The Development of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a meat processing company began in 1990. The group is the predecessor of Otto and Sons. The firm started like a butchery next door serving only Illinois. Today, the organization owns over 60 facilities in more than 20 countries across the world. In March 2018, the company finished its extension to increase the production of chicken products by a double to 24,000 tons each year. The development came about as a result of an increase in the market demand for quality chicken products in Portugal and Spain. The improvement resulted in the social-economic development by offering additional 20 job positions.

In the 20 posts is the product development manager whose work is to ensure the control of the current products and introduce new products to the firm’s portfolio. This improvement saw an increased overall production capacity of quality pork, beef, and chicken products to 45,000 tons each year. OSI Food Solutions employed visionary leaders like Sheldon Lavin as the chief executive officer to help build customer networking. Lavin has expertise in financial management, and he supports the company in the economic transformation. Lavin worked in Sheldon Lavin and Associate for more than 15 years as a consultant in the downtown Chicago. The individual helped various companies improve their production capacity.

The 2018 development project is an indicator that the company is ready to take the leading position in the food production globally. The firm anticipates a continuous increase in market demand for the value-added protein products. Thus, the improvement helps the firm to get ready for the future competition. The working space for OSI Food Solutions increased by 22,600 square feet. Also, the group added outdoor and indoor cameras to support the security surveillance system. The company established new shipping and receiving areas, waste product storage tanks, and social area for the workers.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions purchased the Tyson Food Plant to show the willingness to improve its services in North America. The company acquired the Flagship Europe in 2017 making it the leading food distributor in the UK. The plant got renamed as the Creative Food Europe. The latest achievement is the purchase of the controlling stake in Baho, which has extensions in Germany and the Netherlands.

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