Stephen P. Murray: A Story Best Told

Imagine an organization with roughly $12 billion in total assets with employees stationed all across the world. This business, currently operated by Greg Brenneman, wasn’t always the stunning name it is today.

Chemical and Chase and JP Morgan Partner got its first start in 1984 but under the identity of JP Morgan Partners at the time. Today, CCMP Capital handles growth capital and leveraged buyouts as an impressive private equity firm who focuses heavily on daily transactions spanning the globe.

You’ll find this private equity investment entity competitively headquartered in the USA on 245 Park Avenue, NYC., New York. The investment giant is protected as a limited liability partnership who got its historic separation–or spinout–from popular parent company, JP Morgan Chase, in 2006.

Here is where the firm began its reputation that garnered worldwide attention and a rank as one of the largest private equity funds around. By 2007, it was already ranked as number 17 among world economies and investing firms. By no means a small feat.

Though managing substantial funds in the excess of $12 billion respectively, the firm employs less than 50 financial experts at this time in the summer of 2016. Those on payroll cover daily tasks as a unified labor force spanning the globe. Offices are located in New York–of course–,Tokyo, Hong Kong and London.

Greg Brenneman, the former owner of Quiznos Sub and CEO of Burger King Corp., stands today as the firm’s absolute chairman with enough credentials most in the investment industry would approve.

As current chairman of the CCMP Capital private equity firm, Greg oversees a list of over twenty portfolio companies that include Cabela’s, Guitar Center Inc., Smurfit Kappa Group and even Quiznos Sub.

But there is another key player in the development and success of the CCMP Capital who we would wrong should he not be mentioned. We know him as Steve Murray who appeared in numerous headlines recently on financial and investing publications like, due to his recent passing that occurred during the month of March and in the year 2016.

Steve Murray–former CEO of CCMP Capital–had already taken a leave of absence from the firm roughly a month before being declared deceased due to ongoing health issues. He was born on August 2, 1962 as an American citizen and with an untold story about the impact he would have on the world as a private equity investor.

The education he received at Columbia Business School of Boston College gave Murray his competitive edge with an impressive economics degree in 1984.


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