Securus Technologies Satisfies its Clientele

Securus Technologies is a profit-making penitentiary technological corporation established in 1986 with headquarters in Dallas, TX. It also has regional branches in areas such as Allen, Atlanta, Carrollton, and Georgia. Securus Technologies offers services such as parolee tracking, inmate communications, and government information management solutions. It has nearly a thousand employees and is recounted to have served over 2,600 prisons in the 45 states across the United States and nearly 2,200 in Canada and UK. Furthermore, the corporation has also serviced over a million prisoners globally. In 2016, the business broadcasted its $600 million investments in technologies, acquisitions, and patents over the duration of three years. Additionally, in 2007, the company acquired Syscon Justice Systems, a top company in the Offender Management Systems.


Securus is the pioneer in introducing the system incorporated by jails to regulate contraband cell phones. By 2016, the company’s Managed Access Solutions were endorsed in approximately five Department prisons facilities. In the same year, Securus Technologies collaborated with Harris Corporation in developing the Cell Defender technology. Recently, Securus has announced its Wireless Containment Solution that was created to limit contraband phones from connecting to mobile networks.


On October 2016, Securus documented many comments that it had received from its clients in the form of letters and emails. The comments documented the customer’s appreciations in using the firm’s technology to solve and avert crimes including inmate-on-inmate offenses. Securus Technologies altered some of the names relating to states, counties, and establishments to guard the innocent.


According to Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus, the corporation managed to develop at least one new product or service weekly to aid the relevant stakeholders in the market. Mr. Smith further stated that he was happy to receive thousands of customer’s comments that were a real indication that Securus was indeed protecting and serving its people.

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