96 years of financial service and philanthropy

On 29th September 2017, Nexbank announced that it had closed its offering fixed to float low borate notes. The notes are said to mature in 2027, and until five years pass, they are non-callable. The offering was closed when the company completed its private placement of the noted to high-rank investors with high net worth. The arrangement was finalized for fifty-four million dollars. Nexbank used a placement agent for the private offering of its notes. The agent was Sander O’Neill and partners firm. With this completed placement, the company records two hundred and eighty-three million dollars that it has so far raised from debt and equity in just one year. All the proceeds are to be utilized in Nexbank’s general corporate purposes.

Nexbank is a company based in Dallas, Texas. The company provides banking and institutional services to a wide variety of clients in the United States. Nexbank was founded by one James Dorengo in the year 1922. The company is run under the leadership of its Chief Executive officer and president, John Holt and James Dorengo who is also the founding president.

The services provided by Nexbank include mortgage, commercial, mobile and internet banking services, institutional services and lending services. The clients served by Nexbank range from individual business owners to large corporations, foundations and institutions. Investors also benefit from Nexbank’s services especially those in the real estate industry.

As of June 2017, Nexbank was reported to have more than 6.4 billion dollars’ worth of assets.

The financial services company is also known for its works of philanthropy. Recently, Nexbank offered a sponsorship deal to the annual Dallas Women’s Foundation. Nexbank sponsored the 32nd edition of the event and gave out a hundred thousand dollars in the form of a gift. This was all to show its support for the work being done by the Foundation. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is an organization that is devoted to helping women in the region attain financial security, tap into their leadership skills and advances their lives. This is a course that has captured Nexbank’s attention. This foundation is just one of the many that Nexbank has aided in the past.

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