Mike Baur And The Swiss Startup Factory Help Several Companies Reach Their Potential

Mike Baur leads the Swiss Startup Factory as a man who wishes to ease every new client into the market. He has a keen understanding for fundraising, startups and their ideas. He knows what it takes to become a successful business, and he prefers to keep his clients on the straight and narrow while they grow their companies. This article offers a look at how Mike helps each client find more cash, use their cash optimally and ensure their success in the future.


#1: Basic Governance


Mike often covers governance with his clients as he knows they may not understand how it works. Putting together a company is quite difficult when those running it are not prepared for the task at-hand. A business with a proper governance structure will perform quite well given its mission, and the people who are brought onto the team after the fact often have the greatest impact on the company. Mike ensures every client chooses the right people before solidifying their governance structure.


#2: Fundraising Properly


There are many connections between Mike and those with funds to offer each new business. He calls in partners often who help with fundraising for each business, and he ensures the companies that offer the money are committed to the mission of the business. Partnerships are created at this level that are quite difficult to find elsewhere, and these partnerships often stand the test of time while others fall apart when not facilitated through Mike’s office.


#3: Planning For The Future


Mike ensures every company has a business plan, and he follows the business plan to the letter for the sake of the client. Clients who have planned appropriately will find their businesses in-line with the business plan, and they will not deviate at any time. Mike draws up the plans daily, and he works with companies that wish to maintain high profits for as long as possible. It may be difficult for a business to remain on-track, but they do so with Mike’s help.


A business plan, fundraising stream and governance structure all help a business make better decisions for the future. The companies that take seriously each step in the process will find their sales growing every year with new clients walking through the door consistently. It is quite simple for a business to retain its heart when it is supported by Mike Baur and his staff.

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