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Aloha Construction is a family company that serves northwest of Chicago, southern Wisconsin, and Illinois. Dave Farbaky is the founder of Dave Farkaby Foundation and Aloha construction. He is a kind-hearted man who gives back to society. With unpredictable weather conditions present, extreme weather conditions could damage your house. Aloha Construction helps in repairing your home since damage is inevitable. Aloha Construction does the best work of rebuilding your home and gets good reviews from customers and has an A+ rating. Aloha Construction has completed over 18,000 projects. It also provides a craftsmanship warranty of 10 years.

The services provided by Aloha Construction does pertain not only homeowners but also general constructors. Aloha Construction remains the best of all the construction companies. The employees of Aloha Construction are the best. They are well trained and offer sufficient services. They arrive as fast as they can after you’ve called making Aloha Construction very reliable.

Aloha Constructions offers services to homeowners like:


In the mid-west, it is the leading roofing company. Friction and wind speed causes roof tears.

Siding Contracts

These include Installation, repairs, and replacements of house sidings. Good sidings help in protecting against severe weather and leakages into the house.

Gutter Installation

No matter the size or type of gutter installation needed, Aloha Construction can handle a gutter installation.


Replacements of windows, doors and any other handyman services are provided at Aloha Constructions.

Aloha Construction also makes sure to keep your dogs which are a treasured pet safe during renovations and or construction. It’s hard for a home owner to take care of the safety of their pets during home construction. Aloha Constructions offers a solution to this problem, making it the best company to hire for services needed at home.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe When Remodelling Your Home Keep an eye on your dog. It helps in reducing accident chances. Adhere to regular dog routine to prevent them from being stressed or anxious. Exercise with your dog away from to distract yourselves from the noise at home and share fun moments. Take care of your dog’s health by cleaning the renovated area to remove dust and sharp objects that could harm the dog.

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