Pollutants That Lurk in Homes & Apartments

Indoor air is far more polluted than outdoor air, and because we spend the majority of time indoors, improving our home’s air quality is advantageous to our health, but where to start? CEO of the Eucatex Group says “consumers can start by controlling pollution sources.”

Paints and carpet adhesives can leave behind gases from their harmful ingredients. Typically its found in older properties, yet new or newly renovated living spaces can also contain home building products that emit harmful gases. There are around 8,000 chemical compounds that have been classified for use in the interiors of buildings. This includes the so-called volatile organic compounds that can be hazardous to your health. Over time the level of harm dissipates but how long it takes depends mainly on their concentration. “Many volatile organic compounds can be eliminated simply by buying the right products,” says Eucatex CEO, Flavio Maluf. Consumers are shocked to learn that some of the very products they’ve purchased for comfort, such as carpeting, can become a health risk. “Many components found in carpets, like flame retardants and formaldehyde slowly emit gases for many years, causing headaches, coughing, nausea, insomnia and even depression,” adds Maluf straight from his Twitter.

The laws require the declaration of individual substances, only above a certain concentration. Only the “eco-seller” basically provides information on all ingredients and chemical compounds found in their materials. “Strictly speaking, consumers must become more informed about ‘healthy’ houses,” says Flavio Maluf.

Creating A World of Change

A family business in ecological building, and a fascination with engineering led Flavio Maluf into this fast-growing career of sustainable home products. He soaked up everything he could in the field, majoring in mechanical engineering at San Paulo’s FAAP, complimented by a year at famed New York University.

“Sustainability touches everyone, and we have the ability the make a change,” says Maluf. He maintains that eco-green quality is essential. Flavio and the Eucatex Group has found a career sweet spot of eco products that include flooring, paint, and doors, wall partitions and hardboard. So what sets the Eucatex Group apart from all the other run-of-the-mill companies? “Eucatex products can help consumers retool for a recovery, and create a healthier environment, and we’ve accomplished this for nearly six decades,” says Flavio Maluf from his Facebook

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