The Incredible Impact and Charity Works of Dick DeVos

When it comes to fields such as philanthropy, Dick DeVos is one of the greatest names. His contribution in philanthropy is almost unparalleled across the country. Despite his participation in politics, Dick DeVos has been able to undertake initiatives together with his wife aimed at promoting anthropological practices in the country. They have used their wealth in providing funds to organizations in the philanthropy fields to aid their education programs. Apart from business, Dick has also taken part in the political arena. He was a nominee of the Republican party for the Governor seat of Michigan in the year 2006.


Through his foundation, the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation, he has been able to support art in the country through competitions and prizes. In the year 2010, the foundation committed an amount worth $22.5 million to an art institution called Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. The institution was later renamed after them: the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. This institute has specialized in providing practical training especially to art managers as well as board members on the various stages involved in professional development in America and across the globe. Their main activities are focused along capacity building of art managers through seminars, on-site consultations and web chats.


Dick DeVos has also played an important role in promoting access to education across the country. In the year 1993, Dick and his partner had the privilege of co-chairing the Education Freedom Fund, which provides scholarships to students from income families in Michigan. The scholarship enables these students to join the private school they desire. Dick and his partner co-chaired the Kids First campaign, which was in support of the amendment legalized tax credits and vouchers for all K-12 schools in the state of Michigan. Many private schools have adopted this with twenty-four states as well as the District of Columbia having some of the vouchers for the private school.


The Devos family works towards ensuring that children from all families, irrespective of their financial status, are able to access a school of their choice. This means that all the children will be able to acquire quality education even though they come from low-income backgrounds. Devos continues to actively participate in giving back to the society through his initiative that is spread across all aspects of life: from philanthropy to the education sector. The DeVos family has helped many people realize their dreams.


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