Rodrigo Terpins and 100% of His Energy Leveraged to Win The Sertoes Rally

We all yearn to feel emancipated from the daily drudgery of work life. We yearn for more, and the yearning for passion is a desire that’s as old as time. This is why we have sports, amusement battles, and gaming competition. Our life wants to achieve a meaning beyond the work and home dynamics that we all endure. What we want is for us to elevate our lives to a level that can make us see that to be alive is to be free. Such is the advocacy or search for people like Rodrigo Terpins. In his case, he is searching for the meaning, drive, desire, and passion through the dangerous but fulfilling activity of racing.



The 22nd Edition Sertoes Rally Competition



With due prudence, one can still lessen the risks of joining any professional racing. The good thing about Rodrigo Terpins is that he understands this need for prudence and the need to be risk-averse enough but at the same time enjoy the feeling of risk. There are books and novels written about how to be both, risk-free and risk-loving, and Rodrigo Terpins’ love for the dualities must be what these books are written about. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.



It should be said here that the race isn’t a drive in the park. The 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally had a total 2,600 kilometers in span, with seven stages and two states composing them. This makes the event one of the largest off-road races in Brazil. Fortunately, Rodrigo Terpins is ready to face all of this and understands the risks inherent in joining such a bold and demanding race. Rodrigo is joined by his brother Michel Terpins, and that alone is a good buffer that what he is about to finish would end up fulfilling, even if there’s no victory, since it would have still been an opportunity to bond with family.



Fortunately again, Rodrigo Terpins won the race, with 7th place in the overall ranking, and with his T-Rex vehicle, under the Prototypes T1 category. Asked for comment, Rodrigo Terpins said that he was able to leverage 100% of his energy and 100% of all his skills in racing, and this victory was gladly the result.

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