The Chainsmokers are Still Smoking, and at it Again!

Although the name rings a bell with mainstream consumers as one of those off-beat bands that probably dominated some underground scene in the punk rock era, The Chainsmokers are pop star neophytes. At just two years old the producers have made magic again, with the release of hit song Sick Boy.

Sick Boy expresses the darker pop-icon side of The Chainsmokers. In a recent interview, Drew Taggart expressed how the iconification has opened them up to such profound perceptions by the public at large that they are now living in this hypercritical caricature state. He also infers that any misperception of their image is taxing to separate from the unknown soul of the flesh and blood person behind it. The song appears to focus on similar stereotypes about people from the east and west coasts of America.

The duo quickly climbed the charts after freely distributing their debut single #Selfie. The single piqued the interest of Dim Mak Records, who soon worked out the details for commercial release via Republic Records streaming platform.

The Chain Smokers duo, Producers Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, cite the influences of deadmau5 and others as a paradigm for their live performances. They have described the style as something along the lines of indie-pop hip hop that makes you dance. The Chainsmokers are capitalizing upon the realities of the digital age. And age where it is not just the music, but the overall production and universal appeal that wins fans.

Consumers today want the full package, the best of everything all at once. And that is what The Chainsmokers have consistently delivered with so many well-produced singles like the gold chart-topper Paris. Producing this quality of music, and keeping it fresh with new songs, has garnished the attention of hundreds of millions of fans all over the world. The Chainsmokers joint venture with superstars Coldplay to produce the single “Something Just Like This” shattered the steaming records at 9 million video views in a single day.

Check them out! They make pretty damn good YouTube videos!

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