Julia Jackson’s Non-Profit and Opinion On Sonoma County Wine

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is the daughter of Jess Jackson who is the founder of Jackson Family wines. Many people have heard of the famous kendall-jackson wines but may not know of many of the family’s other award winning wines. Julia grew up working around the family vineyards and winery. She would help her family pick grapes during the hot summer months and as she got older she worked at the winery.Julia earned her BA from Scripps College and she also earned a certificate for business management from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She spent her summers traveling France and immersing herself in the French culture and wine making experiences. She is also fluent in French and taught children how to speak it prior to starting her Cambria Estates non-profit.

The Seeds of empowerment program that was founded by the Cambria Estates Winery focuses on empowering women. The institution pledged $100,000 in 2004 to help empower women who are hoping to benefit and change comJulia Jacksonmunities. She hopes to better communities by providing donations to those who are effectively making positive change. In addition to running her non-profit Julia still helps her family when needed.The Jackson family launched a new winery in Sonoma County on October 6, 2015. While Julia has been known to enjoy pinot noire and chardonnay she stated that she felt the best wine at her family’s new Sonoma County Wines was the Cabernet.

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