Securus Technologies Providing Security Tech Solutions Across the U.S.

Securus Technologies Inc. has been establishing a strong presence in the public safety sector as a provider of tech solutions for civil and criminal justice. The company has been around for more than 20 years and is currently having CEO Rick Smith at the helm.


One can tell about the prosperity of any business by having a read of the comments and reviews that clients leave about their experiences. In the case of Securus Technologies Inc, the reviews are positive. Prison and state officials have been utilizing the services of the corporation including tech solutions and software. According to their comments, thanks to Securus Technologies they had been able to seek out and stop the criminal conduct of a number of corrupted employees all around the United States of America. Both officials and owners of businesses are thrilled with the company’s services are they are now more capable of protecting both their business and their innocence employees from any corrupted staff members.


Some prisons have been able to detect calls about inmate alcohol use or drug abuse n the grounds of the facilities. Other things that they have been able to find out about have been unauthorized use of mobile phones, hooking up to the wireless connection without permission, and taking it to the internet without observation of officials.


As a provider of safety tech solutions, Securus Technologies Inc. has a strong understanding and connection to keeping inmates and other people safe. The business has recently put out yet another product on the market which has been well received so far. The product disables inmates from connecting to the wireless without authorization. The product came out due to the increased lives on Facebook earlier this year.


Securus Technologies, Inc. has been on the road to expansion for the past couple of years.



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