Jeff Yastine: Stock Market Investor, Financial Journalist And Editorial Director

Jeff Yastine, the editor of “Total Wealth Insider” first joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He is the Editorial Director. He has a lot of experience in the stock market as well as being a financial journalist for over 20 years. Similarly, Jeff makes an impact to investors by helping them understand the world of business, economic trends and the operation of the monetary system. This is made possible through his contributions done weekly in “Banyan Hills Sovereign Investor Daily “and in “Winning Investors Daily”.

Through Jeff’s reporting, he has helped investors by warning them against various risks such as cyber security attacks. During his reporting at Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine points out about a cyber-security attack that was carried out in Tether, a company that assists in the conversion of bit coin to us dollars. He claims that more than $31 million crypto currency was stolen. As he points out, the hackers’ chief goal was directed in the digital bank heist.


Jeff Yastine thus asserts that preventing cyber security attack is impossible when it’s castigated out by well skilled hackers. He thus recommends the ‘Let ‘em in” strategy which of late is being embraced by big companies on He claims that preventing cyber security attack is just but a futile mission that would bear no fruits.

Jeff Yastine advises on that it’s appropriate for any business to have a “monitor and mitigate” criteria that would effectively curb this threat. He opines that the damage isn’t all about intruding the systems but the real threat is the ability of the hackers to access the data networks for a long duration of time without them being detected. He calls upon all companies to embrace the “Control and Mitigate” attitude that would in turn create confidence to investors thus opening up ventures for profitable opportunities.

From 1994 to 2010, Jeff Yastine worked as a correspondent at “PBS Nightly Business Report”. During his tenure, he had opportunities of interviewing some of the most reputable and successful entrepreneurs and financiers. In the process he acquired and learned a lot about wise and successful investment.

In 2007, Jeff was one of the nominees for Business Emmy Award. This was as a result of his reporting on the Americas underfunded infrastructural system. In 2002,he similarly added another award together with other team of employees working for NBR.

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