Susan McGalla Imparts Wisdom To Women

Much advice already exists for women competing for success in the corporate world on Some would even describe it as an overwhelming flood. Yet, the advice currently out there is felt to be ineffective, out of touch, or even pandering in its discourse. Susan McGalla has the right advice for women who are tired of sloughing through ineffective and messages. McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and she is an expert in advising her clients on talent management, marketing, branding, and general operations management. She has achieved great success over the years and continues to be a luminary industry so her advice is cutting edge and sure to be of great value to women. Susan McGalla likes to focus her message to women on how to get ahead in the world of business and in the past she has spoken to the University Speaker Series for CEOs at Carnegie Mellon, as well as the Women’s and Girl’s Foundation in Pittsburgh. Not many are well acquainted with Susan McGalla’s personal story on however and she aims to remedy that.

In her own words, Susan said that the majority of women want to listen to a message that possesses authenticity and that can be applied to their own lives. Too many messages are filled with slogans and buzzwords but they don’t have real substance that we can use to better ourselves. The words are hollow. Susan McGalla knows that women want to be seen as professionals rather than having messages sent to them based upon gender. She is relieved to see this shift in society and feels very encouraged by it.

Susan was raised in a home with a father who was an athletics coach and two older brothers. They were tough on her but she appreciated that because it helped her to grow up as a strong person. Her parents pressured her to work hard and to also be a confident person. They also instilled Susan’s with a value for honesty and expressing her beliefs frankly. She was not judged within her family by her gender and so she did not judge others by theirs.

Susan has always felt comfortable in the presence of both women and mend and this allowed her to form bonds and successful working relationships with everyone. She considers this trait to be critical to her success in life. McGalla worked at American Eagle for years at a time when women were not represented in the company but her hard work and positive attitude allowed her to change that.

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