Bradesco Bank Chooses New CEO

Bradesco Bank is known to be one of the top private banks in Brazil. The bank is headed by some of the most notable names in the field and is considered to be one of the most sought-after choices for those who are looking for a friendly neighborhood bank. The company has had a long history and has had its fair share of ups and downs. Even in the face of severe market changes, the bank has managed to stand out from the crowd, and establish itself as a bank for the people of Brazil.

Recently, Bradesco Bank underwent a series of changes that have changed the management and inner workings of the bank. Most recently, the bank announced its new president, Octavio de Lazari Junior, who now will stand as the head of Bradesco Seguros. He will be replacing the former CEO of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who currently is set to fulfill the position of chairman of the company. The new CEO of the company will be able to start performing all of his functions on the 12th of March, which is when the General Meeting of the shareholders of the company will be held.

The reason Bradesco has gone through so many shifts in management over the past few months was that of the retirement of Lazaro de Mello, who served in the position of chairman of the company for the past twenty-five years according to He was one of the oldest chairmen of a bank and decided to retire upon reaching the age of ninety-one. After his retirement, Trabuco, who was the then CEO of the company was asked to take his place, and Lazari taking the position that Trabuco had now left vacant.

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Bradesco has always followed a long-standing tradition of offering positions only to those who have spent a considerable amount of time working with them. As a company, Bradesco Bank upholds very strong values and wants their leaders to be able to understand and exude them as well. All of the current executives working at Bradesco have been working at the bank for several years, only after which they can rise to important positions within the company. Octavio de Lazari is also someone who has worked for a considerable amount of time with the company. He has been working for Bradesco for the past fifteen years and has had a considerable amount of contribution to the workings of the company, and the tasks that they have to deal with. As he takes on the position of CEO of Bradesco, he has big shoes to fill, since he will be replacing Trabuco, who was responsible for the incredible amount of growth that Bradesco witnessed.

When Trabuco took over the company as its CEO, Bradesco had just suffered a slip to the second spot in the private financial sector in Brazil. Instead of dwelling on the fact that Bradesco had lost it’s number one position, Trabuco decided to focus on something else, which was providing the people of Brazil to better access of Bradesco’s services. Under the plan that he had implemented, Bradesco grew in numbers, leading to more and more outlets being set up in locations all over the country. He also tried to improve the customer management that took place in the outlets, so that the people using these services could have access to better facilities, and thereby, choose Bradesco. The implementation of this plan proved to be a huge success, and Bradesco slowly made its way once again to the top with more and more people choosing them over other banks that were available.

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How To Get Home Help With Aloha Construction

If you’re a homeowner in need of renovation work, it is absolutely imperative that you make the decision to work with professionals to ensure that everything is getting done correctly. One of the main problems that people have is that they do not know how to hire the experts and where to look. Thankfully, there is a company in Illinois known as Aloha Construction that offers high quality construction work at minimal pricing. In fact, Aloha Construction offers financing options to those who need to get this type of work done but do not know how they are going to be able to pay for it.

Aloha Construction has been around for well over a decade and has helped many people with their home construction needs. Whether you need a brand new roof or you have to get siding put onto the home, it’s important that you work with the pros at Aloha Construction to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to get the job done. Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper to choose Aloha Construction when they have financing available than to try to do the work yourself or choose different company out there for your own benefit.

Along with doing all of the construction work that you need, Aloha Construction offers free home inspections for those who want to know if there are any problems with their property. These inspections will alert you of anything that might be a problem for you, so this is incredibly important to have done by the pros. This is why a lot of people have been choosing to hire experts and get them to come into their homes and do the job for them. Be sure that you contact this company either by phone or email and see if they are going to be able to help you out as much as they can. This is a wonderful way for you to feel confident in the work being done and why so many people have put their trust into this type of company for their own home needs.

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Angel Investor Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist. He works with ASC Capital Holdings, LLC as the Managing Director. ASC Capital Holdings, LLC’s main mission is to invest in preliminary stage healthcare organizations. Ara is a board member and co-founder of TMS Healthcare Solutions, a transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment provider. These kinds of treatments are aimed at those treating those with resistant depression.

Prior to working with TMS Healthcare Solutions, Ara’s proficient career has at all times rotated around investing and entrepreneurship. His main interest is in service and health-tech field. He has been in the medical field for over two decades. He has helped in developing healthcare firms such as Embion/Provider Links, TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRX and many more. Additionally, Ara works as a committed board member to various initial stage healthcare firms within San Francisco such as pipelineRX, TMS Healthcare Solutions and Mint Medical Education.

Ara Chackerian is also devoted to preventing the environment with his one Limonapa investment. Moreover, Ara is dedicated also toward giving back to the community. For instance, Era donates and contributes heavily toward charities. He is involved with young and educational nonprofit organizations such as Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures, and CREA Nicaragua.

The partnership with TMS Health Solution has allowed Ara and the company to increase their knowledge in creating outpatient radiology diagnostic centers to a dissimilar healthcare area. It has been more than a decade since Ara and the partner came up with this idea. Currently, there are centers within Northern California dealing with radiology diagnosis. The vision of the two partners was to come up with a network that would provide the doctor and the patient the comfort they require. In addition to this, the platform would consider the patient more as compared with the doctor. Check out for more.

Ara Chackerian holds a marketing degree from the state university of Florida. Much of his time is dedicated toward areas that involve coaching, vision, and strategy. He always balances between investing, entrepreneurship and philanthropic desires to realize his goals. Most of Ara’s ideas come for his life experiences. Good partners can determine a success of an organization, Ara belief. Moreover, entrepreneurs should always appreciate the efforts of their partners.

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Three Reasons to Trust Market America

Many people are starting to take a chance on a business venture that Market America advertises. This business venture entices people by telling them that they can be their own boss and become wealthy. Can people trust this company’s words, though? The answer looks like it’s a definitive yes, and here’s why:

Doing Business for More Than 20 years

Tenure is an important factor when it comes to trust. Usually, if a business has been around enough years to survive a generation, there’s something wonderful about that business. There’s a reason that it’s still standing, and it usually has to do with its performance model. Market America isn’t a fly-by-night business. Its doors have been open for a long time.

A+ BBB Rating and Torch Award
The Better Business Bureau is a company that looks out for consumers’ rights by monitoring the activities of some of the world’s largest businesses. One thing they do really well is keeping a record of the number of complaints a business has and whether that business takes any time to resolve those complaints. They give each business a grade based on their findings. Market America has maintained an A+, which is more than a champion’s grade. Additionally, the company received recognition for its integrity.

More than $7 Billion in Sales
Numbers talk, and Market America has been producing many numbers. The company has generated over $7 billion in sales since its inception. The people who have jumped on board have earned a lot of money, as well. The profits prove that the company has a model that does work. Many more reasons exist as to why someone would trust in this provider’s words, but these should be enough to pique interest.

Interested persons can learn more about the unfranchise movement by visiting their site and seeing what they have to offer. Alternatively, they can contact someone from the business itself and get a consultation to see if they are a good fit for the culture. They may find that their model of business is quite appealing and promising.

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What Adam Milstein Loves About His Work At Hager Pacific Properties

Usually when Adam Milstein’s name comes up, it’s affiliated with a pro-Israel activist group and rightfully so because he’s done a lot to educate and bring together Jewish and Israeli-Americans for causes that affect both groups. He’s been organizing events and meeting with leaders at foundations like the Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli-American Council where he serves as Chairman. But not nearly as well known is his work in real estate and what he does as Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Ideamensch asked him about it not long ago and he had some interesting things to say.

Adam Milstein said he got started in commercial real estate after finishing his master’s degree at USC. He was unhappy with current job offers so he decided he needed to take a risk and make real estate brokering happen for himself. What he loves about the job is that there’s no set routine to it. He also said the job isn’t necessarily about setting goals and reaching them but doing the best you can in any situation. His primary job is financing property purchases and arranging buyer and seller client deals. Thus far Hager Pacific Properties has amassed billions worth in commercial and residential properties.

Adam Milstein is from Haifa, Israel where he spent the first 29 years of his life. His background includes serving in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and several years working with his father in building construction. He got his bachelor’s degree at the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology prior to enrolling at USC.

Adam Milstein’s philanthropy work began after his real estate investing career was in full swing, and he and his wife Gila have several target groups that their family foundation works with. The primary group is young people starting with children who they encourage parents to teach Hebrew at a young age. They also have a lot of college campus activist groups they get involved with to promote important discussions and fight anti-Semitism. And the other group is businessmen and community leaders from both liberal and conservative backgrounds that they want to bring together to build a greater pride in the nation of Israel.

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Jeremy Goldstein Talks About Employee Incentives And EPS

Employees working in any sector are always working towards some or the other form of improvement. They put in the hours of work to ultimately get a better position, or to get a better salary out of it so that they can support themselves better. It isn’t uncommon for employees to head up to the human resource departments of companies and ask for a raise for the years of effort that they have put in, but sometimes, granting them what they want is harder than one would expect.



Jeremy Goldstein, a notable corporate lawyer from New York recently published an article about EPS and the effect it can have on the employee client relationship. EPS refers to employee per share. This means that an employee is entitled to receive a certain amount of benefits per share that is bought at the company. This increase is usually determined by the company itself and presented to the employee once they join. However, there are a few more intricacies to this. EPS only helps companies to determine how much needs to be given, not when it needs to be given. It is something that companies mainly put into place to prevent their employees from asking for exorbitant appraisals and to help them get a more realistic idea of the kind of rewards that they can expect to receive.



Even though this may seem like a more realistic approach to determining the amount that one can potentially get, it can lead to discrimination at the workplace. The employer is the one who decides when the employee is eligible for the raise or promotion and can withhold it for as long as they like. They can also grant these raises to the employees who they favor more, and prevent the others from gaining them all together.



Jeremy Goldstein stated that one of the best things that a company can do comes to a compromise with their employees. Understand what your employees need, and go over the criteria that would make them eligible for such an incentive. It helps prevent clashes between the employees and administration, while still keeping them satisfied with their jobs. Learn more:








About Jeremy Goldstein



Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent name in the field of corporate law. He is considered to be one of the leading corporate lawyers and runs his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein, and Associates. Through the course of his career, he has worked with several clients coming to him from an array of sectors.



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George Soros Is An Open Enemy Of Trump

Within the houses of Congress, there are certain men who carry themselves with such clout and influence that their power is spread far and wide. These politicians and businessmen are often known amongst the average voter because they are fighting for the people. One such man is George Soros, and he has used the Open Society Foundations to bring great change the world and the United States of America.

George Soros has been a liberal Democrat as far as he can remember. He put himself through the London School of Economics by working as a waiter at many restaurants in London. After graduation, he started a hedge fund known as Soros Fund Management. Successfully running this fund brought him $25.2 billion. He would use this wealth to start the Open Society Foundations 30 years ago with a $14 billion donation. Just this past year, he gave an additional $18 billion to help Open Society Foundations as it continues to bankroll fledgling democratic states.

In 2004, George Soros began using the Open Society Foundations to donate heavily to the Democratic Party. During this time, the Democrats were hoping to unseat George W. Bush from the White House’s so that he would not serve a second term. George Soros was already angry enough that George W. Bush led us into two wars and knew that John Kerry, the Democratic nominee, was his hope to bring peace back to the world. To make this happen, George Soros called a meeting with DNC and donated $27 million to the campaign of John Kerry. This broke all previous and conceivable records.

In 2008, George Soros would financially back the Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. He made this decision even though it cost him backing his friend Hillary Clinton. However, George Soros had to do what is right for the country, and he thought that Barack Obama would be very efficient at pushing liberal change. After Barack Obama served for two terms, George Soros was not disappointed.

In 2016, George Soros ramped up his giving through the Open Society Foundations in order to help Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House. At first, George Soros wanted her to defeat Bernie Sanders who ws threatening to make the country into a socialist place. Once Hillary Clinton was able to defeat Bernie Sanders, she turned her eyes to vanquishing evil Donald Trump. George Soros could not allow Donald Trump to gain the White House and he gave $25 million to help Hillary Clinton become the first woman ever to sit in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, America was not ready for such a great change, and Donald Trump secured the presidency.

George Soros now uses the Open Society Foundations to organize peaceful protests and marches against Donald Trump here in the United States of America. Through his generous giving leadership, George Soros has organized and funded these protests from coast-to-coast. George Soros will continue fighting Donald Trump until Trump leaves the Oval Office.

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Fabletics-The New Way to Buy Workout Wear

Fabletics has done the unthinkable and has become healthy competition to big companies like Amazon and has even grown to be worth as much as $250 million. Unlike many online retailers, Fabletics uses a subscription service to sell its merchandise to customers. Fabletics also offers personalized service and convenience that its members love.


The way that consumers see brands these days have drastically changed over the years. It used to be thought that the more expensive a brand was, the better quality it was, but that is just not so, at least with Fabletics. Fabletics has worked hard to offer a brand that is stylish, of great quality, and yet remains affordable.


Instead of scaling quickly like many of its competitors, Fabletics decided to take its time and get to know their customer base before growing. This proved to be a very successful strategy, and Fabletics now has stores in Hawaii, California, Florida, and Illinois. They also have plans to open more as well.


Greg Throgmartin, general manager of Fabletics, accredits the success of the company to its membership strategy that allows the company to offer a very personalized and stellar service to all of its members.


Fabletics wasn’t about to let “showrooming” effect it negatively and instead reversed its negative effects. Instead of having customers shop offline and then buy items at another place at a lower price, they got to know their customer base and adjusted their product accordingly. That is why 30 to 50 percent of their customers are already members that shop their stores and another 25 percent become members in-store.


Fabletics has become a really popular brand and has even gotten the attention of celebrities like Demi Lovato. The brand stands for so much more than just a pretty workout outfit. It makes women feel great about their bodies and gives them something to look forward to wearing. There’s a reason Fabletics has grown to become a company worth $250 million.


Although Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, has no traditional background in business, she knows a thing or two about fashion and style. She also stays very involved in the company and is in-tune to what her client base is after and adjusts her product accordingly. If something is hot she knows what to recreate. If something is not selling, she will pull it from the line to make room for what does sell.

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Securus Has An Exciting Announcement For The Start Of 2018

The president of Securus, Rocket Pickens, has recently made an exciting announcement for the company. He announced at the start of this year that Securus and GoPayNet has started an exciting partnership. Securus has acquired GoPayNet recently, and it is a start to something amazing. Robert Pickerns shared with the public that he is excited for the new acquisition and everything that it has to bring to his establishment. Securus has been in business for more than 30 years and they are always looking for different ways to grow and provide new services to their customers.


GoPayNet is one of the leading electric payment processing companies located in the United States. The company processes payments for different government establishments. GoPayNet has over 2,000 different agencies that that service and have served over the years. The company is very well known and they have established a great name for themselves over the years. Some examples of the types of payments that the company processes is electronic monitoring payments or house arrest payments, probation fees, criminal fees, court fines or fess, and different types of criminal fees as well. The company processes credit card and debit card payments. The company was founded by a former sheriff in the late 90s.


Securus Technology is also a leading technology company whose headquarters is located in the state of Texas. Securus has also been around for several decades and they are one of the largest companies in their league. Securus provides inmate communications to inmates located in the United States and in some parts of Canada as well. Securus severed more than 1,100,000 inmates. They are known for being a company of high integrity and affordable services. Securus also provides different investigation tools to their customers as well. Securus has made a great choice by acquiring GoPayNet.


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The Many Endeavors of Aloha Constrruction

When it comes to home repair services, there are numerous companies that can handle the job. Did you know that the state of Illinois is home to one of the leading general contractors in the Midwest? That’s right! This general contractor is known as Aloha Construction, and it is revolutionizing the home renovation process. Founded by Dave Farbaky in 2008, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Its resume is ever-growing thanks to all of the new business- contacts that have been coming in. The company is actually headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois, but it has a satellite office in Bloomington, Illinois.

What areas are covered for service? This list will give you a better appreciation for what this company can do and for how far it can extend its reach. Aloha Construction covers Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Washington, Vernon Hills, Round Lake, Graystone, Round Lake Beach, Lake Villa, Tazewell and the entire Chicagoland area. The unfortunate thing about property insurance is that it may not cover specific home projects. If this just so happens to be the case with you, and you’re in need of service, Aloha Construction can help. This progressive-thinking company has come up with a way to receive financing by partnering with one of the top financing agencies in the area. Synchrony is its name, and it will work directly with homeowners thanks to its progressive capabilities. This is 84 years of top-rated experience.

Aloha Construction’s official website will give homeowners plenty of pointers, tips and techniques to keep your home in functional shape. The website has a listing of completed jobs as well as statistical-company figures. You do not have to worry because this general contractor is fully-licensed for your protection, and its staff members have received extensive training.

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