Understanding Freedom Checks and Their Authenticity

In the recent past, you have probably heard about freedom checks commercials on the radio voiced by Ricky or Jack from Bayan Hill. Although vaguely explained, they describe how numerous people around the country are reaping from a thirty-four billion dollar payout known as Freedom Checks. In the commercials they urge the people to claim their stake of the money by a certain date.

Are they authentic?

Google searches have been tailored to display results that promise the authenticity of freedom checks and that anyone can money from them. The reviews are mostly paraded by people with some sort of financial interest luring people to sign up. In fact, a certain post from Banyan Hill website describes them as winning a lottery. This is to tactically get everyone to seize the opportunity only to realize that it is just a marketing strategy. On their website, there is a video of Matt Badiali trying to explain the details. The video also contains testimonial from people claiming to have received a huge amount of money from these very checks.

The bottleneck

Affiliate Unguru quickly rushes out to discredit the photos used in the testimonials as fake. They argue that no company will pay such huge paychecks just for sign-ups. Although freedom checks may not be necessarily a scam a lot more seems to be hidden from the public. This brings more confusion to the general public.

What are these checks all about?

They are a kind of investment strategy introduced by Matt Badiali. This is a form of investment done via Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). This investment allows people to put money in companies and then earn a share of profit. The returns are high ranging between five to nine percent on investment. This mode of investment incorporates benefits of both public corporations and partnerships to rip big.

According to Badiali, there are over five hundred companies where people can invest in. He, however, recommends five industries in oil, gas, timber, minerals and precious metals where there are billion dollars involved. Freedom checks are only viable when a considerable amount of money is invested.

Bottom line

Matt Badiali is not trying to con people. Even though he is genuine, definitely people will not start earning by simply signing up on the freedom check website. His main aim is to market his idea in a clever way to get subscriptions for his Real Wealth Strategist Advisory Newsletter.

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