Whitney Wolfe Creates An App For Men And Women Who Know What They Want

One of the questions that men often ask about dating is what type of man women want. While it is good to be a successful entrepreneur, not all women want the same thing. As a matter of fact, some women are not after the whole world. Some women are content with just a man who is able to hold is own. One thing to realize is that a lot of women ask a similar question about a man’s desires. The truth is that not all men are aiming for the hot supermodel. There are men that are happy to have a woman that is reasonable.

In order to find out what the other person wants, one can sign up for Bumble, an app created by Whitney Wolfe. This allows women to search from among all of the candidates in order to find one that is the best match for her. All men have to do is fill out their profile as completely as possible. The best thing a man could do with Bumble is be honest with all of the potential women so that the right woman will come for him and message him. Whitney Wolfe definitely advises honesty and transparency.

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Whitney Wolfe has a lot of respect for people that know what they want. One thing she also respects is when people go after what they want. Dating app requires people to be assertive in order for it to work out. While it is traditional for the man to be the assertive one, women must also be assertive in order to increase their chances of getting the type of life they want. Whitney Wolfe herself understands that just sitting around and hoping for what one wants is not going to bring about the best results in many cases. This is one of the reasons that she herself has pursued her own success.

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