Jeremy Goldstein Talks About Employee Incentives And EPS

Employees working in any sector are always working towards some or the other form of improvement. They put in the hours of work to ultimately get a better position, or to get a better salary out of it so that they can support themselves better. It isn’t uncommon for employees to head up to the human resource departments of companies and ask for a raise for the years of effort that they have put in, but sometimes, granting them what they want is harder than one would expect.



Jeremy Goldstein, a notable corporate lawyer from New York recently published an article about EPS and the effect it can have on the employee client relationship. EPS refers to employee per share. This means that an employee is entitled to receive a certain amount of benefits per share that is bought at the company. This increase is usually determined by the company itself and presented to the employee once they join. However, there are a few more intricacies to this. EPS only helps companies to determine how much needs to be given, not when it needs to be given. It is something that companies mainly put into place to prevent their employees from asking for exorbitant appraisals and to help them get a more realistic idea of the kind of rewards that they can expect to receive.



Even though this may seem like a more realistic approach to determining the amount that one can potentially get, it can lead to discrimination at the workplace. The employer is the one who decides when the employee is eligible for the raise or promotion and can withhold it for as long as they like. They can also grant these raises to the employees who they favor more, and prevent the others from gaining them all together.



Jeremy Goldstein stated that one of the best things that a company can do comes to a compromise with their employees. Understand what your employees need, and go over the criteria that would make them eligible for such an incentive. It helps prevent clashes between the employees and administration, while still keeping them satisfied with their jobs. Learn more:








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Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent name in the field of corporate law. He is considered to be one of the leading corporate lawyers and runs his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein, and Associates. Through the course of his career, he has worked with several clients coming to him from an array of sectors.



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