What Is The New Bumble BFF Option?

Whitney Wolfe is the creator of the Bumble dating app. She loves what the app has done for women in the dating world giving them full authority and power in their choices with dating. It’s a struggle for many people to find the person right for them, and this results in countless dates and always going out with random people you are never happy with. Sometimes, you need a break and need to chill with someone as just a friend.

This is why Whitney Wolfe created the new Bumble BFF option on the app. This new option is going to change the game for those looking to simply enjoy new friendships and meet new people.

The new Bumble BFF option is great because profiles are shorter and you can swipe on people to make genuinely new friends. It’s such a unique way to use Bumble and still just meet new people. This new addition was created because Whitney Wolfe and her team felt like we needed to open up the door for friendship to be made. Some people would use the dating app already just to make friends and they would put in their profile picture, but it could always be looked at in a different way. This new option eliminates judgement and opens the chance to hang out with somebody.

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If you are looking to move to a new city or location, using this app can help get you socially getting out there. Even if you’re just visiting a city for the weekend, this is a great way to make some friends while you’re there. It’s so fast and easy, and you can find fun people to do anything with. It’s a great way to interact and get out there.

Whitney Wolfe finds that there are people who love using this app for networking as well. You never know who you are talking to and how they can help you even in your field. Just a few swipes and a few messages can get you started. Making friends has never been this easy. Today, start using this new feature and get social.

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