Jeremy Goldstein Has A Compromise For Corporate Compensations

Companies all over the world have different ways of providing compensation or incentives to their employees for signing up with the company or being more productive and contributing to the growth of the company. Stock options are the most common way for companies to provide this compensation and in the past, it was not a half bad way of doing things. This is not so much the case anymore in today’s economy. With the ever fluctuation prices of stocks for companies, especially new and smaller companies, stock options as compensation are volatile. At any given time the prices could go up or down, which is a negative to one side or the other. In either case, someone is not happy. Employees don’t want to lose their compensations, but employees also don’t want the extra costs related to stock options or the added costs associated with rising stocks. Learn more:


There is a noteworthy compensation expert working to resolve this issue, Jeremy Goldstein, who believes he has the solution for everyone to find a common ground and be happy, which is knockout options. Instead of the usual way of things, knockout options would save companies should their stocks rise or fall too much, rendering the stock option void. This will save companies a lot of money in the long run and allow for increased long-term growth. Employees will stand to benefit as well since they do not have to worry about stock options or the possibility of them falling. According to Jeremy Goldstein, most employees would rather have higher salaries than stock compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein has released several articles explaining what knockout options will mean in full detail for employees and corporations around the country. He goes into the specifics and what the pros and cons will be for both sides. Let’s face it, there are always cons to deals and compromises, but it is the middle ground to appease everyone. Jeremy Goldstein believes the pros far outweigh the cons, for both employees looking for jobs in the corporate world and major corporations around the world today. Employees will also have an easier time seeing what a company has to offer and their potential for growth with the new options on the table.

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