Top Tips about Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin was born in 1932. He studied accounting and finance at the university level. He then acquired his Bachelor of Science degree in Chicago at the University of Roosevelt, Illinois. Presently, Sheldon Lavin heads of OSI team, LLC, as well as its Chairperson. He has had a personal financial consulting firm known as Sheldon Lavin and Associate, Inc. for about fifteen years in Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin started the OSI journey back in 1970 where he served for the Otto & Sons, Inc. This company is what developed into OSI Industries. Today, he is the acting CEO and Chairman of the OSI, LLC groups. They include the OSI International Foods, LLC. The company is based in the United States. The OSI Industries acts as a base for other OSI International groups investments, and finally, we have Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd. They can also be referred to as the OSI Vista Company. Under Lavin’s leadership, the OSI group has risen to be a multi-billion-dollar company globally in the processing of foods. They produce a large variety of fish, meat, vegetables, poultry, as well as some special dough products. They supply their products to restaurants, food-service – distributors, and private labels. They also supply the foods for the retail and industrial purpose. Their products have a good market since they can export them to more facilities in other nations.

Sheldon Lavin has great innovative ideas for the OSI group and looks forward to its continued growth and is ready to maintain the family-like culture in the firm. He remains the leader of OSI most especially in Europe as well as Asia. He has also been the trustee and chairman of Ronald McDonald House Charity capital campaigns and has provided his support for over twenty-five years now. He also opened and had been leading a family charitable foundation known as The Sheba Foundations, where he is the acting president and director. Besides, he has been supporting other charity organizations.

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Lifetime Achievements of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani has made a name for himself through the various achievements he has brought to the field of hotels and hospitality. He is a well-known hotelier with over 30 years of experience. He previously served as the chairperson of the board of directors of the Splendid Group of hotels that have grown tremendously over the recent years. He is passionate about innovation and he has always striven to bring new ideas to life by launching breath-taking ventures. Shiraz currently owns over 29 prestigious hotels that are located in the United Kingdom. His ventures are now the center of attraction for most tourists in the country as well as other people that are on vacation.

He fully understands the demanding needs of his clients and he has always striven to offer them the best services and products. Though he is a licensed accountant, Shiraz Boghani has shown dedication towards his entrepreneurial career and through this, he has inspired a vast number of people. His successes have been attributed to his ability to adapt unique strategic approaches in the operation of his ventures. A vast number of people have striven to emulate his steps and approaches towards the field of business and as a result, they have enjoyed the fruits of their dedication. His high professionalism in his field of specialization has also attracted the attention of many people, who seek his counsel on the various strategies they can adapt to achieve success in their ventures.

Due to his brilliance and ability to define his ventures and successes, Shiraz Boghani has received a lot of recognition and accreditation from a vast number of people. In 2016, he was named as the hotelier of the year in the Asian Business Awards. The awards, which were sponsored by the Asian Media Group saw the renowned investor, acquire fame for his notable contributions towards the growth of the country’s economy. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Shiraz Boghani has emerged to be among the most influential investors in the country through the vast number of people that seek his counsel on entrepreneurship.He is passionate about teamwork and he always strives to work closely with other people to achieve the best. Boghani is unstoppable when it comes to accomplishing his goals and he encourages other investors to adopt the use of unique approaches that they believe are likely to increase production in their firms. He is a true leader worth to emulate and his hard work has been attributed to his today`s successes.

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Jim Toner Says Don’t Be So Quick To Blame The Market

Lately, the years have been quite rough for average Americans. Economic downfall has jump started a world of scams and dream failures. Lots of people have lost their treasured possessions including homes and retirement and with those things they have lost hope. It’s not the blame of the market, it was the conditions the market was in that was allowing room for encouragement of bad decisions.

Jim Toner is a business owner and real estate investor. In his 25 years of experience he has taken the good with the bad, however he has been able to get through it all and bounce back. Jim says the times have changed and right now we are looking at the potential of extreme wealth. Jim says those who are ready to accumulate the wealth will be able to do so in about five years.

For those who have a plan for their financial life and are not afraid, Jim Toner will show them the light. He says your attitude plays a big role in real estate wealth. Instead of blaming real estate for the economic crisis in 2008, Jim says it was poor individual choices that made the crash happen, not the market. He also insists this is the best time to purchase real estate and investors are already buying things up while things are relatively cheap.

Jim (@thejimtoner) makes a mention of the knowledge and attitude. When a person makes choices in business and in life, attitude is so important. In the real estate market it’s all about how you view the economy. Whether or not you see the changes as new challenges or just roadblocks. You might be missing out on golden nuggets, while you’re blinded by your perception.

Lastly Jim Toner mentions to keep your environment full of talented people who will spark growth in you. He hasn’t been the first to encourage that. Other entrepreneurs such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford understood the value in this as well. They need it took more than the individual, you have to have the right kind of support team so you can gain something from their knowledge and experience as well.

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Peter Briger Is A Leader In Finance And Philanthropist At Heart

Peter Briger is highly experienced in the field of finances and currently leads Fortress Investment Group along with his business partners, which have turned the company into an international success in a little under two decades. Peter Briger brings a whole host of different skills to the table and his experience is barr none when it comes to the investment industry. Coupled with Wes Edens, another co-founder for Fortress Investment, the company has experienced billions of dollars in revenue gain over the past ten years. Peter Briger has built up his experience extensively over the past two decades, starting with his studies at Princeton Universty. Not only did Peter study at Princeton, but he also earned his MBA from Pennsylvania Unversity. Right after finishing his studies, Peter found a job at Goldman Sachs, where he stayed for roughly 15 years before making his move to Fortress Investment.

During Peter’s time at Goldman, he worked his way through the corporate ladder, even becoming a partner at the company in 1996. Today, Peter is making much more worthwhile contributions to his own company rather than another, where he has also been making steady progress. Since 2002, Peter has been managing the companies managerial operations and committees, working with private equity and credit assets. Today, Fortress Investment Group has an estimated value of more than 60 billion dollars. The primary audience for the company is capitalists and new ventures by individuals.

Fortress Investment Group was also one of the first alternative investment companies to open to the public rather than staying a private focused company. With billions of dollars in assets, Fortress Investment Group is one of the most successful financial companies in the market today. Much of this success is owed to the companies original founders, including Peter Briger. Part of Peters mission at the company hasn’t just been new growth for Fortress, but new growth in the social aspects for the company and himself as well. Throughout his years in the industry and at Fortress, Peter Briger has been an avid supporter of charities and has dedicated time and money to worthwhile projects around the country. GiftFrom Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

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Eric Lefkofsky Keeps On Giving

As a successful businessman and multi-talented entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky seems to have his hands full these days. Born and raised in Southfield Michigan, Lefkofsky grew up in a tight-knit family filled with love and support which helped mold him for his success today. After completing his undergraduate studies in 1991, he went on to receive Juris Doctorate at the University of Michigan Law School in 1993.

After Law School, he began to explore entrepreneurship. In 2001 he co-founded Inner Workings, a firm that specializes in providing print procurement services to small and mid-sized companies. In the following years, he would go on to plan and help launch multiple other businesses. Of all of his accomplishments, Tempus is one that he holds closest to his heart. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, Lefkofsky found himself amongst the millions of families affected by the condition. Often finding it hard to gain a true understanding of his wife’s illness and her treatment options he became frustrated.

What that Lefkofsky apart from so many other people is that he used his frustration as fuel for his fire. He committed himself to helping provide patients with cancer diagnosis more access to education regarding cancer treatment options. Tempus, a technology company that focuses on analyzing cancer cells and molecular data, was founded in 2015. The company uses data-driven technology to help transform the future of cancer treatment.

When he isn’t busy managing one of his many successful businesses, Eric Lefkofsky enjoys giving back to the communities around him. In 2006 he and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable organization that supports efforts in education reform, human right, and Health and Medical Services. To date, the Lefkofsky foundation has helped fund more than 50 organizations worldwide.


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Understanding Freedom Checks and Their Authenticity

In the recent past, you have probably heard about freedom checks commercials on the radio voiced by Ricky or Jack from Bayan Hill. Although vaguely explained, they describe how numerous people around the country are reaping from a thirty-four billion dollar payout known as Freedom Checks. In the commercials they urge the people to claim their stake of the money by a certain date.

Are they authentic?

Google searches have been tailored to display results that promise the authenticity of freedom checks and that anyone can money from them. The reviews are mostly paraded by people with some sort of financial interest luring people to sign up. In fact, a certain post from Banyan Hill website describes them as winning a lottery. This is to tactically get everyone to seize the opportunity only to realize that it is just a marketing strategy. On their website, there is a video of Matt Badiali trying to explain the details. The video also contains testimonial from people claiming to have received a huge amount of money from these very checks.

The bottleneck

Affiliate Unguru quickly rushes out to discredit the photos used in the testimonials as fake. They argue that no company will pay such huge paychecks just for sign-ups. Although freedom checks may not be necessarily a scam a lot more seems to be hidden from the public. This brings more confusion to the general public.

What are these checks all about?

They are a kind of investment strategy introduced by Matt Badiali. This is a form of investment done via Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). This investment allows people to put money in companies and then earn a share of profit. The returns are high ranging between five to nine percent on investment. This mode of investment incorporates benefits of both public corporations and partnerships to rip big.

According to Badiali, there are over five hundred companies where people can invest in. He, however, recommends five industries in oil, gas, timber, minerals and precious metals where there are billion dollars involved. Freedom checks are only viable when a considerable amount of money is invested.

Bottom line

Matt Badiali is not trying to con people. Even though he is genuine, definitely people will not start earning by simply signing up on the freedom check website. His main aim is to market his idea in a clever way to get subscriptions for his Real Wealth Strategist Advisory Newsletter.

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Rodrigo Terpins love for sports and entrepreneurship runs in the family

Rodrigo Terpins seems to have inherited his predilection for sportsmanship and entrepreneurship from his father Jack Terpins. While Rodrigo Terpins is best known for his outstanding performances in the Brazilian rally championships, Jack Terpins was a renowned basketball legend. Michel Terpins, another member of Rodrigo’s family has followed suit in his elder brother’s steps. His love for speed manifested while he was still young where he participated in the motorcycle competitions. He later joined his elder brother in the cars category, and together they have achieved what many other rally drivers have only dreamt of. The two brothers organized a team of rally drivers to form the Bull Serteos Rally team where they compete in professional circuit racing.


As highlighted earlier, Rodrigo Terpins and his younger brother participate in the Bull Serteos rally, which is one of the most challenging rally circuits in Brazil. The competition features rough roads, long distances and challenging terrains where each team strives to compete with the best time. During the 22nd edition of the Bull Serteos Rally championship, Rodrigo competed alongside his brother as the co-driver. The circuit, which covered a total distance of 155km, is considered as one of the most challenging since the establishment of the competition. You can visit


Even with all the challenging conditions, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother managed to complete the first leg of the competition in less than two hours. It was a great performance for the team considering that their car encountered mechanical problems that prevented them from completing the race. At the end of the competition, Rodrigo and his team emerged in the 8th position out of 40 drivers who participated in the competition. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Besides being a professional rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins is also an established businessman. He owns various businesses within Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins has invested heavily in the real estate industry in Brazil. He is also the founder of Floresville, an environmentally friendly company that focuses on supplying high-quality and certified wood.


Recently, Rodrigo Terpins featured in an interview with the ideamensch where shared his professional and personal life. During the interview, Rodrigo Terpins revealed that his love for nature pushed him to establish a business venture involving environment and sustainability.


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The Making of Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer that has learned the art of making things come alive on concert stages. He has become someone that offers rigging services for artists like Pink and Garbage. Kid Rock has also been one of his clients. He has become a very resourceful part of the stage management industry when it comes to concerts. People that are interested in getting into the work of rigging services for concerts can refer to Clayton Hutson. He is the blueprint for this type of work.

The logistics behind all the work that is done on the stage is in high demand. More people are going to look at what it takes to make money with this because artists are going on tour all the time. They are always going to need someone that can set up and break down a stage. What Clayton decided to do what open his own company. That would be the thing that would make it possible for Clayton to step into a big spotlight. He has the ability to get more clients under this client list because he started business for himself.

He has admitted that there have been some setbacks, but ultimately, his hard work has allowed his to overcome the setbacks that he has faced over the years. Clayton Hutson has stated countless times that perfection is what the stars are looking for, and that is what he makes an attempt to provide every time that he sets up a show.

The safety that has to be considered. People that are part of the crew that Clayton Hutson has must also be punctual as well. This is a big part of getting the job done efficiently. The stage production crew cannot show up at the same time that the artist is showing up. The stage management team has to be their before the artists in order to get all equipment and set up for rehearsals. Clayton Hutson knows that the job that he has will require many early mornings and some late nights.

Hutson believes that a solid reputation will be a big part of landing new contracts with new clients. He knows that word of your reputation can spread quickly in the entertainment industry. When you are good or bad the reputation is going to spread quickly so you must always go to the job with much attention to detail.

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OSI Food Solutions Expanding Business Growth

OSI Food Solutions have increased production of their meat supply which started at twelve thousand tons annually, which has now increased to twenty-four tons annually. Due to this increase, OSI announced that they will set up a production, and distribution center in Spain. This new addition, which caused OSI seventeen million euros, has led to an increase in the production of chicken, beef, and pork. In addition, OSI has claimed that they have evolved to fixed previous hazardous conditions, as shown with the addition of outdoor, and indoor surveillance cameras, which lead to supervised work, and high-quality meat production. Also, OSI has installed a new quick response alarm that acts as a firefighter safe, in case any flammable hazardous conditions emerge. This is a strategy that OSI claim will double their chicken production, which their customers in Spain have had a higher demand for, needing the increase in production.

In addition, OSI has acquired Flagship Europe, which was a supplier of cooking products such as frozen foods. These frozen foods include poultry, mayonnaise, and cooking sauces. OSI has viewed this acquisition as a method of expanding their already successful business, which will lead them to gain more exposure in Europe that will lead to increase business growth.

Furthermore, OSI Food Solutions have bought Tyson Food plant in Chicago which serves as a storage warehouse for meat, and other foods, as well as a processing company. Tyson was closing down and laying off workers in their Chicago Food plant, along with their Wisconsin plant due to a lack of efficiency holding the company back. This decision by Tyson has led to OSI Food Solutions private purchase of Tyson’s food plant due to the OSI continuous business growth, and a need of a bigger facility to keep distributing meat, due to increasing demands by customers.

OSI Food Solutions is located in Aurora, Illinois, and are considered to be a world leader in distributing foods and meet to retail stores worldwide. Currently, OSI is located in over seventeen countries, as well as having over sixteen facilities.

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The Equities First Holdings French Tribune Articles

The Equities First Holdings articles that are in the French Tribune are interesting because they can provide people with an option to learn about this company before taking out a loan. This means that someone could get the loans that they need from this company even if they are a small company or a huge corporation.The Equities First Holdings team is very good about helping people save money on their loans, and they are constantly showing people that they can get better loans for much less money.

They are using the stock-based loan program to help underwrite these loans quickly, and they are using it to help companies just use securities or stock certificates to get a loan.There are a lot of companies who could use this firm for a loan, and there are others that will want to ask for private loan money for a private investment.

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