Believe in yourself, Guilherme Paulus advises entrepreneurs

Guilherme Paulus is a prominent businessman in Brazil. He is one of the prominent names in the tourism industry in the country. He has done a great job of ensuring that the country is moving in the right direction as far as the tourism industry is concerned. Through his private businesses, he has positioned Brazil as a destination for tourists. He has enabled the country to focus on attracting as many tourists in the country as possible. He is keen on making Brazil a hub for tourists attraction. Looking at the work, he has done in this industry; it is clear that he is ready to transform the tour industry in the country into something huge.

Guilherme Paulus was born in Sao Paulo. While growing up, he never thought that he would be in a position of being a prominent person in t tour industry. In fact, his first choice career was IT. Before he started a travel agency, he was an intern at IBM. While at IBM, he interacted with other people who made him realized the potential of running a tour company. Since he loved traveling, he decided to shift from technology to tourism industry. He first left IBM and joined tour agency where he could gain the necessary skills on managing of such a business.

Guilherme Paulus had the guts to leave his job and start something new. He went out with determination to make this company the best in the region. From 1972, he has focused his attention on the tourism industry alone. He has not diverted his attention to other industries, a factor that has contributed to his success. Guilherme Paulus is now one of the people who has made it possible for the tourism sector in Brazil to rise beyond the expectations of the people. Looking at how far he has come, he inspires many people not to hold back their ideas. There is potential in every idea as long as there is a willing person behind it.

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Ted Bauman’s Take On Trade War

Today’s economy does not require anyone to produce products in one nation and then export them to another republic to be sold. Ted Bauman argues that the world is interdependent thus no need for the monopoly. Nearly every country can deliver its goods, and others can build more heavy pieces of stuff like vehicles. A good example is China. If American corporations manufacture their products overseas and send them there, they save a lot of cash on shipping prices.

A leading source of American firms’ revenue is the authorizing of patents and brand names. For instance, foreign companies manufacture and sell iPhones overseas for Apple, but the income from this intellectual property goes back to Apple’s bank accounts in the United States. Instead of creating products, companies in American collecting levies for their logical property instead.

According to Ted Bauman, companies in American get income from both cases cited above as they would if the fund had been acquired from selling products abroad, but the finances are not totalled as if it were received in this way.

Ted Bauman publicized that anybody who capitalized in American firms with foreign companies needs to be worried about trade war from President Trump. He reminds stakeholders that their opinions must be within the companies and not with American labors. Trade warfare would indicate that they would be able to assume the leading frameworks on the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow to be predominantly damaged.

Apple is a firm that has a central presence in China. On the occasion of some trade war, the firm’s profits and earnings would suffer. This is what experts like Ted Bauman say posses danger to a firm if it were alone. As the trade war develops even tougher, prices of supplies such as soybeans will be influenced.

At the instant, the ratio of price and earnings are tall for the U.S. If a trade war leads these pays to fall, then the rates will fall. Stocks don’t have distant to go afore they reach in a bear border.

Ted Bauman holds the view that President Trump must relax his bombast on trade currently to evade any possible disasters in the fair. Canada, China, and other overseas markets are presently planning to react against the United States. Canadians have started to refuse to buy the United States made goods.



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Ted Bauman’s Immense Contributions in the Investments Industry

Ted Bauman’s career is a significant pillar in the world of investments. His appointment as the Banyan Hill Publishing editor in 2013 served as a great achievement in his career. Bauman lives in Atlanta, GA with his family.

Bauman has tremendously contributed towards the growth and development of Banyan. His excellent skills in writing are valuable in the success of his sites including the Alpha Stock Alert and Bauman’s Letter.Ted Bauman mainly renders services in International immigration, developing strategies on low-risk investments, and protecting assets. His daily activities majorly concentrate on establishing lasting bonds between individuals and the available important resources. Ted Bauman seeks to ensure people live worthwhile lives.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman heavily relies on his wide international exposure to improve his writing skills. Also, he has a stable economic base which he uses to enhance the economic approach of analyzing investments. He always goes an extra mile to provide his readers with original and quality content on the current issues in the investments world. He also gives tips and insights on drivers of profits as well as those that can trigger losses in the market.

Ted Bauman’s desire to venture into exploring different regions all around the globe stems back from his childhood. He was born in Washington, DC, and grew up on Maryland’s eastern shores; growing the urge to see the outside world. His journey to South Africa as a young man where he studied Economics and History was a great start. He later spent over 25 years in the same country working as the manager of funds. His primary concern was the development of projects on affordable housing, working with NGOs. Today, one of his projects still houses many people from different countries under the Slum Dwellers International Organization. He also worked with different European and African governments as a consultant. Moreover, Bauman served as a great resource for the UN.

Notably, Ted Bauman is one man who understands the value of various dynamics surrounding the economic and political situations in different communities. He boasts of international publications with various journals such as the Small Enterprise Development and The Microfinance Journal. Bauman’s educational background in History and Economics from the Cape Town University helps him establish sustainable growth strategies.

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Paul Mampilly Made A Few Discoveries After Making His First Cryptocurrency Purchase

Experimental Purchase

Not too long ago Paul Mampilly purchased some digital currency after avoiding the crypto craze for a very long time. He didn’t purchase just any currency, but the oldest one on the market which is bitcoin. This may seem weird to those who have been getting to know him through his many videos and articles talking about why he think it’s an overhyped investment. This would make many wonder why he is trying the crypto market now. Let’s break down his reasoning.

Why It Happened

The first thing to note is he is not interested in actual bitcoin. Paul Mampilly is intrigued by the blockchain technology behind the scenes that allows digital transactions to happen. He figured the simplest way to learn more about blockchain was to use it by purchasing bitcoin.

How The Application Works

Paul Mampilly says the bitcoin buying process was really simple. All he had to use was a square cash app to make his purchase. He moved his money into the app and purchased the bitcoin. They list the price, you press buy and the transaction is complete. It’s very different than the process of buying stock.

New Discoveries

After Paul Mampilly made his purchase he realized a bunch things. He now has an appreciation and understanding for the technology and he sees a lot of value in it. Paul Mampilly also saw many ways the technology can change the way we live across several different industries all over the world. The difference blockchain provides is instant changes across data platforms. With faster computing we can make even month long processes happen much faster. This can be beneficial especially in the real estate industry where you have to wait so long for the sale to close. Another key thing is situations where we need to show our identification. These processes can be much faster and more efficient.

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End Citizens United was formed in the year 2015 to fight against large funding political groups whose intention is to pay for elections so that it can go to their advantage.

The organization’s funding is just by the mere donations. The Supreme Court decided on the change of politics. There was noticeable spending of money of the special interest groups and the wealthy in the United States of America’s elections. The money could not be traced, but there was an essence that the United States of America’s votes could be bought.

They have a page website that highlights what they do and also provides with the latest news. There are pages include the donation page and also for the candidates that want finance reform. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

The End Citizens United Mission

They have a highlighted mission on their website. They end Big Money in politics and fix the rigged political system by electing campaign finance reform champions. They also have measures of the passing ballot and increases the need of national conversation.

They also use the grassroots members to show political power on the issue of money in politics. They take into account the end of unlimited and undisclosed money in politics. The Citizen United destroyed quite a worth of law time that focused on reducing the amount of corruption in the electoral system. View the group’s profile on
The End Citizens United Finances

Their primary strength of income is the grassroots influence. They have envisioned the power of transparency and put into practice of what they say. The grassroots support fund has enabled them much to be strong.

The keep on filing to the Federal Elections Commission as the one of July 2018 being the latest. They ensure that they are accessible to all donors right from their movements to take back the democracy needed.

The End Citizens United have gathered a team of veteran Democratic operatives to help them in giving their information to the outside world. The information is all about telling about how the influence of money in politics is mismanaged and how they will stop it. They also have a board of directors who are top leaders in overthrowing the Citizens United and electing Democratic Champions.



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Boraie Development’s New Brunswick And Newark Projects

Boraie Development has developed a luxury rental tower in New Brunswick called The Aspire. It is surrounded by great dining options, night-life spots, and entertainment. The Aspire is a full-service building with 238 studio designer apartments with one or two bedrooms.

Residents will have access to private parking and a lobby with a 24/7 doorman. The floor plans have 9- to 10-foot ceilings, gourmet kitchens with islands, hardwood floors in the living areas, and oversized closets and bathroom details. Each studio has oversized windows and options for terraces and balconies. The kitchens include cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, glass-tiled backsplash, and in-home Bosch washers and dryers. The baths include tiled floors, wall accents, and designer fixtures. Each unit is wired for cable television and high-speed Internet. They will also have a gas-powered heating unit made to reduce heating bills in the winter. There are outdoor electric barbeques on the 18th-floor sky deck. The fitness gym is open all the time with high-end equipment. Tenants can pay their rent online and receive messages through a convenient concierge system. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Shaquille O’Neal grew up in the 70s. His parents kept him off the streets by sending him to local Boys and Girls Club and the movie theater. An old theater was changed into CityPlex12 Newark after a $7 million renovation in 2012. It was the product of a joint venture between a New Brunswick developer and a retired basketball center. Shaquille O’Neal and Sam Boraie are working on the project to bring housing and commercial development to New Jersey’s distressed areas. Mr. O’Neal said the team is focused on the urban downtowns in Jersey. This $60 million rental complex will break ground on Friday, and it will be the first housing tower built in Newark in half a century. Newark Mayor Cory Booker, U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, and Mr. O’Neal will be at the ceremony. Boraie Development and Mr. O’Neal are also working on a market-rate housing tower, retail complex, and movie theater in Atlantic City. Mr. O’Neal wants to give back to the city he grew up in. Check out


Sam Boraie has built over one million square feet of New Jersey residential and commercial projects. Omar Boraie was an Egyptian chemist that moved to the U.S. to earn his doctorate in 1970. He decided to go into real estate, and today his adult children work with him.



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HCR Wealth Advisors Focused on Personalized Financial Portfolio Solutions

If there was ever a time to seek the help of a financial advisor, it could be now. HCR Wealth Advisors has experienced people in place to help you get your portfolio in order, even in a volatile market. This Los Angeles based investment advisory firm has a 7-step process that can help during those times when there seems to be nothing out there that is worth investing in. The focus on the portfolio solutions is where HCR Wealth Advisors becomes an anchor for those that are seeking some form of financial freedom.

What a team of wealth managers can do is help you understand the market and its impact on your portfolio, such as when you may want to pull back from a volatile market. Even when the market is trending up there can be certain developments that can cause certain stocks and investments to drop. For example, privacy issues for users caused Facebook to stumble. The inability to effectively bring marketing into the mainstream environment caused trouble for Snapchat once it went public. People that may have built their portfolios around social media were incredibly disappointed. This is why HCR Wealth Advisors can be important. These are advisors that are helping investors diversify their portfolios and steer clear of a one dimensional or poorly allocated or weighted portfolio. That can become a problem in the investing world.

This is what makes HCR Wealth Advisors so valuable. They get to the heart of the matter for long term investments. See these available jobs at HCR Wealth.

Periodically, investors should take an inventory of their portfolio. Many investors put their portfolio on autopilot and they never check back to see how it is performing. This is another area where HCR Wealth Advisors can help. They take you through a 7-step process which includes a check up on your investments. You get a chance to make adjustments in times when the markets may have an effect on your return on investment. You can gain a better focus on how you may make long-term plans when you have someone to guide you. It may be better to have the advice of an experience finance professional who can help you find ways for your portfolio to grow and help you meet your financial goals.

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The Development of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a meat processing company began in 1990. The group is the predecessor of Otto and Sons. The firm started like a butchery next door serving only Illinois. Today, the organization owns over 60 facilities in more than 20 countries across the world. In March 2018, the company finished its extension to increase the production of chicken products by a double to 24,000 tons each year. The development came about as a result of an increase in the market demand for quality chicken products in Portugal and Spain. The improvement resulted in the social-economic development by offering additional 20 job positions.

In the 20 posts is the product development manager whose work is to ensure the control of the current products and introduce new products to the firm’s portfolio. This improvement saw an increased overall production capacity of quality pork, beef, and chicken products to 45,000 tons each year. OSI Food Solutions employed visionary leaders like Sheldon Lavin as the chief executive officer to help build customer networking. Lavin has expertise in financial management, and he supports the company in the economic transformation. Lavin worked in Sheldon Lavin and Associate for more than 15 years as a consultant in the downtown Chicago. The individual helped various companies improve their production capacity.

The 2018 development project is an indicator that the company is ready to take the leading position in the food production globally. The firm anticipates a continuous increase in market demand for the value-added protein products. Thus, the improvement helps the firm to get ready for the future competition. The working space for OSI Food Solutions increased by 22,600 square feet. Also, the group added outdoor and indoor cameras to support the security surveillance system. The company established new shipping and receiving areas, waste product storage tanks, and social area for the workers.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions purchased the Tyson Food Plant to show the willingness to improve its services in North America. The company acquired the Flagship Europe in 2017 making it the leading food distributor in the UK. The plant got renamed as the Creative Food Europe. The latest achievement is the purchase of the controlling stake in Baho, which has extensions in Germany and the Netherlands.

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Employment Opportunities In Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare was established as a minor facility in 1985. However, the company has grown tremendously over the years such that it has over 580 beds and has expanded more facilities which surpass 20. Amanda Morgan is the current Chief Executive Officer of the firm. She initiated her career from the organization and has served it for more than 20 years.

Sussex Healthcare is increasing additional caregivers to its branches. The firm is opening hands to skilled caregivers to apply for their role in any of its branches. The organizations also provide training for people who have interest and are willing to follow the rules and guidelines. The places which require the caregivers are Horsham, Uckfield, Crawley, and Henfield. Sussex Healthcare aims at providing the best services to the residents.

The caregivers should be calm, loyal and committed to their duties with the aim of the firm to be achieved. The company is also searching for innovative caregivers who will come up with new strategies to improve their services and offer the best solutions to their issues.

For a caregiver to get that chance to work for Sussex Healthcare, he should be responsible and have a good communication relationship with other staff. The core value of the company is teamwork. It looks forward to employing the caregivers who know the importance of teamwork as well as punctuality in the activities mandated to them. They usually help the residents in their day to day operations like bathing, eating, walking among many more.

The organization comprises of numerous advantages, it offers to its employees compared to its counterparts. Some of them include earning twice for working on holidays, bonus pay rate for weekends, paid breaks and reduced accommodation rates.

In Sussex Healthcare, the management group effortlessly work to be able to identify the value of each worker. To guarantee that nothing happens in the future, the company takes a precaution measure by making sure that the caregivers are dependable. The firm offers its services to the elderly, mentally ill, physically disabled and those with learning disabilities.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare:

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Ted Bauman explains the likely Stock Market Crash Outcome


In the latest article posted on Banyan Hill, an investment professional explained three likely scenarios that can lead to a stock market crash. Ted Bauman believes that the current bull market might go on. Nevertheless, the possibility is that this might crash down. The advice offered by Ted tends to be valuable due to his experience and proven achievement in the investing field. Ted was born in the US, but later relocated to South Africa to pursue his education.

After studying economics and history in South Africa, Ted Bauman continued with his profession in a non-profit making organization that lasted for more than 20 years. He concentrated on affordable housing projects that assisted many underprivileged people to get out of the slums. He co-established one of the companies that have assisted over 14 million people in many countries across the world.

While staying in South Africa, he acquired knowledge and vast experience with low-risk investment strategies. Currently, he resides in the US and composes bulletins that entail lower-risk, savings, privacy, international migration problems and property protection. Banyan Hill Publishing is pleased with the additional contribution from Ted. Ted Bauman’s recent article on the website explains the likely circumstances of the stock market crash.

A return to the average ratio

Ted Bauman will always remind you that the US stocks are overvalued. He uses to CAPE ratio to argue that in case the market gets back to the normal ratio of 17, there must be a decrease of over 35%. He adds that his changes might take more than one year to take place and could have two distinct effects.

The first effect is that the investors will find out that receiving their investments back with impending bonuses is impossible. For that reason the extra gain might be speculative, and the investors will bail to get incomes. Nevertheless, their struggles will produce a reverse effect.

Another effect will be that alternative asset property income will turn out to be pleasing. The congress chained the country into the biggest budget deficits of all time. Because this cannot be avoided, there is a higher possibility of alternative asset income becoming more pleasing.



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