Smart Tech with Malcolm CasSelle

Wide asset Exchange, also referred to as WAX, is a new platform initiated by OPSkins to assist with asset trading. In essence, the principle behind the business model is to offer a peer-to-peer marketplace for trading online. Tackling problems such as duplicity and fragmentation, WAX’s main priority is to provide a safe and reliable environment for its traders. The Simplicity behind WAX’s blockchain will enable gamers to instantly buy and sell assets without the need to leave their screen. WAX’s technology is mechanized by DPOS algorithm. Also referred to as, the Delegated Proof of Stake, DPOS is perceived to have the fastest consensus model.

With a history of instituting new relevance to the digital industry, Malcolm CasSelle is known as the president of WAX and also the CIO of OPSkins. His track record consists of being CTO at tronc, SVP and GM of Digital Media for SeaChange Int’l. Malcolm is also known for being a co-founder of PCCW, located in Hong Kong, this company is now valued at 35 billion US dollars. Malcolm’s skill sets do not stop at simple fundraising, he also speaks both Japanese and Mandarin. Obtaining his degrees in computer science from both MIT and Stanford University, Malcolm’s education helps to fortify his knowledge in his current field.

Being an entrepreneur, Malcolm has also invested in companies such as Zynga, Facebook and Bitcoin comprised companies. CasSelle’s interest in Cryptocurrency can be seen in many of his blogs. Endowing ample amounts of time to bitcoin companies such as Blockchain Capital Partners(BCAP), BTC China (BTCC), and GoCoin, CasSelle lets his interest be known. Born and raised in Allentown Pennsylvania as well as Lehigh County Pennsylvania, Malcolm’s humble background would begin with his admirable great-grandfather, Walter William Henry CasSelle. Walter William Henry CasSelle was said to be a great businessman. Birthed from a hard-working and honest family, Malcolm continues to exude admirable ethics.


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