Securus Technologies and Patents

Securus Technologies is a technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. They work to provide the latest technological advances to law enforcement and to the criminal justice system. They serve over 3,400 agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. Securus Technologies works in a highly competitive field. There are bound to be clashes with other companies from time to time. Watch more on


Recently, a competitor, Global Tel Link, put out a press release stating their issues with Securus Technologies. A few days later, Securus Technologies responded to set the record straight. One of the main issues talked about by GTL was that Securus was using patents they had no right to be using. Securus strongly disputes this claim and says no such restriction has been made. Securus also says that some of the innovations that they are using are not “patentable” and therefore, no such restrictions could be made on them.


Another claim made by GTL is that Securus rushes to court too quickly. This is also another claim that is strongly disputed by Securus. They do say they have been in court before to handle some situations as they come up but heading to court is never their first line of defense. Being in court is expensive and time-consuming and they try to avoid spending time there if at all possible.


In an industry such as the one that Securus Technologies is involved in, the competition is fierce. Everyone wants to be first and to this can cause conflict. Securus has been leading the way for years and does need to defend themselves from time to time. This is all part of the game and Securus Technologies keeps proving time and time again why they are a leader.


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