The Secrets of Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has always got the eye of fans because of his work in American Idol, live radio show and other endeavors he is part of. He has a part in almost every major entertainment venue and hosting many red carpet events, even the New Year’s Eve special live events.

If anything, Ryan Seacrest is a entrepreneur with a kid’s heart. When researching information about Ryan Seacrest you may be surprised that his Fame has not gone up to his head. Stories and quotes from people who know him are nothing but positive.

Dick Clark was his biggest role model and mentor. Seacrest has always acknowledged how much Clark’s career inspired him to have his own ambitions, and when he took over Clarke’s job for hosting the New Year’s Eve countdown all his dreams became reality.

Ryan Seacrest wasn’t always the good looking, Hollywood star that he is now. In fact, he has admitted to having weight issues when he was a young kid. Seacrest was often teased for being overweight but after making a huge commitment to a different a healthier lifestyle, Seacrest made a complete turn around. Today he considers his workouts to be business meetings, he views the importance of these workouts as serious job that cannot be canceled.

TV host Ryan also sees the importance of balance, he makes sure to put in at least five hours of gym time with the right diet for each workout. With the right attitude, motivation, commitment anyone can become their own Ryan Seacrest success story.

On the weekends Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) loves to swim and he always fits 15 to 20 minutes of his schedule to be in the water. swimming is a great exercise when one is dealing with physical injuries.

Now that Ryan is 37 years old he still feels the need to improve just like when he was a young kid. One of his Secrets is his girlfriend who motivates him while they work out together. They love to work out riding bikes and practicing yoga together. As much success as Seacrest has earned, his work ethic stands out most. Ryan is also busy with his charity.

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