Ricardo Tostos Speaks On Legalization Of International Assets

Ricardo Tosto gives a report on the 13,254 law that outlines the rules and regulations on worldwide transactions concerning assets. This law provides a proper mode to necessitate better negotiations amongst Brazilian and other international lawyers. Ricardo Tosto argues that this kind of partnership is very significant in restoring various resources that belonged to the Brazilians.

In addition, Ricardo Tosto claims that the law of restoring assets provides a connection among the country’s lawyers with those of other countries. This idea was also backed up by his colleagues namely Nelson William Advogados and Gil Vicente Gama. Gil Vicente Gama even added that those kinds of partnerships make it possible for clear ways and methods concerning transactions between more than two nations.

However, the accomplishment of restoring these assets was not an easy task. Various individuals really struggled before the approval of the project would be reached at. Initially, 17.5% tax proportion was levied on the project with an addition of fine of the same the amount. Later after much negotiations the duty and the fine on the revenues were all reduced to 15%.moreover, the cost of the exchange rates was also increased to approximately 20%.this resulted due to the variances between the prior and the current exchange rates. For instance, in December 2014 the range in the dollar money was valued at $ 2.65.

The 13,254 law also has a provision for penalties for those persons involved in crimes such as evading of taxes imposed on them, and gross misconducts among others. This means that such cases may be given some considerations. However, other serious offenses such as bribery and transaction based on the banned trading actions like drug marketing will not at all be forgiven.

For the perfect manifestation of the law, Ricardo Tosto gives emphasis on both the foreign and the nation’s legal representatives to conduct investigations for persons who tend to keep their possessions concealed. Clear reports need to be given as to why the individuals tend to hide their products from the Brazilian government as well as their sources.

This legalization project on resources traded internationally is not a choice but mandatory for all people involved in the transaction.

Ricardo Tosto info: globoplay.globo.com/v/3436363/

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