George Soros Is Back In The Game

George Soros is back in the political game after a lengthy period of inaction, at least in the political arena. A story in Politico reports that Soros has upped his political game in the past year, however, as the race for president between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump heated up. Soros, the hedge fund owner, philanthropist and currency trader has also long been known as a force in politics, but now he seems to be getting even more involved after stepping back during the Obama years. Read this article at Washington Times.

Back in 2004 Soros gave a major contribution to political groups that were campaigning against George W. Bush. Now, with a contribution of $25 million that went to support Clinton’s campaign, Soros is definitely becoming a political force once again. Soros has been quoted as saying that Donald Trump is “doing the work of ISIS,” and he’s made no secret of his dislike of Trump. Now with Trump actually in the white house, it’s assumed that Soros will be even more involved in politics in the future.

Soros’ relationship with Clinton goes back many years, and last year he felt sure (as did many others) that she would become president. Perhaps her loss will motivate him to continue to become even more of a political force, as his distrust of Trump grows. Visit to know more about George.

A Major Catalyst

One of the other important aspects of Soros’ recent contribution is the way in which it could work as a catalyst for other donors. Soros is an influential voice, and in the past his contributions have inspired other donors to give generously as well.

Soros can obviously afford to be generous. He’s now said to be worth $24.9 billion. He’s amassed this fortune via his hedge fund and his amazingly keen sense of the currency markets. This knack has kept the 85-year-old George Soros vital, as he continues to be a force in the culture and in the political world as well.

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