Keeping the Heat on Fugitives with Securus Technologies

My job on the fugitive task force is making sure these suspects are caught quickly so they do not have the opportunity to hurt innocent people. When these suspects are on the run in a new city to them, they need transportation, money, drugs, and a place to hide, so they will often resort to violence to get what they need to stay hidden. This makes it urgent we locate and arrest them as quickly as possible.


My team got the call about a violent gangster who was wanted on a number of crimes in which he hurt the victims while he robbed them. One elderly couple were tied up and let for dead as he ransacked their home and cleaned out all their belongings. Since he was spotted in our city, we had to act fast but we knew he had no family or friends here that would be able to give us some help in the pursuit. In these cases, we race to the local jail to try and drum up some conversations.


Since Securus Technologies has their inmate call monitoring system in place at the prison, we decided to see if we could get any of the inmates to talk. After we made our presence known, we decided to sit back to see who raced to the phones first. Securus Technologies is in over 2,000 jails and the company CEO says all of his employees are dedicated to the objective of making the world safer to live.


Not long after we saw the inmates, one was on the phone asking his family if they knew our suspect was in town because the heat was already looking for him. They talked about how he stopped by, but could be anywhere tonight. Knowing how these suspects act, we staked out that home until he returned the following evening for a break.


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