Rocketship Education and Its New Way of Selecting The Teachers For Their Students

When in other schools, it is the administration that gets to decide what teachers will be the head of the class, Rocketship Education is going the other way by letting the parents decide which teachers should handle their children. This is just one of the most interesting news that clenched the attention of many people today who want the best education for their children. We will examine more about Rocketship Education’s new style of operations in the article below.

The New Way of Rocketship

In the article from The Washington Post written by Perry Stein, it was explained that there is now active participation right now of parents in deciding to find the right teachers for the charter schools managed by Rocketship Foundation, which consists of 13 schools

In the report from Education Week, the co-founder of Rocketship also explained that this new method of letting parents decide the fate of the class is something that is ingrained in the vision of Rocketship, which is to make a pro-active and participative way of dealing with children’s education. This is such a positive change in the operations of the schools that Rocketship Education right now has generated a lot of awards and recognition for its blended style of education. With the attempt of the school to make parental involvement as the center of their curriculum, we can expect more charter schools to follow the track that Rocketship started.


This new style of Rocketship that blends parental input with school administration not only makes sense for the betterment of the curriculum but also helps improve the quality of the education of the children. Most schools that don’t rely on their teachers could end up getting inferior levels of education, which is something that Rocketship wanted in the first place to avoid.

Right now, some teachers still can’t keep up with the intensity of the parental input that happens in the selection process. This is something that will easily be addressed as teachers and parents can find a balance between being selective and being realistic about the current options they have regarding available teachers.

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