Jim Toner Says Don’t Be So Quick To Blame The Market

Lately, the years have been quite rough for average Americans. Economic downfall has jump started a world of scams and dream failures. Lots of people have lost their treasured possessions including homes and retirement and with those things they have lost hope. It’s not the blame of the market, it was the conditions the market was in that was allowing room for encouragement of bad decisions.

Jim Toner is a business owner and real estate investor. In his 25 years of experience he has taken the good with the bad, however he has been able to get through it all and bounce back. Jim says the times have changed and right now we are looking at the potential of extreme wealth. Jim says those who are ready to accumulate the wealth will be able to do so in about five years.

For those who have a plan for their financial life and are not afraid, Jim Toner will show them the light. He says your attitude plays a big role in real estate wealth. Instead of blaming real estate for the economic crisis in 2008, Jim says it was poor individual choices that made the crash happen, not the market. He also insists this is the best time to purchase real estate and investors are already buying things up while things are relatively cheap.

Jim (@thejimtoner) makes a mention of the knowledge and attitude. When a person makes choices in business and in life, attitude is so important. In the real estate market it’s all about how you view the economy. Whether or not you see the changes as new challenges or just roadblocks. You might be missing out on golden nuggets, while you’re blinded by your perception.

Lastly Jim Toner mentions to keep your environment full of talented people who will spark growth in you. He hasn’t been the first to encourage that. Other entrepreneurs such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford understood the value in this as well. They need it took more than the individual, you have to have the right kind of support team so you can gain something from their knowledge and experience as well.

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