The Career Beliefs of Nashville’s Clayton Hutson

UPDATE: Clayton Hutson Returns To The Road With Kid Rock

Kid Rock is on the road once again. Earlier this year he took a tour named “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour”. Kid Rock is the type of person to get into trouble quite frequently due to his unreserved antics and outspoken personality. However, he is having another tour this year, and this one is called the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour”. Clayton Hutson is no newbie when it comes to being around the redneck rockstar.

Clayton Hutson was involved in The American Rock N’ Roll Tour and is now back again to join Kid Rock in the Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour. The official tour will begin in August in Maine. The tour is scheduled to criss cross around the United States multiple times all the way till November. Kid Rock is also touring with Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker Jr. Joining the team once again as the new Production Manager is Clayton Hutson.

Clayton Hutson is a Tennessee born music lover. His background consists of working with various live entertainment companies and held several positions. Even though he was a project manager, he served as a sound engineer. His educational background coupled with all of his previous work experiences gave him the inspiration to start his own company.

Clayton Hutson traveled with Billy Graham in his sound team before he chose to be completely involved in the music industry. Clayton’s passion lies within the real of Rock N’ Roll, so it comes to no surprise that he is once again touring with the country rock star Kid Rock. Clayton is no stranger to traveling with musicians. He once toured many countries in Europe with a band named Garbage.

One of Clayton’s most recognized accomplishments is working as the operator of the rigging system for the band One Republic. During that specific tour, he spent the majority of his time in North America and Asia. He currently designs, manages and produces concerts for some of the most famous musicians. Among the famous musicians that Clayton has worked with are Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Kid Rock. Although music is his passion, he also enjoys woodworking, crafting and most of all, spending time with his family.

Clayton was inspired to start his own business by all of the experiences that he has had. His experiences include sound engineering and tour production. Many of his valuable skills were learned from many of his past positions.


We are taught the importance of spending our time doing what we love every day. Nashville’s own Clayton Hutson has significantly benefited from this. He has been in the music industry for years. As a child, he was passionate about music. After his university education, he got a chance to work in different production music industries in different positions. He worked as a sound engineer and a producer, which gave him all insights he needed for his business. He says that being a competent employee, he grasped many lessons.

Who is Clayton Hutson?

Clayton Hutson works as a music producer as well as a stage manager. He is working for Kid Rock at the moment. He says that he has to be at the venue before anyone else arrives which gives him time to confirm that everything is in place.

An impeccable planner, Hutson lays everything out for his events. He even considers the small things that many people would feel are petty. He cannot risk destroying his reputation because he has spent a lifetime cultivating it. He explains that everything that goes to the world with your name; good or bad determine how the world perceives you.

Everything that Hutson does, he does it three steps ahead. During an event, he visualizes the space of the functions and allocates all the crew members jobs before they arrive. This helps in avoiding delays and forgetting crucial factors. During the event, his busy planning what each crew members will do after the event to avoid time wastage and rushing when packing equipment which may end up destroying merchandise.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

His advice to young entrepreneurs is to be careful before releasing a product to the world. You have to check, double check and go an extra mile of triple checking. Everything you release to the world must be perfect to protect your reputation.

Hutson says that hard work is also a necessary ingredient of success. He spends hours when working on what his clients need. He gives his best even if it means working for more extended hours. As a result, he has been able to gain the trust of his customers and land himself more business opportunities through referrals.

Clayton Huston’s favorite book is “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, And It’s All Small Stuff.” He explains that the book does not advocate for avoiding details. It teaches the need to not obsess on the minor aspects of both your professional and personal life and focus on the big picture.

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    It’s funny that you just now published this article. I have been asking myself many of the same questions so it is nice to see someone else wrestling with the very same obstacles. I love his story and am looking forward to more!

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    First of all, I would like to say how great and well written this article was, and I learned a lot about him and his job, company, and team. Loved the article!

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    This is very informative and well described. It’s easy to understand all the points being made about Clayton Hutson. I agree with all of his beliefs he mentions here. He is really inspiring and I know there are great things to come in his future. I enjoyed it a lot and will share what I learned with all my friends.

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    Clayton Hutson has come a long way in the music industry. He worked hard and put a lot of work into it. He stuck with it because he was passionate about it. He gives good advice to young entrepreneurs and he is a good role model. If you love what you do it don’t feel like work.

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    I agree that its very important to make sure your product is as close to perfect as possible before you release it to the public. I think the trick is to not fool yourself into thinking something is never good enough or you will never make your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur a reality. As with most things, finding the right balance is the key.

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