Sheldon Lavin Made A Great Move In Recognizing The Potential Of David McDonald:

OSI Group is a company that has risen to a very prominent position in the worldwide food processing and wholesale distribution sector. Since its founding early in the Twentieth Century, the company has steadily expanded, slowly at first and then as the century wound down, much more rapidly and exponentially. Today, OSI Group is running processing operations in seventeen different international countries and maintains its corporate offices in the Chicago area suburb of Aurora, Illinois. The company’s rapid expansion that has taken place since the 1970s have been largely due to the outstanding executive leadership at the top of the firm. Without a doubt, the two most influential individuals involved in this growth have been CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. They have worked together to make OSI Group into a model of success and efficiency that currently employs more than twenty-thousand workers across the world.

Though he first became involved with OSI Group in 1970 when the current owners brought him in to help find capital for expansion, Sheldon Lavin became significantly more immersed with the OSI Group operation during 1975. He was brought into the company’s partnership along with Arthur and Harry Kolschowsy, the sons of original founder Otto. Sheldon became the sole owner of the firm when the brothers eventually retired. Since that time he has worked diligently on consistent plans of expansion that have included acquisitions and partnerships across the world. All the while, he has maintained the original family-values ethic that OSI Group was founded as. One of the most significant moves Sheldon Lavin has also made during his lengthy tenure is in recognizing the massive potential in David McDonald.

David McDonald has a journey with OSI Group that began during the 1987 calendar year. Though he was initially a project manager with the firm, his diligent work earned him a great deal of recognition and he rose through the company ranks to ascend to his current role as President. David McDonald is also currently a member of OSI Group’s Directors Board. He holds an academic degree in the Animal Science field from Iowa State University. It was immediately upon his 1987 graduation that he entered into the food business.

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