Nick Vertucci Plays Poker The Way He Flips Properties, And It’s Working For Him

Nick Vertucci has a successful real estate school based in CA. He opened the NV Real Estate Academy in 2014, but Nick had hit some low points in his life in the years prior to that. He worked hard to overcome the negatives, and he turned his life around with his focus and drive. That type of mindset works well for a real estate investor, and it also did wonders for Nick’s poker game.

He is an avid poker player, and Nick has found himself seated next to some of the best known players. He was in his first major poker tournament 14 years ago. He came in 8th place out of the 251 players who entered the championship. It cost the players $1,500.00 to enter, and he won $7,530.00. Nick kept at it and continued to sharpen his skills. Meanwhile, he had attended his first real estate seminar, and he was anxious to learn all he could about buying and selling real estate properties, too.

Nick Vertucci is good at reading people. He also has the knack of being able to control his emotions and stay focused. Both of these personality characteristics are assets when negotiating real estate transactions and at the closing table. They are also two valuable traits to have at the poker table. Nick built up his confidence and started to see the results.

Nick Vertucci, as a long-time entrepreneur, has the confidence to be a risk taker. This has enabled him to keep”in the game” and face the challenges that he encounters. For a man who has gone from flat broke to a millionaire, that was a big lesson to learn. Nick Vertucci is also an author. His first book was released this year. It’s entitled,”Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.

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