The Journey of Victoria Doramus as a Digital and Print Media Professional

Having a proclivity for creativity, Victoria Doramus is a digital and print media professional with far-reaching experience in advertising, communication, and branding. Victoria pursued journalism and communication in her undergraduate. Besides her degree, Victoria has always had a liking for art and history. For this reason, she settled on enrolling in the history and development of art immersive semester program. Since then, she has worked in the TV and film industry, creative work field, and as a market trend analyst. For her TV and film experience, Victoria Doramus worked as Peter Berg’s personal assistant, which further expanded her knowledge as well as expertise in filming and market trends analyses.

Victoria worked for the following firms with a special focus on branding and advertising to expand her creative work experience; Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, Trendera, and Mindshare. Looking into her life, one is convinced that Victoria Doramus’ life is all about celebrating success after success. Besides the successful life that most people get to know, Victoria has overcome several challenges. At some point, her life hit rock bottom, but she came out stronger. Alongside her digital and print media professional life, Victoria Doramus enjoys taking part in charity work.

For instance, she takes part in charity works initiated by Room to Read, the Women’s Prison Association, Amy Winehouse Foundation, and Best Friends Animal Society. Victoria reveals that she finds tranquility in assisting other people to achieve their dreams. Victoria Dormaus acknowledges that she has failed severally in life but what actually enabled her to move forward was her ability to take responsibility for the mistakes she made. She ascertains that taking responsibility is the most significant step of overcoming failure followed by accepting the hard truths and putting in a lot of hard work.

Besides the extensive background in advertising, branding, communication, and media, recovery expert Victoria Doramus took part in writing in the course of her career. She is popular for ghostwriting as well as freelance writing. She has written for USA Today, the Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan. Also, she worked as a research assistant and writer in books such as The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations and Decades: A Century of Fashion. Evidently, Victoria Dormaus’ life is an example of failures, hard work, taking responsibility, and success.

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