Stream Energy Proves that Business and Philanthropy go Together

Stream Energy is an energy selling company based in Dallas combining both business and philanthropy. The company launched the Stream Care Foundation, the company’s channel to offer charitable services to the society. During Hurricane Harvey disaster that terrorized Houston, the company used the money from its energy business to help the victims. The Hurricane Harvey caused floods in Houston due to the rains of up to 56 inches that pounded the area. Many people remained homeless, and others lost their lives. Additionally, there was an extensive loss of property and businesses some belonging to the company’s associates who lived there. The company did not only participate in philanthropy through raising money for the relief but also as to make giving part of its brand.

In 2016, Northern Texas suffered from damages brought by a Tornado that hit the area on Boxing Day that displaced many people. Stream Energy employees assisted the affected people extraordinarily. Together with the Salvation Army, they helped in raising money for the victims. Thousands of Dollars were donated with the company giving double the amount donated by each of its associates. Corporate strategy is the design Stream Energy uses towards philanthropy. It delivers its services through Stream Care Foundation in an extraordinary way by using its resources to assist the customers. In the Dallas area, the company supports the homeless children by taking them to an annual event called Splash for Hope that is organized by Stream Care and Hope Supplies Co. Up to one thousand homeless children benefit from the yearly event. They receive presents and money at the end of the event.

Stream Energy organizes Once in a Lifetime event for the Dallas veterans to have fun together with their families. They enjoy a December lunch in one of the Dallas top hotels. Ten daughters of former military officers participate in another annual event called American Girl Experience. They not only enjoy lunch at the American Girl Cafe but also get a chance of choosing one American Doll each. Stream Energy pays the expenses of the event. The Stream’s senior event Manager, Kimberly Girard pointed out that the company aims to make the lives of the society.

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