Ted Bauman explains the likely Stock Market Crash Outcome


In the latest article posted on Banyan Hill, an investment professional explained three likely scenarios that can lead to a stock market crash. Ted Bauman believes that the current bull market might go on. Nevertheless, the possibility is that this might crash down. The advice offered by Ted tends to be valuable due to his experience and proven achievement in the investing field. Ted was born in the US, but later relocated to South Africa to pursue his education.

After studying economics and history in South Africa, Ted Bauman continued with his profession in a non-profit making organization that lasted for more than 20 years. He concentrated on affordable housing projects that assisted many underprivileged people to get out of the slums. He co-established one of the companies that have assisted over 14 million people in many countries across the world.

While staying in South Africa, he acquired knowledge and vast experience with low-risk investment strategies. Currently, he resides in the US and composes bulletins that entail lower-risk, savings, privacy, international migration problems and property protection. Banyan Hill Publishing is pleased with the additional contribution from Ted. Ted Bauman’s recent article on the website explains the likely circumstances of the stock market crash.

A return to the average ratio

Ted Bauman will always remind you that the US stocks are overvalued. He uses to CAPE ratio to argue that in case the market gets back to the normal ratio of 17, there must be a decrease of over 35%. He adds that his changes might take more than one year to take place and could have two distinct effects.

The first effect is that the investors will find out that receiving their investments back with impending bonuses is impossible. For that reason the extra gain might be speculative, and the investors will bail to get incomes. Nevertheless, their struggles will produce a reverse effect.

Another effect will be that alternative asset property income will turn out to be pleasing. The congress chained the country into the biggest budget deficits of all time. Because this cannot be avoided, there is a higher possibility of alternative asset income becoming more pleasing.



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Jose Auriemo Neto- Building the Brazilian real estate sector

Jose Auriemo Neto leads one of the top real estate businesses in Brazil. Under his leadership, a lot has happened, and it looks like the company is never going never stop growing rapidly. He has made efforts that have never been before in the real estate sector, he took over a medium level; company and turned it into the largest real estate company specializing in building high-end companies. The company develops property for the high-income earners. They deal with residential and commercial property. Everything that they are doing is for the greater benefit of the people, and this is the main reason why we have a scenario where the company is building a huge portfolio in a very short time.

Jose Auriemo Neto is one of the people who have shown dedication in the work that they are doing. He has taken the role of CEO at JHSF with a dedication which can is the reason we have this company which is doing very well. His leadership is unique and has in a way brought positive changes in the whole real estate industry. His focus on quality and beauty has led to the creation of some spectacular projects around Brazil.

JHSF mainly deals with the development of shopping malls. JHSF has developed some of the largest shopping complexes in cities like Sao Paulo, Manus, and Salvador. Due to the nature of growth that have been recorded by this company in recent times, there has been a focus on growing more property in different locations. It is under the leadership of Auriemo Neto that most of the changes that we see have happened. The company was not developing shopping malls, but now it is not only building shopping malls but also building hotels and restaurants.

JHSF has a critical role in changing the Brazilian real estate industry. Under his leadership, JHSF has become not only a real estate developer in Brazil but even in other countries. There is ongoing construction works in the United States and Uruguay. The CEO seems to be focused on the international market as a part of the growth strategy that he will implement going forward.

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Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie Issues Message to Public

The well known pizza restaurant chain Papa Johns has been going through a slump. As well as lower sales figures, the company has had some recent issues with its reputation. Due to some remarks made by the founder, the company has been looking to restore its standing with the public. In an effort to help restore the company image, the current chief executive officer of Papa Johns Steve Ritchie has drafted and issued a letter. With this letter, he is looking to express his regret about the remarks and remind the public that Papa Johns is still a very accepting and tolerant company. With his letter, Steve Ritchie demonstrated that he has empathy as well as a desire to meet the needs of customers.

Steve Ritchie wrote a letter shortly after the founder of the company made some remarks that weren’t very popular. Ritchie apologized himself as well as for the entire company. He reminded the public that Papa Johns never tolerates any behavior that is disrespectful, insensitive or racist. After finding out about the remarks, Steve Ritchie admitted that the last week has been one of the most difficult in his career. However, Ritchie is determined to help Papa Johns get its reputation back in good standing among customers and the public in general.  According to Wikipedia, since there are thousands of franchise owners and employees who come from a variety of backgrounds, Ritchie said that the company is very accepting of diversity. Steve Ritchie mentioned in the letter that he is now looking to bring in experts to evaluate the culture of the company and find ways to improve upon its diversity. With this action, Papa Johns will likely prove that it is among the most tolerant organizations in the United States.

Releasing this letter has allowed Steve Ritchie Papa John’s to reach out to the public and ensure them that he is very considerate of their feelings. With demonstrated empathy and compassion, Ritchie will likely be able to prove to consumers and the public that Papa Johns is not an organization that looks down on people from unique backgrounds. His recent actions have enabled him to prove how effective a leader that truly is. Connect with Steve Ritchie on Twitter.

Read this: cnbc.com/2018/07/13/papa-johns-is-not-an-individual-ceo-says-plans-diversity-audit-.html

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Upwork  Get Productive With These Useful Tips

If you want to ensure that you achieve success as a freelancer, you have to find a platform that provides you with regular work. Upwork is a world leading platform for freelancers, and it also helps the companies as well as individual clients to find freelancers with specific skills. It is much more cost effective to hire freelancers than to hire a regular salaried employee as you are not bound to pay month after month whether there is any constant flow of work or not. More and more companies are hiring freelancers these days, and to find skilled and professional freelancers, Upwork is the right place to be.

However, if you want to achieve success as a freelancer, make sure that you are disciplined because, without discipline, it would be challenging for you to achieve success. To stay disciplined, you have to be good at time management. Just because as a freelancer you are working from home doesn’t mean that you can work any time of the day without any routine. You have to follow a rigorous method to keep your clients happy and communicate with them effectively. As a freelancer, you are the whole and sole of your business and responsible for the job completion as well as quality check and from customer service to client management. If you do not have a good time and project management skills, you will find it hard to survive in the competitive freelancing world.

Upwork recently posted a blog with tips for the freelancers and one of the first tips is to have a to-do list. Having a to-do list would ensure that you know what work is pending and which work needs to be completed first. Make sure to add different levels of priorities to your work, so that you don’t miss deadlines. Always make your to-do list the night before to save the productive morning hours and if possible, use a mobile application for a to-do list. It would help you stay in the loop with your schedule and keep you updated about the pending tasks, and whether any deadline is approaching.

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Sheldon Lavin makes sure that OSI Group has embraced a Path of Sustainability

The success of an organization is highly dependent on the leadership within the organization. When using a company such as OSI Group as a reference, it is evident that Sheldon Lavin is a man who has executed his duties as a chief executive officer as expected. During the period that Lavin has worked in the OSI Group, he has been able to layout multiple strategies, and he has also played a major role in making sure that the organization has embraced new forms of technology.

Background Check

It is important to note that technology evolves on a daily basis. New forms of technology come in handy since they may prove to be more efficient among many more factors. Since Sheldon Lavin is a man who is always ready to embrace change, he has profoundly contributed to OSI Group embracing sustainability. Additionally, OSI is a company that has been able to openly tackle the various challenges that have come about over the years.
Currently, many companies have been dealing with food processing; nevertheless, OSI Group has been ranked as being among the most competitive companies in the food sector globally. Growing all the way from a small butcher shop in Chicago to an international business entity, OSI Group has presented a very interesting streak of growth over the years. As for Sheldon Lavin, he has been serving at OSI since the mid-1970s, and he is still serving within the company as the CEO till now.

Additional Information

While serving in an executive position within a company, it is always good to leave a legacy. As for Sheldon Lavin, he started building on his legacy by making sure that OSI Group was adapting to the use of cutting-edge technology as well as new strategies. Lavin’s main agenda while working as the CEO was to make sure that the operations of OSI Group had a minimal impact on the environment. To do so, Lavin made sure that the operational decisions were always made keeping in mind that Sustainability was more of a core principal.


With time, OSI Group has been able to adapt to making sure that they are able to produce food in an environmentally friendly manner. For OSI Group to do so, Sheldon Lavin has played a primary role in making sure that the vision of sustainability had become a reality. Due to the good deeds that Lavin has done, his efforts have not gone unrecognized since he has been issued multiple awards in a bid to recognize the good work that he has been doing. The following awards have been granted to Lavin and OSI Group; the California Green Business Award, the Global Visionary Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, and the North American Institute’s Environmental Award.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

The Hussain Sajwani –DAMAC Foundation is a philanthropic initiative between the Chairman of DAMAC Group and the Group itself to support the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of creating an endowed society through education and development of skills. The foundation is committed to enabling individuals within the Arab Zone through its initiative of “One Million Arab Coders.” The initiative is an education plan that will have a fantastic social effect on the society through enabling one million Arabs to have the practical knowledge and skills needed for future jobs.

The DAMAC Properties feel it has a responsibility of supporting the local people as well as the communities because it is an organization that is developing within the Arab region. The primary objective of the foundation is to ensure that people within the zone can maximize their potential through training, hard work, and determination. For Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner to attaining the position he has in the business world, he went through the same path of education and hard work. Moreover, he has ensured that his children go through the same to be successful in the future. He came up with this foundation to help others to go through the same path to ensure that the future of Dubai is bright. The initiative aims at coming up with sustainable ways so that the future generations will enjoy their lives.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani came up with DAMAC Properties. He is the chairman of the company and owns the majority of its stakes. The company was founded as a developer of luxury real estate providing unique living experiences in Dubai. The organization has developed to be the leading luxury developers having projects in the GCC, the broader Middle East as well as the United Kingdom. The organization has an undying desire for quality and design which has brought the company a remarkable reputation for building some of the most beautiful and desirable properties within the zone. Hussain Sajwani has some other investments like the DICO Investment, which is Hussain’s flagship investment founded in 1992. DICO Investments has AED 3 billion worth of assets under management within the region.

Additional source: https://www.albayan.ae/

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Randal Nardone; Making it in Fortress Investment Company

Randal Nardone graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts degree, English/ Biology. He later earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the Boston University, School of law. Contrary to what he was specialized in, which is law; Randal Nardone decided to take a different professional path and showed m interest in asset management. He hence decided to learn more on how he would merge asset management with law. After serving top positions in different companies, Randal, and his friend and colleague in the financial field, Wes Edens, Founded the Fortress Investment group in the Year 1998. Randal Nardone, who was also listed position 557 in Forbes billionaire listing, has since then been a principal in Fortress Investment groupore and works in the New York based offices.

On December 27th 2017, there was an announcement that Fortress investment group was being acquired by Softbank group Corp.The deal finally closed when Softbank became the owner of all of Fortress outstanding shares which cost it $3.3 billion. Though the move came as a shock to many, to fortress, it was a strategy for them to privatize as it has been in their plan for some time. Fortress investment will also expand and get more partners in Asia with Ease. Contrary to what most might think, the move will not in any way alter how Fortress Investment operates. Softbank will not take control of a majority of Fortress Investments assets. In his comments, Randal Nardone stated that the move will make his company stronger as it will enable it to expand faster as they now have better access to credit sources.

Prior to the purchase, Fortress was selling its shares at $5.83 but soft bank bought all the outstanding shares at $8.08. Randal said that this was an awesome deal for fortress investors. He added that the company’s executives will split the $1.39 billion, which was what was made from the Softbank deal, according to the shares they each have. In estimation, Nardone’s company, Fortress is said to have $69.6 billion. Half of the amount being fixed income while the other half is in permanent capital vehicles, credit private equity, private equity and credit hedge funds.

To Read more:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortress_Investment_Group


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Hussain Sajwani Builds With The Trumps

There are many different signs of success. They all depend on the individual. Some people my find themselves with thousands if not millions of dollars. Then there are others who find themselves meeting and connecting with famous people in the world. It all depends on the industry. For one thing, there are some industries that are famous with people of all walks of life. According to Erem News, among the industries that are very famous is commercial real estate. Among the companies that are shining very well in this industry is DAMAC Group, which is run by Hussain Sajwani. This company has brought forth many great buildings.

Hussain Sajwani is very passionate about what he does. In his passion, he has met with many different people and have carried out a lot of projects for people. He is also a very social and compassionate person. He has met with plenty of people including President Donald Trump. He and his family is connected with the Trump family. This type of connection is very helpful for Hussain Sajwani and his business. They have done a lot of deals together which has brought forth many different projects of fame. Trump even has his own building in Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist. As a matter of fact, he has started out in philanthropy where he has done things for people such as feeding them. Sajwani takes a lot of joy in feeding the hungry. He understands that a lot of things could occur which could people in these horrid circumstances. Therefore, he has enjoyed not only bringing food for people but has also gotten involved in other ways that he could bring forth other options for people that are struggling. For one thing, Hussain Sajwani likes to build for people so that they could have something to go to.

Extra sources:

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End Citizens United Feels Responsible for Helping Citizens

End Citizens United always knew they wanted to help citizens of the United States get the rights they had back to what they wanted to do in the beginning. The organization spent a lot of time fighting against corporations and those who wanted to make things harder for all the citizens in the industry. They always wanted people to realize they were doing a lot of good work and that was something they focused on from the beginning. It gave them a chance to do more and always give back no matter what issues they faced. The industry changed a lot from the time End Citizens United started, but they continued showing people they could make things better. The organization comes up with new ideas and tries showing people they have something standing behind them that will help with the future. It’s their goal of giving back to others that helps them realize they can do more in the future. Visit mothershipstrategies.com to know more about End Citizen United.

End Citizens United believes they have the key that will help other people thrive in different situations. They are a strong group that has a lot of people. They also know what they need to do to fight back against corruption in politics. If they can fight back against the politicians who are putting these things into place, they’ll know what they need to do. They’ll also feel good about giving others the chances they need for success in the future. It’s their goal to help everyone who needs it.

End Citizens United focused on helping citizens first. They are not a part of any party. In fact, they are neutral when it comes to politics. They just want to make sure they can help others realize they’re the best in the industry and they’re getting the right options with their own ideas. End Citizens United knows what they can do and knows they have to make sure they can see things differently. It makes sense for the company to keep doing things right and keep showing people what they need. The organization works to give this to everyone they work with. Read more: http://endcitizensunited.org/news/ 

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A concise review on NewsWatchTV

“NewsWatchTv” is an organization that partners with almost 500 different companies ranging from small independent business to non profit organizations to app developers from all over the world. They have built good relationships with these companies over the past years and continue to create a more reliable trust worthy reputation as the days go on. Few of the major companies they work with are Intel, D-Link, Sony, Casio, Outback Steakhouse, and many more.

NewsWatchTv is has a very good influence so they can benefit companies that work with them majorly when it comes to promoting, special services, and just spreading the word about what certain companies do. When “Contour” started working with the news network their specific goal was to market their workstation through both online and television. Simply the ultimate goal for Contour was to help increase their exposure which would increase their sales. Eventually Contour started to see rapid results when it came to how many viewers and sales they had.

Avanca Decided to link with “NewsWatchTv” for basically the same reason as Contour except had different expectations in mind. They were working on a crowd funding campaign to help receive enough money for something they’ve been working on called the “Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC”. Their goal was to make $10,000 within a 30 day period. This got Avanca nervous because if they were to not reach their goal by the thirtieth day then no money would have been received.

This made them want to further expand their influence and reach out to NewsWatchTv for a one minute segment where they promote their idea and talk about their purpose for the funding. Later on, they find out that their funding project was a success. They simply needed 10,000 dollars but ended up making $456,551 in the end. That goes to show that when you go on national television for just a segment and promote your idea correctly, it may have more of an influence than you would’ve imagined.

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