Sheldon Lavin’s Input at OSI Group has propelled the Company to Great Heights

Everyone has their preferred line of work. At times, your career choice can propel you to great heights. Regarding career choices, more attention will be placed on Sheldon Lavin and his input at OSI Group.

Background Check

It is evident that food is a commodity that the human race cannot live without. As a result, companies that deal with the supply of food such as OSI Group play a significant role in feeding the world population. By expounding on their global presence over the years, OSI Group has managed to have an employee population comprising of 20,000 individuals within the 65 facilities that are present in 17 countries worldwide. The company is still growing day in day out, thanks to the superb leadership by the likes of Sheldon Lavin who serves as the chief executive officer of OSI Group.

The Birth of OSI Group

OSI Group was initially founded during the 20th Century. The name OSI Group came into play after some years. Nevertheless, what started as a butcher shop that was initially launched by Otto Kolschowsky came to be known as OSI Group, one of the leading food providers worldwide. Otto Kolschowsky was among the German immigrants who decided to settle in Chicago Illinois back in the day. Since a man must always fend for his family, he launched a butcher shop that grew at a somewhat exponential rate. With time, the butcher shop became a family business that came to be known as Otto & Sons. The rebranding came about in 1928 after years of being among the local business that had prospered at an exponential rate.

Symbiosis Between two Businesses

McDonald’s is a renowned restaurant worldwide. Fortunately, Otto & Sons were tasked with being the supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s restaurant. The McDonald’s business enterprise was growing at an exponential rate since they were launching more and more branches on a daily basis. As for Otto & Sons, supplying meat products for the McDonald’s business entity was their primary task. Nevertheless, the exponential growth of the McDonald’s entity made it tough for Otto & Sons to supply freshly ground beef for long distances while still maintaining the freshness of their products. However, Otto & Sons came across some groundbreaking technology that involved the use of nitrogen as a food preservative. That is how Otto & Sons gained the ability to transport food over long distances while still maintaining the freshness of the products. As Otto & Sons grew, they also changed their name to OSI Industries in 1975.

Sheldon Lavin Joins OSI Group

Otto & Sons had rebranded to OSI Industries in 1975. Also, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky were fast approaching their retirement years. As a result, Sheldon Lavin was recruited to join the OSI Industries food supplying firm. 1975 was the year that Sheldon Lavin joined the company officially. Before that, Mr. Lavin had been working with OSI Group during their capitalization efforts in 1970. Since Mr. Lavin was well versed with financial matters, his career as an investment consultant suited his presence as a chief executive officer at OSI Group. Moreover, his excellent leadership skills have also come in handy as for the expansion of OSI Group globally.

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