Ted Bauman’s Immense Contributions in the Investments Industry

Ted Bauman’s career is a significant pillar in the world of investments. His appointment as the Banyan Hill Publishing editor in 2013 served as a great achievement in his career. Bauman lives in Atlanta, GA with his family.

Bauman has tremendously contributed towards the growth and development of Banyan. His excellent skills in writing are valuable in the success of his sites including the Alpha Stock Alert and Bauman’s Letter.Ted Bauman mainly renders services in International immigration, developing strategies on low-risk investments, and protecting assets. His daily activities majorly concentrate on establishing lasting bonds between individuals and the available important resources. Ted Bauman seeks to ensure people live worthwhile lives.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman heavily relies on his wide international exposure to improve his writing skills. Also, he has a stable economic base which he uses to enhance the economic approach of analyzing investments. He always goes an extra mile to provide his readers with original and quality content on the current issues in the investments world. He also gives tips and insights on drivers of profits as well as those that can trigger losses in the market.

Ted Bauman’s desire to venture into exploring different regions all around the globe stems back from his childhood. He was born in Washington, DC, and grew up on Maryland’s eastern shores; growing the urge to see the outside world. His journey to South Africa as a young man where he studied Economics and History was a great start. He later spent over 25 years in the same country working as the manager of funds. His primary concern was the development of projects on affordable housing, working with NGOs. Today, one of his projects still houses many people from different countries under the Slum Dwellers International Organization. He also worked with different European and African governments as a consultant. Moreover, Bauman served as a great resource for the UN.

Notably, Ted Bauman is one man who understands the value of various dynamics surrounding the economic and political situations in different communities. He boasts of international publications with various journals such as the Small Enterprise Development and The Microfinance Journal. Bauman’s educational background in History and Economics from the Cape Town University helps him establish sustainable growth strategies.

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