OSI Food Solutions Expanding Business Growth

OSI Food Solutions have increased production of their meat supply which started at twelve thousand tons annually, which has now increased to twenty-four tons annually. Due to this increase, OSI announced that they will set up a production, and distribution center in Spain. This new addition, which caused OSI seventeen million euros, has led to an increase in the production of chicken, beef, and pork. In addition, OSI has claimed that they have evolved to fixed previous hazardous conditions, as shown with the addition of outdoor, and indoor surveillance cameras, which lead to supervised work, and high-quality meat production. Also, OSI has installed a new quick response alarm that acts as a firefighter safe, in case any flammable hazardous conditions emerge. This is a strategy that OSI claim will double their chicken production, which their customers in Spain have had a higher demand for, needing the increase in production.

In addition, OSI has acquired Flagship Europe, which was a supplier of cooking products such as frozen foods. These frozen foods include poultry, mayonnaise, and cooking sauces. OSI has viewed this acquisition as a method of expanding their already successful business, which will lead them to gain more exposure in Europe that will lead to increase business growth.

Furthermore, OSI Food Solutions have bought Tyson Food plant in Chicago which serves as a storage warehouse for meat, and other foods, as well as a processing company. Tyson was closing down and laying off workers in their Chicago Food plant, along with their Wisconsin plant due to a lack of efficiency holding the company back. This decision by Tyson has led to OSI Food Solutions private purchase of Tyson’s food plant due to the OSI continuous business growth, and a need of a bigger facility to keep distributing meat, due to increasing demands by customers.

OSI Food Solutions is located in Aurora, Illinois, and are considered to be a world leader in distributing foods and meet to retail stores worldwide. Currently, OSI is located in over seventeen countries, as well as having over sixteen facilities.

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