What Whitiney Wolfe Really Wants

Society is filled with plenty of agendas that are being pushed. Often times, they are pushed with the use of businesses. Whitney Wolfe has contributed to feminism with use of Bumble. However, she was not always comfortable with the label of feminist. The only thing that has influenced her in the acceptance of this label is that she has shown herself to not back down from a fight for justice. Even though she has given women a lot of advantage with Bumble app, there is one thing that needs to be asked. This is what she really wants. This is the driving factor behind the success of Bumble.

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If Whitney Wolfe was asked what she really wants, one can expect any type of answer until they ask her. Whitney has been on many interviews talking about her experience with Tinder and the journey towards Bumble. During the interviews, she has talked about what she wants for herself, for women and even for men. One thing that has brought her a lot of attention is the effect that Bumble is having on women. Women are starting to gain confidence now that they see what it feels like to be the ones initiating.

One thing Whitney Wolfe mentioned was having some of the things that other women often didn’t have when they were going through something heavy. She had a lot of support. At the same time, she has recognized that there were a lot of girls and women that go through bullying and other traumas all alone. This can have a long term effect on the psyche of an individual. She wants women to know that they do not have to deal with all of the abuse and trauma by themselves. Women who get together can have the type of lives they want.

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