly can. That shows that not only is he determined to achieve his goals but has a big heart as well. It’s also worth noting that as he grew up, he was sent to the United States where he was able to earn a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington.

On top of all these accomplishments, Hussain Sajwani also has business ties with other companies such as the Nine Elms Property Limited, Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, and more. With all these attributes that he carries, Hussain Sajwani will always be remembered as one of the most successful businessmen in the world.

Check out Sajwani’s portfolio: https://hussainsajwani.com/ar/business-portfolio/

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Brazilian Automotive Entrepreneur Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is an entrepreneur in Brazil. His current business is in the automotive industry. Andrade went into the automotive business after working as a physician. He was one of the most well renowned medical doctors in Brazil during his career. However, he was looking to get involved in a business that was compatible with his passions. Over the next three decades, Carlos would acquire a dealership, expand it and then later acquire a manufacturing plant. During his career as an entrepreneur, Carlos was able to sell three major automobile brands and become the top distributor of them in all of Brazil.

In 1979, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was a medical doctor who was very well respected by both colleagues and patients. While his career as a medical doctor was quite successful, he looked to get into a career that was more lucrative. He would therefore get into the automotive business. Right before he got into the automotive business, he looked to purchase a Ford Landau. However, the dealership that he was looking to buy the car from was dealing with financial difficulties. When the dealership went bankrupt, Carlos acquired it and looked to rebuild it. Over the next 13 years, Carlos named the dealership CAOA and built it into the top distributor of Ford vehicles in Brazil.

Thirteen years in the early 1990’s, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade looked to expand his dealership. He would acquire the rights to sell the Japanese vehicles of the brand Subaru as well as the South Korean brand Hyundai. During this time, Carlos made his dealership the top seller of these brands as well. His efforts resulted in him earning enough money to pursue his next goal which was to open up a factory.

By the year 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade invested funds to purchase a manufacturing plant. This would serve as a facility to produce Hyundai vehicles in Brazil. With his new manufacturing plant, Carlos and his company became the exclusive maker and distributor of Hyundai vehicles in Brazil. His business success in the auto industry would lead to him establishing himself as one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation.

More info: http://contratepalestras.com.br/palestrante/484/carlos-alberto-de-oliveira-andrade-hyundai-vendas-varejo-telemarketing

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Exclusive 2012 Interview with Boris Feldman

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is an automotive businessman based in Brazil. He is the mega player in the sector and the proud owner of CAOA, which has been in the market since 1979. He has enjoyed the monopoly of being the sole dealer of Ford, Hyundai, and Subaru in the whole of Brazil. More so, he has had the privilege to import Hyundai and Subaru cars from the late 1990s.

The CAOA vehicles assembly plant which is situated in Annapolis (GO) city is also the manufacture of the Tuscon, iX35, new Tuscon SUVs, and the HR and HD80 trucks. Carlos automobile company has been in the market for more than 40 years, and has sold more than one million vehicles, covering the Brazilian population.

Earlier in 2012, Dr. Carlos appeared in a motor show TV interview where he was being interviewed by the famous motor racer enthusiast and journalist, Boris Feldman. The interview had a caption titled “Dr, Caoa’s dream”, and even got published in the year 2012, with the word “Dr”, emerging from his medical degree, which is his field of study. In the interview, Mr. Feldman began by exploring the challenges that the entrepreneur encounters, but finalized the interview by appraising him, for his efforts and more so, in setting up a mega motor vehicle plant in the country’s capital.

The exclusive interview revealed how Carlos Alberto de Andres was able to collaborate with Hyundai and given a legal license to operate, according to Grandes Profissionais Gestao de Palestrantes . The license gave him a clear path to manufacture HD 78 and HR trucks. On top of that, the permit pointed out how it brought together the ancient models of the Tuscon brand and assembled them, and now the firm plans to introduce the new ix35 into the market within the next few months. The interview also shaded light on the entrepreneur’s desire to manufacture a purely Brazilian car.

Dr. Carlos married into this question and stated that they already had a design agency in Italy which was designing new bodies for the Tuscon models. Similarly, the firm was in the process of negotiating with Fiat concerning the provision of national engines, with Fiat being the current provider of HD 78 engines. The 2012 commentary ended with Feldman being optimistic on whether Dr. Carlos would make it, but to his surprise, six years down the line, after revisiting the same question, his surprise answer was a big yes. He had made it, and today CAOA is producing its model in partnership with China.

Continue reading: https://g1.globo.com/carros/noticia/com-caoa-chery-sonha-em-chegar-ao-top-10-no-brasil-em-5-anos.ghtml

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General Information About JD.com.

It so the biggest online retail business with its headquarters in Beijing, China. It is known for its use of quality customer service and the use of high technology in the delivery of goods. JD.com, also known as Jingdong, was established by Liu Qiangdong in 1998 as a physical, brick and mortar, retail store but went online in 2004. Before it was known as JD.com, the retail store was known as 360buy. Back then, JD.com was a magneto optical store. It later expanded the scope of its sales to include electronics, computers and electronic devices, mobile phones and other gadgets in the same category. In 2007 June, the company’s domain name changed to 360buy.com and in 2013 Jingdong switched out username to JD.com. This change was worth over 5 million US dollars. This would later set the business on a platform that would cause it to be what it is today.

Smart technology and Smart Cities

China has been, over the years, leading in the use of an advanced technology and development of electrical devices that reduce the need for human work or input. China is also a big player in the development of smart cities. Jingdong has also moved with the tide utilizing artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning in the delivery of its products. It has incorporated drones and other autonomous technologies. The use of high technology has made the business own the biggest drone delivery system and infrastructure with the largest capability globally.

JD.com and Futuristic automation

The interest and participation of JD.com in technological advancements has led them to open Xiongan, a research center for the futuristic automation in China. This research will play a major role in the development of smart cities in China. Jingdong made this announcement on 1 October 2018 at the Global smart supply chain summit by JD logistics. The focus of this is in urban planning logistics for smart cities; hubs, big data platforms, etc. The institute’s approach, towards building the cities, is a bottom to top approach. From the underground systems, the institute will make use of the tunnels and municipal water pipes and leave a more natural appearance on the ground above.


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OSI Group Incorporates Technology In Its Operations To Boost Its Production

The dynamics of the food industry have been growing consistently due to the increasing population in various places around the world, especially in Asia, Europe, and some parts of Africa.

Companies in the food industry have been growing due to the expanding market where there are people ready to buy their goods and services. One of the leading organizations that are tremendously growing is the OSI Group. David McDonald, the president of the company, has been at the center of the growth of these food company.

Immediately after graduating from Iowa State University, David McDonald went ahead to start working at the OSI Group where he was highly involved in the operations of the company. However, after extended periods, McDonald demonstrated high levels of integrity and commitment where he kept on rising through the ranks at the company. This dedication and commitment have enabled him to rise through the ranks where he became the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

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David McDonald is the president of this organization, which has been able to dominate the food industry for a more extended period. One of the main factors that have enabled the company to remain competitive in the foreign country is the ability to establish long term partnerships with major companies working in the food industry in China. David McDonald highlights that the ability to develop relationships with other organizations has made OSI Group to be viewed as a local company.

One of the main strategies that David McDonald has been using to market the products of the organization is by creating partnerships with local organizations that have helped the company to understand the overall market and sell the products that the customers have been demanding. The company has since partnered with some of the largest food selling organizations such as DOYOO which have been very useful in providing the technical support needed by the organizations.

Under the guidance of its leaders, OSI Group has been able to establish itself as a leading entity that can move from Iowa to other parts of the world. The experienced leader has been making critical decisions that have made it possible for the organization to remain competitive and relevant on a market that has multinational organizations with the aim of dominating the market.

See more: OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

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Alex Hern Introduces Practical Virtual Reality Startup

Virtual reality is a popular term in the tech industry today. Innovators are creating amazing applications of VR tech, and people can’t get enough of it. Alex Hern is introducing practical virtual reality tech with his new startup Tsunami VR. While most software developers want to produce interactive entertainment, new tech company Tsunami VR is focusing on business communication solutions. He believes the future of VR isn’t in gaming or movies. Instead, he wants to create software for offices and business meetings. The current software isn’t as exciting as games, but it can impact our lives in more ways.

Tsunami VR is targeting the professional demographics. Communication is crucial to any successful business, but there are challenges to the communication process. Nonverbal communication provides people with a way to add power to their message. Hearing someone talk to you in the same room is powerful, but meeting up isn’t always possible. Virtual reality can connect people across the globe. You can talk to people miles away with virtual headsets, and the conversations you have are naturally engaging. This approach to business communication is new, but it is gaining acceptance. Alex Hern is leading the movement to make VR a practical part of our lives.

When a new medium rises, entrepreneurs try to stake their claim to it. Virtual reality is in a defining stage, and software developers are trying to shape its future. The entertainment industries are creating innovative software using VR, but the vision for this technology is expanding. Targeting business leaders is an innovative strategy, but Tsunami VR is attracting the interest of many investors. Alex Hern’s success record attracts people who are usually skeptical of startups. The seemingly mundane concept behind Tsunami VR has potential, and the company is lead by an entrepreneur with decades in the industry.

full link : https://hitechchronicle.com/2018/08/alex-hern-tsunami-xr-getting-better-all-time/

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Stream Energy Proves that Business and Philanthropy go Together

Stream Energy is an energy selling company based in Dallas combining both business and philanthropy. The company launched the Stream Care Foundation, the company’s channel to offer charitable services to the society. During Hurricane Harvey disaster that terrorized Houston, the company used the money from its energy business to help the victims. The Hurricane Harvey caused floods in Houston due to the rains of up to 56 inches that pounded the area. Many people remained homeless, and others lost their lives. Additionally, there was an extensive loss of property and businesses some belonging to the company’s associates who lived there. The company did not only participate in philanthropy through raising money for the relief but also as to make giving part of its brand.

In 2016, Northern Texas suffered from damages brought by a Tornado that hit the area on Boxing Day that displaced many people. Stream Energy employees assisted the affected people extraordinarily. Together with the Salvation Army, they helped in raising money for the victims. Thousands of Dollars were donated with the company giving double the amount donated by each of its associates. Corporate strategy is the design Stream Energy uses towards philanthropy. It delivers its services through Stream Care Foundation in an extraordinary way by using its resources to assist the customers. In the Dallas area, the company supports the homeless children by taking them to an annual event called Splash for Hope that is organized by Stream Care and Hope Supplies Co. Up to one thousand homeless children benefit from the yearly event. They receive presents and money at the end of the event.

Stream Energy organizes Once in a Lifetime event for the Dallas veterans to have fun together with their families. They enjoy a December lunch in one of the Dallas top hotels. Ten daughters of former military officers participate in another annual event called American Girl Experience. They not only enjoy lunch at the American Girl Cafe but also get a chance of choosing one American Doll each. Stream Energy pays the expenses of the event. The Stream’s senior event Manager, Kimberly Girard pointed out that the company aims to make the lives of the society.


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The Journey of Victoria Doramus as a Digital and Print Media Professional

Having a proclivity for creativity, Victoria Doramus is a digital and print media professional with far-reaching experience in advertising, communication, and branding. Victoria pursued journalism and communication in her undergraduate. Besides her degree, Victoria has always had a liking for art and history. For this reason, she settled on enrolling in the history and development of art immersive semester program. Since then, she has worked in the TV and film industry, creative work field, and as a market trend analyst. For her TV and film experience, Victoria Doramus worked as Peter Berg’s personal assistant, which further expanded her knowledge as well as expertise in filming and market trends analyses.

Victoria worked for the following firms with a special focus on branding and advertising to expand her creative work experience; Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, Trendera, and Mindshare. Looking into her life, one is convinced that Victoria Doramus’ life is all about celebrating success after success. Besides the successful life that most people get to know, Victoria has overcome several challenges. At some point, her life hit rock bottom, but she came out stronger. Alongside her digital and print media professional life, Victoria Doramus enjoys taking part in charity work.

For instance, she takes part in charity works initiated by Room to Read, the Women’s Prison Association, Amy Winehouse Foundation, and Best Friends Animal Society. Victoria reveals that she finds tranquility in assisting other people to achieve their dreams. Victoria Dormaus acknowledges that she has failed severally in life but what actually enabled her to move forward was her ability to take responsibility for the mistakes she made. She ascertains that taking responsibility is the most significant step of overcoming failure followed by accepting the hard truths and putting in a lot of hard work.

Besides the extensive background in advertising, branding, communication, and media, recovery expert Victoria Doramus took part in writing in the course of her career. She is popular for ghostwriting as well as freelance writing. She has written for USA Today, the Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan. Also, she worked as a research assistant and writer in books such as The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations and Decades: A Century of Fashion. Evidently, Victoria Dormaus’ life is an example of failures, hard work, taking responsibility, and success.

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Texas Super-Doc, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden, Packs Brains, Beauty and Empathy Into One Dynamic Package, And She “Gets” Her Patients

The Dr. Jennifer Walden that appears on the “drjenniferwalden” Instagram account is toned. She’s camera beautiful and definitely ready for her ‘close up.’ It’s obvious the doctor is a practicing believer in what she sells men and women, which is the opportunity—as her personal website puts it—”to turn back the clock.”

The touted clock rewinding is offered by way of an array of comprehensive body enhancements and aesthetic procedures. These include facial plastic surgery, breast augmentation or reduction, body contouring and hair restoration, naming but a mere few of the many options available at the Austin and NYC medspas, owned and operated by Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Highlighted specifically on Dr. Walden’s Instagram site is an array of before and after smiles and lips, showing post-aesthetic procedure plumping and line smoothing. Further browsing is available by accessing the photo gallery at the Dr’s website. Here, one finds before and after images of facial procedures, such as rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. There are links to many body contouring options as well, such as breast augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty (the renowned tummy tuck,) just to name a few.

Originally a Texas native, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been recognized as a member of Texas Super Doctors in “Texas Monthly.” A rarity in a mostly male-dominated field of medicine, Dr. Walden believes her sex gives her a leg up. As she puts it, she has ’empathy’ for her patients, 91% of whom, speaking statistically, are female. Most are not looking for a “Barbie-doll body.” They simply want to reign in some post-pregnancy changes, or fix an incongruity. Many patients seem to appreciate the lack of judgement they sense from Dr. Walden.

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and fellowship-trained in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, besides holding the position of Commissioner of Communications for the organization.

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