Future technology-Jason Hope

Technology has been advancing with time and this makes every business person on their toe focus on what is new in the technology sector so as to be competitive in the business world. There are individuals who have been at the forefront of changing the technology world. Jason Hope can well be described as one of the people who are so passionate about technology. Mr. Jason is also a successful entrepreneur who has been in the industry for an extended period of time. According to him, many investors do rush into several businesses but he advises them to put their focus and energy in one particular direction for them to succeed. Jason Hope is a futurist who has been predicting the future of the technology industry as he watches the trends in the sector.

Mr. Jason believes that the power of the internets of things (IoT) is very crucial not only in the current but also in the future as most devices are now becoming connected. Mr. Hope gives insight to the aspiring business persons as well as the pioneers in the industry to put more effort on technology as it will be of a countless benefit to their ventures. Jason Hope was born and raised in the Temple. After his High School graduation; the futurist, technologist, investor, and philanthropist, joined Arizona State University where he received his degree in Finance and later he furthered his education graduating with MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Mr. Jason Hope is also a humanitarian who through his passion in technology has been able to invest in the medical sector where he assists people to live a healthy life.

Through SENS Foundation, Jason is able to fulfill his long-term passion for helping people. SENS has been dealing with anti-aging agents which Jason describes as not a thing of living longer but also living quality life. Jason believes that with his continuations of supporting the modern technology as well as innovation they will be able to get a breakthrough. The futurist and prominent technologist has been supporting young entrepreneurs by funding their big ideas. In an interview, Hope said that he brings ideas to life by letting of the complicated ideas which he trusts that they are a waste of time and concentrate on the simple ones which he shares with like-minded individuals. It is his belief that aging can be reversed with drugs. Jason Hope is determined to see the technology industry raising to higher level.


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