Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Issues Message to Public

The well known pizza restaurant chain Papa Johns has been going through a slump. As well as lower sales figures, the company has had some recent issues with its reputation. Due to some remarks made by the founder, the company has been looking to restore its standing with the public. In an effort to help restore the company image, the current chief executive officer of Papa Johns Steve Ritchie has drafted and issued a letter. With this letter, he is looking to express his regret about the remarks and remind the public that Papa Johns is still a very accepting and tolerant company. With his letter, Steve Ritchie demonstrated that he has empathy as well as a desire to meet the needs of customers.

Steve Ritchie wrote a letter shortly after the founder of the company made some remarks that weren’t very popular. Ritchie apologized himself as well as for the entire company. He reminded the public that Papa Johns never tolerates any behavior that is disrespectful, insensitive or racist. After finding out about the remarks, Steve Ritchie admitted that the last week has been one of the most difficult in his career. However, Ritchie is determined to help Papa Johns get its reputation back in good standing among customers and the public in general.  According to Wikipedia, since there are thousands of franchise owners and employees who come from a variety of backgrounds, Ritchie said that the company is very accepting of diversity. Steve Ritchie mentioned in the letter that he is now looking to bring in experts to evaluate the culture of the company and find ways to improve upon its diversity. With this action, Papa Johns will likely prove that it is among the most tolerant organizations in the United States.

Releasing this letter has allowed Steve Ritchie Papa John’s to reach out to the public and ensure them that he is very considerate of their feelings. With demonstrated empathy and compassion, Ritchie will likely be able to prove to consumers and the public that Papa Johns is not an organization that looks down on people from unique backgrounds. His recent actions have enabled him to prove how effective a leader that truly is. Connect with Steve Ritchie on Twitter.

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