SEC Whistleblower Lawyer Program Overview

Recently, whistleblowers from all classes are reporting various securities violations that are significant to the SEC. This follows the enactment of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act by the Congress in 2010. This Act is the clear overhaul of the U.S. Financial regulations ever since the era of the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act builds a new program for whistleblowers meant to provide significant financial incentives and employment protections to enable individuals report the possible violations of federal securities laws to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).


Labaton Sucharow became the first ever law firm to establish an exclusive law firm that is focused on advocating and offering protection for the whistleblowers to the SEC in response to this new legislation. The Whistleblower Representation Practice builds on the securities litigation that is market-leading and brings together a team of forensic accountants, financial analysts and investigators. All these professionals are experienced in state and federal law enforcement and thus will be able to provide unmatched representation for whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas will be leading the practice and he is a former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and assistant director at the SEC Division of Enforcement. Jordan was instrumental in the developing the Whistleblower Program as he played a leadership role in the drafting and final implementation of the rules.


Under the program rules, SEC is supposed to pay whistleblowers that are eligible a 10-30% of the total monetary sanctions collected after a successful enforcement by the SEC or if the actions exceed the $1 million mark. If the threshold is met, the whistleblowers could further be eligible for other additional awards based on the monetary sanctions collected through related actions by other law enforcement and regulatory organizations. The Act also prohibits any form of retaliation by the employers against the whistleblowers who make their reports to SEC in accordance to the rules. It is also possible for whistleblowers to report any form of securities violations in an anonymous way if they are represented by a SEC whistleblower attorney.


Contacting SEC


If you are interested in learning more about the SEC Whistleblower program then you have plenty of ways to contact them via email, telephone or electronic submission through the website. Case evaluations and initial consultations are confidential, free and protected by the SEC whistleblower lawyer-client privilege. At the initial consultations, individuals are not supposed to provide any information that may identify them or the identities of the possible securities violators. There are translation services offered to the international whistleblowers



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How to keep up with Your Online Reputation

According to an article posted on Supermarket News website, reputation management is crucial to every business. Given the new era of social media, negative opinions on business can spoil a business reputation within a short period. Likewise, consistent positive reviews against a business profile can attract more customers.
According to experts from Online Reputation Reviews, clients often use online platforms to get information about companies offering the best services and quality brands. If a customer comes into contact with a negative opinion regarding your business, they are likely to shy away from transacting with you.

On the other hand, if customers get positive reviews about your business then they will want to know your business and opt to get services from you. Therefore, excellent services attract good reviews that in turn boost sales and profits.

Many potential clients often visit and use social media platforms. As a result, a company’s social media platforms should be regularly monitored to follow up on comments left by customers when they visit their social media accounts.

It is essential that you respond to all comments and reviews about your business. When responding, use polite and professional language instead of opposing opinions. Such tactical responses are likely to win your customers’ trust back.

A company can use online reputation as a platform to grow its market and sales. Building a better reputation by responding to issues professionally keeps your current customers and attracts new ones due to the values portrayed while giving service.

Besides keeping a better reputation, companies should update their online profiles with recent updates and information. Customers will always look for a company with detailed information on the range of services they provide. Use attractive photos that are relevant to the services you provide to capture the interest of your customers.

The online platforms increase your company’s opportunity to engage with your clients and add zest to your marketing efforts. It is therefore recommended that you retain your online presence while watching out for negative reviews and even misleading online information that may be posted by your business rivals. Encourage customers to review your business positively. This will enhance your reputation and reward you with more sales.


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High Fashion Meets Athleticism

With the incredible success of Fabletics direct-to-customer model, Kate Hudson’s athletic wear is making a natural move into more than just the gym of its customers. Marie Claire Magazine talked with the woman behind the company herself – Kate Hudson – to find out just what this new line of “athleisure” is all about.

Are the days of sucking, tucking, and cinching to look just right in that little black dress finally over? With material of Fabletics that flatters you in all the right places and allows you to move without constriction, you’ll feel feminine, sexy and simultaneously comfortable and confident whether you’re at the office or out on the town!

Fabletics is slowly beginning to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots in the fashion industry, as Kate told Marie Claire that they are offering some of the same high fashion trends and high quality materials at more affordable prices. With one of the company’s goals being to encourage and motivate movement and health, it’s great to broaden the reach of Fabletics to a variety of people. Quality and performance can now be synonymous with affordability and function, which will ultimately mean a broader audience.

Considering its initial launch day was just in September, 2013 and Fabletics has acquired one million active VIP customers as of July, 2016, they are certainly appealing to that larger audience quickly! Fabletics founders use that audience to drive them forward, and they keep them engaged by making their shopping and lifestyle activities personal – from custom tailored collections based on individual preferences to actually using reviews, ratings, and social media data to inspire new direction, Fabletics views its customers as advocates and truly Very Important People (JustFab, 2016).

With “athleisure” becoming the new “little black dress,” Fabletics is certainly not going to be left behind. As Hudson told Marie Claire, “it’s been a natural progression,” and with its track record, we see a bright future in athleisure for Fabletics! Source:

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CEO and Founder of Davos Financial Group and future goals!

During his academic and employment careers, David Osio became one of the lucky few that had an opportunity to shine and show off his skills in the spotlight of millions. Just like any other person, David Osio attended and completed college and right after college he sought out employment. After years of accomplishing his career goals as well as becoming an asset to the company he was employed with, Mr. Osio founded and became CEO of a company he created, Davos Financial Group, which served many high-end clients some of which include Ferro and Consolidated Bank. As David Osio continues to enhance his skills and focus on his company’s operations, most believe Mr. Osio’s company will eventually become one of the nation’s top financial companies in history.

What are some new things happening at Davos Financial Group?

In Miami on June 22, 2016, it’s been stated that Davos Financial Group revealed they had been working on and successfully created an online tool called the Davos CAP Calculator. This application was designed to assist both current and future clients with estimating the return on real estate investments. Davos Financial Group made this application available for clients possessing either Apple or Android operating systems thus making it easy for most clients to use the new tool. However, since Davos CAP Calculator was developed on the latest technology platform, older forms of iOS and Android operating systems may not be able to download the application.

Deeper into the new application

The way the application was created makes it easier for clients to navigate and learn the system relativity quick. When clients first log on to the application they will be brought to a screen containing a series of complementary apps. This will allow clients the ability to identify properties to his or her mobile device and have quicker access to real-time estate reports to a specific agent through interactive chat.

How is Davos Real Estate Group (REG) affiliated with Davos Financial Group?

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is an independent company that is a branch of Davos Financial Group. To put it differently REG was created as a child company of Davos Financial Group, however, it’s an independent company with unique strategic plans. Just like its mother company, Davos Real Estate Group’s (REG) objective is to focus on producing an investment strategy that meets the requirements and expectations of each client.

Learn more:

About David Osio


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Richard Blair Steers Homeowners in Right Direction on Airbnb Issues

Many homeowners are not renting a part of all other homes on Airbnb for some quick cash. It is an easy way to make extra money to pay the mortgage or do repairs on the house. The concept is to rent out rooms or the whole house to travelers who are visiting their city for a short period of time, like a week or two. The visitors pay a set amount and that is it. Read more:

Some homeowners are finding out that these temporary house guests can do a lot of damage to their home and potentially cause them legal problems. If the travelers damage your home, many homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover this damage. This has put many homeowner’s in a difficult financial situation. Sometimes the damages cost more money than the rental amount, putting them in the hole, if their insurance does not cover them. Sometimes the short term renters do not pay the rental fees. Your neighbors may complain about the situation and if their property is damaged they can bring legal action against you for damages.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc. can help you review your insurance coverage and other options before you jump into Airbnb Rentals. He has been involved with securities for over 22 years in the Austin Texas area. He does financial planning and gives security advice to high net worth individuals. He can make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage on your home before you start renting your property. He can also provide other financial services as well.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to helping investors reach their persona financial goals successfully. Richard offers complete financial reviews and will create a professional investment portfolio to meet your goals and risk tolerance level. He provides wealth management strategies to those wanting to move forward with confidence in a volatile marketplace.

Wealth Solutions, is a professional investment services firm, that uses time tested procedures to deliver innovative services and products to customers. Richard is registered as an Estate and Trust Specialist, Investment Advisor, and an Annuity Specialist. He also provides innovative investment options that can help clients meet their financial objectives.

Connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn

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WEN by Chaz Can be Used on All Hair Types

An online article published on Bustle, was written to let readers know what to expect when using WEN by Chaz. The article, which was written by a young woman, provides readers with detailed information and photographs about her personal experience using this hair care product. Her objective was to see if it would improve the look and feel of her normally dull and greasy hair. The young woman writes something for every day of the first week she tried Wen by Chaz. She ultimately concludes that the product did work to improve her hair by giving it body and shine when used on a daily basis. The YouTube videos she adds to the article, confirm the improved appearance of her hair.

Products for Every Hair Type

The Amazon line of hair care products from WEN are created with special ingredients to help improve hair by nourishing it. There are several varieties available for the basic cleansing conditioner, which include a fig version, a pomegranate version and a soothing lavender version. This product line also offers a series of specially formulated cleansing conditioners to help protect hair during the summer weather season. All of the varieties offered in the WEN line can be used on all types of hair.

WEN was created as a nourishing hair care product by Chaz Dean. Mr. Dean had a background in photography before his career as a professional hair stylist. When deciding to make a new line of hair care products, Mr. Dean chose to incorporate the best of both cleansing and conditioning products into WEN. This gave the the products the ability to cleanse hair without destroying the oils it needs to maintain a healthy shine. The conditioning properties work to repair hair that has been damaged by overexposure to the sun, overuse of hair styling products or coloring.

Visit the website:

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Fabletics Elle

In a recent magazine article by, Elle Magazine, they recently did an article on Kate Hudson and her new Athletic clothing wear, Fabletics. Kate clearly explains all of the advantages of Fabletics, and all of the details about her new active clothing line. She goes into the details and explains her purpose for the clothing line and what inspired her to create the clothing line. Kate states that with this clothing line and her lifestyle site, she is trying to inspire fitness around the world. Fitness was always an important part of her life, and it is shown in her work. Read at

According to Kate, Fabletics is an active clothing line with many benefits. The collection includes shorts, sports bras, and leggings, and whole lot more. And all of the clothes are at an affordable price at under $100. The clothing line was designed for fitness, but the clothing was also designed with different styles so that anyone can wear Fabletics. If you visit the website you will notice that there are a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles to fit every style.

If you visit the website you will also notice that if you become a member, you will get your first outfit for $25, which is a great offer. Fabletics has clothing for every different type of woman. Kate herself is a mom and busy worker, and her active clothing line is great for any type of woman. Her clothing has a variety of different options to choose from at an affordable price. There are even different sections to shop from, according to which workout you are purchasing the item for, such as, running, yoga, or for the gym. Fabletics even has an accessories section for backpacks, water containers, and more. You will also notice that the website for Fabletics is very easy to use and is also very helpful for women that are just getting into fitness!

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Securus Technologies Assesses Global Tel Link’s Problematic Actions

Securus Technologies is a prison technology firm that is located in Dallas, Texas. The company stated on PR Newswire recently that it’s going to be showcasing documentation that will put Global Tel Link’s problematic actions on display. Global Tel Link is a company that specializes in communication options for incarcerated individuals. The company is frequently known by its abbreviation of “GTL.”
Richard A. Smith is Securus Technologies’ CEO. He said on PR Newswire that he adores the industry he works in. He said that he adores helping inmates, the law enforcement world and citizens in general. He also said that he feels hurt and bothered when members of the industry behave in questionable manners. He said that the goal at Securus Technologies involves much more than racking up profits. He said that the company’s goal is to take care of its customers. Securus Technologies is going to assess possible mistakes in judgement made by the Global Tel Link team. The company wants to encourage Global Tel Link to start behaving with more honesty in its future dealings.

Securus Technologies has been in business since the middle of the 1980s. According to, some of the many specialties that are offered by the Securus Technologies team include prison voicemail, video services, telephone services and even email services. Securus Technologies accommodates the communication needs of many prisons located all throughout the nation. The company works with more than 2,200 correctional centers. These centers aren’t just in the United States, either. Securus Technologies also works with some centers in Canada. Regional branches for Securus Technologies are in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrolton, Texas and Allen, Texas. Securus Technologies’ team is particularly large. It has roughly 1,300 members in areas all throughout the country. Securus Technologies is a prominent company that always concentrates on coming up with new and improved criminal and civil justice technology options.

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The Rise of Compliance Industry

Although the compliance industry has been around for just a few years, it is one of the fastest growing professions. However, a large number of people still don’t know the roles of a compliance officer. To keep it short, a compliance officer ensures that certain set rules and regulations are followed. Contrary to what many people think, compliance officers do not make any rules or regulations. Their job is simply to ensure that existing rules are adhered to.

Usually compliance officers take charge of a compliance program and implement it. If they find any problem with compliance, they solve it and put measures in place to ensure it does not recur. Sometimes, they have to ensure that disciplinary action is taken against defaulters.

Tremendous Growth

There are currently thousands of compliance officers even with the short notice of the profession’s arrival. Fired up by the tightening of regulations on businesses by federal and state authorities, the compliance industry, especially in such sectors as insurance, banking and gaming, is set for rapid growth. Although most corporate compliance officers are former accountants and legal practitioners, they still have to learn the ropes of the profession in the course of their work. Several universities, nevertheless, have taken the call to take compliance seriously and have introduced degree programs for students who want to pursue it as a full-time career.

What You Need To Be Compliance Officer

The rate of growth in the compliance industry is so enormous that the shortage of officers increases by the day. Therefore, there are good enough prospects in taking up a career as a compliance officer. However, it might be prudent to remember that compliance is a tough profession, keeping you always on your toes.

Although you don’t have to show your college degree in compliance, you need technical skills. Since you are likely to encounter different kinds of people from varying backgrounds and professions, you also need to possess people skills. Your effectiveness as a compliance officer will be determined by how successful you are in implementing the compliance programs and influencing others to obey the regulations. Thus, you need to command respect, especially from people at the top of establishments within your jurisdiction. Most importantly, you need to learn from the top cream in the profession.

One of the most successful compliance officers is Helane Morrison, the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners who doubles up as the Managing Director and General Counsel. Armed with a legal background, she worked with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a compliance program enforcer for three years before she rose to head the San Francisco District Office. The first woman to assume the position, Helane Morrison had formerly defended clients against the SEC during her practice in law.

However, Morrison’s success in the compliance industry is largely due to her deep passion for the profession. In a bid to create to create a fair business environment she has gone through tough battles with powerful opposing forces. She has, however, always emerged victorious at the end.

Morrison works with the Regional Parks Foundation as a board member. In addition, she is closely associated with the American Bar Association as a Hedge Fund Subcommittee member. She has also offered talks on various compliance topics, giving legal advice to private funders and investment advisories.

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U.S. Money Reserve Invests In A Self-directed Gold Holding Program

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of the United States government-issued precious metals. The precious metals are in three different types; gold, silver and platinum. The firm was founded in 2001 and has helped many in the US to diversify their wealth in the form of physical gold.

U.S. Money Reserve’s president was on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio with Eric Dye discussing the changes and upgrades that the firm underwent to make it highly competitive in the precious metal market.

The company has rolled out new programs, new improved and efficient customer care. The show was started by Eric Dye to be a platform where executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners can link up and share ideas, experiences, products, services, and strategies.

The U.S. Money Reserve has transformed from its normalcy to an entrepreneurial agency in the last six years. The company started to offer an Individual Retirement Account(IRA) program where one can hold physical gold to protect their wealth and at the same time benefit from an increase in gold prices.

Why buy government minted coins?

It is advisable for potential consumers to go for U.S. minted gold, silver, and platinum coins. The U.S. government has backed them as legal tenders and guarantees the precious metal holders of their quality, purity, and content. Read more: US Money Reserve Promo Codes, 4 Coupons 2016 and US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

Why should you buy gold?

Everyone’s retirement is necessary, and it’s important to save some income from your hard work when young so you can have a comfortable life at old age. The typical forms of wealth protection like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds have a higher risk of instability as compared to holding precious metals.

Paper currencies collapse when the government that issued then collapse. The paper money is thus dependent on the government to have the purchasing power. However, when everything fails, precious metals are the last actual currencies – Learn more about US Money Reserve: and They acquire this power from their scarcity and due to their finite amount in the globe. They can’t be multiplied for economic or political reasons.

The current global atmosphere where there is global terrorism especially in Syria and ISIS, the eastern nations diverting from the dollar to the yellow metal as their central bank’s protection, experts have predicted that the value of gold will fall in the next five years.

The U.S. Money Reserve has given out trillions of dollars in the nation to help in improving the economic recovery, but the value of the dollar will go down leading to inflation. It’s clear that precious metals can preserve the buying power for anyone.

The content of this article have been found from PRnewswire.

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