Securus Has An Exciting Announcement For The Start Of 2018

The president of Securus, Rocket Pickens, has recently made an exciting announcement for the company. He announced at the start of this year that Securus and GoPayNet has started an exciting partnership. Securus has acquired GoPayNet recently, and it is a start to something amazing. Robert Pickerns shared with the public that he is excited for the new acquisition and everything that it has to bring to his establishment. Securus has been in business for more than 30 years and they are always looking for different ways to grow and provide new services to their customers.


GoPayNet is one of the leading electric payment processing companies located in the United States. The company processes payments for different government establishments. GoPayNet has over 2,000 different agencies that that service and have served over the years. The company is very well known and they have established a great name for themselves over the years. Some examples of the types of payments that the company processes is electronic monitoring payments or house arrest payments, probation fees, criminal fees, court fines or fess, and different types of criminal fees as well. The company processes credit card and debit card payments. The company was founded by a former sheriff in the late 90s.


Securus Technology is also a leading technology company whose headquarters is located in the state of Texas. Securus has also been around for several decades and they are one of the largest companies in their league. Securus provides inmate communications to inmates located in the United States and in some parts of Canada as well. Securus severed more than 1,100,000 inmates. They are known for being a company of high integrity and affordable services. Securus also provides different investigation tools to their customers as well. Securus has made a great choice by acquiring GoPayNet.


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