Alastair Borthwick Always Went Further For Writing And Adventure

When Alastair Borthwick’s Always a Little Further was first published in 1939, it told the story of how hiking went from being an elite sport to becoming part of common culture. The economy of Scotland and most of the world had taken a bad turn and people were looking for things to do that they could afford. The rich who had been keeping the sport to themselves were confused when it began to get more popular.

He had been writing about the subject of hiking for a few years while working for The Glasgow Herald before he published his first book. The subject had been written about previously in a technical sense and from the perspective of the elite who had hiked at far away locations. He was the first to write about hiking from the perspective of the common people who had taken an interest in it. People were hiking across Europe staying at hostels or just camping. There weren’t enough jobs to go around and people were trying to make the best out of their less than ideal situation.

The collection of articles that were gathered from The Glasgow Herald that made up Alastair Borthwick’s Always a Little Further told an interesting story of climbing that had never been told before. It introduced the world to a side of hiking that many people didn’t know existed yet. It also showed the comradery between friends as they were climbing and the connections that they made with the people that they met along the way. T.S. Eliot, the famed writer and poet, helped get the book published and even used his pull at the publishing company to make sure that it was made available to the world.

While the book may have been written decades ago, it is still known as one of the best works on the subject today. Alastair Borthwick went on to be a broadcaster following a successful career in writing. His book is one of the most well-known works about adventuring in the highlands of Scotland and gets republished quite often,

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Gareth Henry: What You Need To Know About Quantitative Investing

Gareth Henry obtained his degree in actuarial mathematics from Edinburgh University in Scotland. After his graduation, he worked at Schroders a global investment firm.

After working in the company for some years, he moved to the U.S where he worked at for Fortress Investment Group as a managing director. His responsibility at the company is to oversee its marketing within the U.S, Europe, and the Middle East.

Consequently, Gareth Henry oversees the pension and wealth funds of the company including insurance relations with other countries. Gareth Henry also works as a Global Head at Investor Relations. The company has the responsibility of raising finances between it and other companies in the world economy. At the company, Gareth Henry is responsible for organizing the sales of the company, and he achieves this through the skills he obtained from Fortress Investment Group.

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In the past, there were no techniques that could be used in measuring the impact associated with program trading. Gareth Henry claims that quantitative techniques provide investors with tools that help them analyze and examine the anticipated future, current, and past events, leading to wise investment decisions. He states that applications such as QuantStart offer investors with pre-packaged programs for backtesting, execution, risk management, and strategy identification.

Gareth provides that investors should take away their emotions while making investment decisions because it is an enemy of rational decision-making.

Quantitative Investing helps investors overcome their fears and emotions. He believes that greed, fear, or being overwhelmed by emotions or mountains of data will influence rational thinking, thus leading to loses. He claims that quantitative investing lacks these problems. Mathematics and computers lack emotions and so quantitative investing entirely eliminate the problems. Investors can use computers to automate the analyzing, trading decisions, and monitoring.

Quantitative investing might be the best decision, but it is not a perfect solution for all investors. Gareth claims that financial markets are one of the most dynamic entities and so quantitative investing should be dynamic in order to be successful. He advises investors to consider changes in the interest-rate environment when making investment decisions using quantitative techniques.


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Betsy DeVos Remains Civil In Public While Going To Battle For The Educational Rights Of Low Income Americans

Now that Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education for the United States, she continues to focus on improving the educational offerings in the nation. While not everyone may agree with her views, most people do respect her for the dedicated and selfless woman she has proven to be. In Michigan, she has served as the chairman for the Michigan Republican party and has also teamed up with her husband, Dick DeVos, to support legislation, which has improved the states educational system.


On the eve of her confirmation to serve her nation, Betsy DeVos faced an interesting situation. President Trump was set to make an announcement that he would be rescinding a policy that was allowing transgender students to use a bathroom based on their personal gender identity. DeVos had sent an aide to visit with a representative of transgender and gay workers who served the Department of Education in order to let them know what was about to take place. The confusion began when the aide let the department know that DeVos wasn’t in agreement with Trump’s decision. In public, she had not given any indication of this, and that is what troubled some people.


Betsy DeVos is usually very up front with her opinions, as many people in Michigan already know. She is also a woman who is determined to stand up for what she believes is right, but she is also a woman who is very tactful. DeVos remained civil while she was verbally battered by those who opposed her bid to serve the U.S. as its educational secretary. For some, this was seen as a sign that she would not be able to stand up to the pressure, but to others, it was obvious that she was not taking the bait.


While Betsy DeVos may be a newcomer to Washington D.C., she is no newcomer to politics. She has battled politicians all over the United States in order to help give economically challenged families the same opportunities as every other family. Mike Cox, a Republican, offered his opinion in a recent interview, where he revealed that Betsy DeVos is not someone who backs down from a political fight. This can already be seen by some of the actions she has taken since taking over her new post in Washington. One of her first moves was to call and try to setup meetings with Randi Weingarten and Lily Garcia, who both oppose many of her views on education.


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Marc Beer Spearheads New Investment For Renovia

A new company is developing high-tech medical devices that will bring relief to hundreds of millions of women who suffer from what medical science calls pelvic floor disorders. This can encompass a range of problems, including incontinence, pain, pelvic prolapses and more.


The startup is called Renovia Inc. It recently announced it had raised $42 million in venture capital, an effort led by long-time pharmaceuticals developer, businessman and biotechnology specialist Marc Beer. Of that $42 million, $32 million was raised in the Series B round. An additional $10 million was raised in venture debt.


The demand for new treatments for pelvic floor disorders is considerable. It is estimated, for example, that 250 million women suffer from incontinence worldwide. Renovia has a new product called Leva to address this painful and embarrassing condition. The Leva system was approved by the FDA in April.


Leva is an innovative device described as a “digital health system.” The device enables women to target, exercise and “train” vaginal muscles associated with incontinence. This data-assisted pelvic trainer provides precise readings and direct feedback so that patients can get exact information on the exercise they perform — this in turn enables them to achieve results in a way never done before. Another huge advantage of the Leva system is that women can use it in the privacy of the home and it takes only minutes each day to produce positive result, early research shows.


Marc Beer is co-founder of Renovia along with Dr. Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. Beer brings a vast background to the Renovia venture. For example, Mr. Beer was the founding CEO if ViaCell. This was a biotech operation that focused on the collection, preservation and development of blood stem cells garnered from umbilical cords. ViaCell experience rapid growth over a seven-year period after Beer established it in 2000. It had 300 employees and made its IPO in 2005. ViaCell was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007.


As for Marc Beer’s new venture, Renovia attracted early support from the Longwood Fund. This effort was led by Perceptive Advisors of New York and Ascension Ventures, based in Missouri.


In a recent media interview Beer told reporters he was “thrilled” to have the backing of Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures because of the synergy these entities bring to the Renovia mission.


Best of all, Beer said, is that Renovia, its new product Leva, and other projects in the development pipeline, will bring relief to millions of women around the world. Ultimately, providing aid, comfort and relief to women suffering from pelvic disorders is what being in business is all about, he said. Learn more:

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The Two Principles Owed to the Success of Dr. Saad Saad

 Dr. Saad Saad has built a legacy in the medicine world. In his life as a pediatric surgeon, he has made a significant improvement in the medical field through his innovations.

He believes in making work more manageable for a doctor and less harmful for a patient. The first invention is a suction device that works together with an endoscope to reduce its fogging up hence obstructing the doctor’s view.

The second one is the introduction of an electromagnet catheter that helps locate inserted catheters fast and with much ease. Once the catheter tip gets above the device, it lights up letting the doctor know of its exact location.

It helps eliminate the use of guide wires that have the risk of breaking while inside the body. Despite not having been produced, a company has shown interest. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Asked what pushed him to become a surgeon, he said that you should never accept anything other than the success you strive for. Born in 1940 and brought up at a time when Palestine was in trouble with Israel, Dr. Saad Saad together with his family became refugees in Kuwait. His father frequently reminded him that they were in a foreign land with no rights and his only way out was to pursue high education.

One day after walking in the sun together with his brother, he fainted, and that’s when he set his mind that he wanted to become a doctor. Being a doctor meant that he could enjoy air conditioning without having to suffer outside in the sun. With his mind made up, he worked very hard to achieve his goal. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

The second principle is never to procrastinate performing a task that you could accomplish today. It goes hand in hand with effective time management, and this is one of the lessons that made Saad Saad successful in his career. Excellent work ethics contributed to it too. Asked to advise his younger self, Saad Saad said that everyone is capable of achieving anything as long as they insist on it.

As one of the best pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad is usually hosted for interviews to share his expertise and success. He was asked to discuss the upcoming medical trends that most excites him regarding the future.

He merely said that he likes the impact of genetics in our ability comprehend, prevent, as well as diagnose cancer and several other chronic diseases. To explain how he turns his ideas into reality, he first stated that research is very vital.

He added that research leads to results. This is what helps him to get ideas. He ended by saying that he developed a catheter and endoscope which were his two discoveries after intensive and extensive research.

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HGGC and Their Work in the Private Equity Industry

There are a lot of reasons to give HGGC a try for yourself. You will find that this is one of the largest private equity firms in the industry and can help you to realize your true potential. There are also a lot of people using this company because of all that they are able to do for them. Private equity firms help to match professional investors with companies that have a lot of potential. You are going to find that the folks at HGGC are able to work with businesses that earn over a million each year. You are also going to want to take a look at the companies HGGC has already worked with and have had success with.

The company was created in 2007 and has since become one of the biggest private equity firms in the industry. Because of the amount of work they have done, they are a wonderful choice for those who are looking for proper wealth management and investment opportunities. You are also going to find that HGGC has over $4.3 billion in assets by their customers on an international basis. They work globally to help clients of varying needs and who need a private equity firm that they can trust and know they are going to help them out.

Once hired, HGGC experts will assist in any type of project that you have on hand. You will also notice that the company recently hired several new team members who are all trained in getting you the most out of this experience. You will enjoy what this company is able to do for you and why a lot of people who are in need of professional investment choices. You can use this company for lots of different reasons and is something that this is able to do for you. Be sure to contact the company to find out more about what the agency is going to get to do for your own needs and what to know when this is something you require for your own needs right now to get your company on its feet.

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The Many Hats Of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is a very influential person known in the world of oil and gas, waste management and other industries as well. His father started Gulf Coast Western company during the year 1970. By the time Matthew Fleeger graduated college, he was equipped with the foundation to jumpstart his career. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Matt spent his time working numerous jobs throughout the area Texas. All of these positions were held in the oil and gas industry. After proving himself to be a worthy asset for his father‘s company and other businesses he worked for, Matthew established his own company; MedSolutions. This company was founded in 1993 and serves as a waste management entity. Through the work and dedication of Matthew Fleeger, MedSolutions became a regional leader within its industry. He continued to build the business and eventually sold it to the industry’s waste management leader, Stericycle. The sale of MedSolutions earned Matthew a reported $59 million. The work that he completed here illustrated that he could efficiently start a business and build it into a profitable force.

After selling MedSolutions to Stericyle, he made his way back to the Oil and gas industry. This time he was the president and Chief Executive Officer Of Gulf Coast Western. The role that Matthew took on in this company sees him orchestrating acquisitions, dealing with mergers and general partnerships; amongst the many other duties.

If waste management and the oil industry weren’t enough, he has also had an abundance of success in the tanning industry. Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan are both companies that he helped establish. These two respective tanning companies has seen revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Dr. Walden Uses Social Media to Further Her Practice

A Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden has made a huge name for herself in a short time. Dr. Walden has reach massive success and has been featured by major networks including NBC, VH1, NBC and CBS. Dr. Walden has her own cosmetic surgery practice along with multiple medical spas in Texas and New York. She is an innovative surgeon he has been recognized for her work many times.

Keeping up with the times, Dr. Walden has used Instagram to help promote her practice and share her ideas. If you follow Dr. Walden on Instagram you can find lots of information about her spa locations and the procedures she does. She has used the social media platform to show videos of her completing things like facials, microneedling, cellulite treatment and skin tightening. You can also see the doctor spending time with family and friends and traveling across the country to promote her business. Ultimately her Instagram is a balance of her work and family live.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been recognized on many different occasions for her work. In 2014 she was named one Texas’ Super Doctors by the Texas Monthly. For the last two years Dr. Walden has been recognized as one of Castle Connelly’s Top Doctors. She has also had the honor of being selected to be a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. This is considered to be one of the highest honors someone in the field of plastic surgery can earn.

In a short time Dr. Jennifer Walden has already achieved great success. On top of all her success she is committed to giving back to others. She has helped groups associated with charities such as the Guardian Angel pledge, Circle of Red and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Only 47, Dr. Walden appears set to continue making an impact for years to come.

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Sheldon Lavin Made A Great Move In Recognizing The Potential Of David McDonald:

OSI Group is a company that has risen to a very prominent position in the worldwide food processing and wholesale distribution sector. Since its founding early in the Twentieth Century, the company has steadily expanded, slowly at first and then as the century wound down, much more rapidly and exponentially. Today, OSI Group is running processing operations in seventeen different international countries and maintains its corporate offices in the Chicago area suburb of Aurora, Illinois. The company’s rapid expansion that has taken place since the 1970s have been largely due to the outstanding executive leadership at the top of the firm. Without a doubt, the two most influential individuals involved in this growth have been CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. They have worked together to make OSI Group into a model of success and efficiency that currently employs more than twenty-thousand workers across the world.

Though he first became involved with OSI Group in 1970 when the current owners brought him in to help find capital for expansion, Sheldon Lavin became significantly more immersed with the OSI Group operation during 1975. He was brought into the company’s partnership along with Arthur and Harry Kolschowsy, the sons of original founder Otto. Sheldon became the sole owner of the firm when the brothers eventually retired. Since that time he has worked diligently on consistent plans of expansion that have included acquisitions and partnerships across the world. All the while, he has maintained the original family-values ethic that OSI Group was founded as. One of the most significant moves Sheldon Lavin has also made during his lengthy tenure is in recognizing the massive potential in David McDonald.

David McDonald has a journey with OSI Group that began during the 1987 calendar year. Though he was initially a project manager with the firm, his diligent work earned him a great deal of recognition and he rose through the company ranks to ascend to his current role as President. David McDonald is also currently a member of OSI Group’s Directors Board. He holds an academic degree in the Animal Science field from Iowa State University. It was immediately upon his 1987 graduation that he entered into the food business.

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Alex Hern Creates Tsunami XR To Create Better Ways To Train

Alex HernStephen Ray recently published an article on Premier Gazette titled “Alex Hern Brings Immersive VR to San Diego.” The article reveals how the founder Tsunami XR has allowed people to integrate a virtual reality into the physical world. Virtual reality and augmented reality have begun to change entertainment. The Chief Product Officer of the company indicates that the immersive technology creates a sense of realness for anyone using it.

XR, otherwise known as extended reality, reveals how virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degree videos, and mixed realities are all a part of the future entertainment industry. By creating a technology that can encompass the different realities, Alex Hern wanted to leave room for the company to grow. XR can be an expensive industry to enter. However, companies like Alex Hern’s Tsunami XR seeks to create virtual reality as a way to solve problems as well as entertain.

Alex Hern believes extended reality will be used for a variety of industries such as architecture and construction, aerospace, education, medical, and even defense. He also indicates that AI might be applied to extended reality to create augmented realities. His forward thinking has allowed him to become one of the leading startup incubators in the nation. It has also allowed him to discover how to develop new ways of communicating through software. He hopes the company will create ways for different companies to exchange ideas and create training opportunities for a variety of different industries. The company was created in 2014.

One such possible application of XR is firefighting. Alex Hern suggests that companies like Tsunami XR would create a virtual reality training for firefighters to simulate experiences to create better methods for controlling wildfires. By fighting virtual fires, firefighters would be able to train with haptic feedback that would create a realistic situation.

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