Shervin Pishevar: How Clear Is His Crystal Ball?

The long arms of social media are not to be underestimated. In fact, the diverse and bewildering world of Twitter has proven a haven for opinionated individuals. Shervin Pishevar, a renowned if not infamous businessman, is one such individual. While Shervin Pishevar is a prominent name in business. With Pishevar at the helm of most of his operations, Though he declared his hiatus in December, Pishevar’s break from social media was brief.

Shervin Pishevar’s grand return to the Twitter stage transpired in early February. It’s safe to assume that Pishevar had been harboring an assortment of sentiments during his break, for the 21-hour tweetstorm that ensued was riddled with unsolicited opinions and callous remarks to boot. Perhaps Pishevar’s interpretation of the open-ended “what’s happening?” tweet box was taken far too loosely. As Pishevar prepared his fingers for rapid-fire tweets, audience members sat back and watched the series of tweets haphazardly unfold.

The now notorious tweetstorm began with bleak predictions of our economy. More specifically, Pishevar forecasted that our market would be saturated with credit deficits along with a high chance of increased interest rates. Shervin Pishevar then graduated to a more alarming matter: the demise of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Google. In short, Pishevar fears that these powerhouses will usurp smaller corporations, making the little guys an inessential component of the market.

Fortunately, Pishevar found it in his heart to sprinkle in rosy predictions. One such favorable prediction was the rise of entrepreneurs. According to Pishevar, if entrepreneurs boast the savvy to create their own currency, they’ll soon be able to dictate both the market and their prosperity. Shervin Pishevar also believes that an “efficient and frictionless” future is written in the stars. So long as we’re willing to gamble, Pishevar asserts that instability will eventually breed a balanced economy.

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