Lawrence Bender’s Movie ‘Countdown to Zero’.

Lawrence Bender is a movie producer. He has worked in this industry for over 20 years now. He has been instrumental in the production of various Hollywood films like Good Will Hunting, Django, and Inglorious Bustards. Lawrence Bender has had a very successful career having won several awards. He has also been nominated for Oscars for a couple of times. He was born in Bronx, New York City. His three legal names are Lawrence Bender Kirk. He was born to two parents. Bender’s mother was a kindergarten teacher, and the dad was a college professor.

The man behind the production of the movie ‘Countdown to Zero’ is none other than Lawrence Bender. Most people have never taken the persistent threats of nuclear annihilation into serious consideration. In this movie, there are plenty of surprises that will mesmerize you.

The movie mainly talks about the human race revelation. The documentary has gone a step ahead to address the matter in a more incisive manner. Dr Robert Oppenheimer, through his studies, discovers the primary destructive force of his great creation. He finds this in the July of 1945.

After an honest reflection of the relationship between the then Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev and US President Jimmy Carter, the movie takes off. There is an account of Dr Oppenheimer’s initial uncertainty about the probability of a nuclear war. President John F. Kennedy’s quote then followed the start of the film. The President’s quote denounced the use of atomic weaponry terming it as a ‘nuclear sword of Damocles.’ JFK added that it hangs on the heads of children, women and men.

An unsettling set of terrorist attack takes place in the footage flaming the World Trade Center. An interview with the CIA officer Plame Wilson is immediately carried out. Wilson states that the situation is devastating and that other attacks were in the plot. He adds that the nuclear weapons might have fallen into the wrong hands. The incident is then opened up for discussion by historical commentators and foreign relations experts to find a solution.

Lawrence Bender indicates that the public has very little knowledge about the weapons. Moreover, Lawrence Bender aims at offering the viewer with the full details of nuclear proliferation. Bender uses the film to give insight about the real destructive powers of an atomic bomb.

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