The Story Of How EOS Became A Leader In The Lip Balm Industry

For many decades lip balm has been a top seller in the beauty industry. Not only do lip balms help moisturize your lips but they also offer fun flavors and expressive packaging. One of the top lip balm companies in the world is EOS. EOS is known for their iconic egg-shaped lip balm. They come in a large variety of colors and flavors and are some of the most popular lip balms on the market today.

Over seven years ago the pastel colored eggs hit the market and fans everywhere went crazy. Celebrities as well as everyday people all over the world we’re enjoying the cool packaging, the tasty flavors, and the bright colorful designs. EOS which stands for Evolution of Smooth was cofounded by Sanjiv Mehra who is still a managing partner today.

When Mehra created EOS lip balm he was looking to shake up the Beauty World. In his quest to find a product to create he stumbled upon the lip balm Market which he noticed offered the same type of products in the same flavors and in the same packaging. Mehra decided to create a lip product that offered fun innovative flavors but still had a unique distinguishable design from other lip balms. He also wanted to create a product that was safe for the user as well as the environment. That is why till this day most EOS products are made with only natural and organic ingredients.

Till this day EOS is one of the top selling lip balms on the market. Women and even men all over the world still enjoy the unique design and tasty flavors. The EOS lip balms are available in a variety of fun flavors such as strawberry sorbet(, mint, tangerine and even pomegranate raspberry. They are widely available online on and are sold in pretty much every Target or Walmart store, every single drugstore or pharmacy around the world.

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