Rick Smith and his Journeys for Innovation Makes Securus Technologies an Industry Leader

Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of the major prison-technology and correction firm Securus Technologies, has a unique journey of innovation throughout his career, and it has significantly helped the company to become the industry leader in the prison technology. He wants the industry-best options to be offered by the firm and encourages the product designers to come up with simplified and innovative solutions that can totally transform the industry. The Dallas-based firm is collaborating with at least 3,450 law enforcement, correction, and public safety agencies in U.S. and serving more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. The firm started in 1986 has significantly been benefited by the aggressive strategy Rick Smith and his commitment to providing professional services. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Securus provides customized solutions in incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, public information, emergency response, monitoring products and services, and inmate self-service. Rick has more than four decades of experience in communication service industry and joined Securus in 2008. Under his leadership the firm provides services under five heads called family and friends, monitoring solutions, public safety solutions, correction solutions, and investigative solutions. The family and friends services offer phone services, video services, money transfer, jail voicemail, and e-mail services between the inmates and the family or friends. Since the firm has networked with all the major prisons in the country, it works as a single point of contact to and from inmates.

The public safety solutions of the firm include incident management, emergency response, and public information solutions and mostly designed to help the enforcement agencies to access various data instantly. The investigative solutions offered by the firm include the use of technology including voice biometric identification with other verification options and advanced data analytics. The innovative solution of the firm helps the investigators to collect, segregate, and analyze a large amount of data quickly. The correction services offered by the firm is targeting to give modernized incarceration services through inmate self-service solutions, communication, and greater information management. It also improves the efficiency of various correction agencies and other governmental departments. The monitoring solutions are providing excellent tracking system on inmates using RF-based enrollee surveillance and GPS systems.

Smith started his career with Frontier Information Technologies and took care of various responsibilities. He assumed many roles during the period such as Controller, Vice President, Network Plant Operations Director, Chief Information Officer, Director of Business Development, President of the firm, etc. Later Rick worked with Frontier Corp. as its Vice President with responsibilities of Financial Management. Before Securus, Rick Smith collaborated with Eschelon Telecom Inc. as its President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm. He completed Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York. Later, Smith did his MBA from the University of Rochester.

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