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At Madison Street Capital we demonstrate the value we place on integrity and excellence. Our services, delivery, and vision are hinged on integrity. Our mandate goes beyond offering services to a small clique.



At Madison Street Capital, we appreciate the diversity of our clients’ needs. Our appreciation of the unique nature of our clients informs us to prepare packages to satisfy each client as opposed to a universal package that compels clients to adjust. Our delivery of services leaves clients satisfied as it addresses the individual need.



As a company, our expertise lies in areas such as; deal structuring, exit strategy, market pricing, due diligence, financing, designing and implementation. Over the years, we have helped finance many of our clients enabling them to realize their targets in timely fashion. The services we offer are not limited to the U.S., but Asia and Africa as well. Our broad strategy allows us to tap into local and foreign markets. We welcome clients who are eager to curve out a piece of the economy for themselves. Our wealth of experience is the torch needed to light the way in the capricious markets of our time.



When it comes to philanthropy, we are cheerful givers. Through the United Way, we give back to the community as a way of showing appreciation.



Our Expertise



Private and public organizations can seek services such as mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, valuations for financial reporting, wealth preservation, corporate advisory and asset management.



Corporate Advisory



Under our corporate advisory we have services such as ESOP advisory, private placements, capital restructuring, exit planning, mergers, acquisitions, buyout advisories, reorganization of corporate governance and business valuation.



Madison Street Capital’s reputation in exit planning is stellar. It is done in realization that sooner or later owners will exit their business. If the exit is properly planned, business owners leave with more wealth, retain influence, have smooth transitions and pay less tax. Especially in cases of sale of a private business, a good exit strategy will ensure all personal, legal, business and tax issues are addressed.



Valuation Services



Under our financial reporting services, we help companies establish their real worth in the event of valuation. We also help in asset management by offering restructuring services, financial sponsor cover and portfolio valuation. Other services offered are advice in solvency, independent third party views and opinions on fairness. We also advice on capital adequacy of companies.



Under our wealth preservation segment, we offer help in planning business exits and tax. We also advice on wealth building. The only sure way to ensure that your business is building wealth is bridging the gap between what comes in and what is spent. The greatest enemy of wealth building is missed opportunities coupled with avoidable law suits. We advise business owners to identify potential threats since these impact wealth creation negatively.

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