Paul Mampilly Made A Few Discoveries After Making His First Cryptocurrency Purchase

Experimental Purchase

Not too long ago Paul Mampilly purchased some digital currency after avoiding the crypto craze for a very long time. He didn’t purchase just any currency, but the oldest one on the market which is bitcoin. This may seem weird to those who have been getting to know him through his many videos and articles talking about why he think it’s an overhyped investment. This would make many wonder why he is trying the crypto market now. Let’s break down his reasoning.

Why It Happened

The first thing to note is he is not interested in actual bitcoin. Paul Mampilly is intrigued by the blockchain technology behind the scenes that allows digital transactions to happen. He figured the simplest way to learn more about blockchain was to use it by purchasing bitcoin.

How The Application Works

Paul Mampilly says the bitcoin buying process was really simple. All he had to use was a square cash app to make his purchase. He moved his money into the app and purchased the bitcoin. They list the price, you press buy and the transaction is complete. It’s very different than the process of buying stock.

New Discoveries

After Paul Mampilly made his purchase he realized a bunch things. He now has an appreciation and understanding for the technology and he sees a lot of value in it. Paul Mampilly also saw many ways the technology can change the way we live across several different industries all over the world. The difference blockchain provides is instant changes across data platforms. With faster computing we can make even month long processes happen much faster. This can be beneficial especially in the real estate industry where you have to wait so long for the sale to close. Another key thing is situations where we need to show our identification. These processes can be much faster and more efficient.

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