Jason Hope funds a Biotechnology Research foundation

Jayson Hope is a renowned serial businessman, philanthropist and a creative thinker based in the United States. Jason Hope studied his engineering degree at the Arizona State University and later joined the well-known WP Carey School of Business to pursue Master of Business Administration. Hope believes in the possibilities of research and the power of technology in the department of biotechnology. He has always dreamt of making extraordinary achievements in the technology sector. He funds numerous research programs and start-ups.

Jason Hope throws a close eye on the innovations in technology and biology. He also likes studying and researching on the advancements in the Biotechnology field. It’s because of his love for Biotechnology that Jason Hope funded the SENS Research Foundation with $500,000 in 2010. Hope continued to donate to the SENS Research since then. The SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. The donation from Jason Hope has helped the SENS Research to construct their Cambridge Laboratory. The SENS Research Foundation concentrates on advancing the general value of life and also increasing the life expectancy of the humans. The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit company that relies on the support of researchers, scientists and philanthropists. It also gets aids from private individuals and well-wishers.

The Chief Science Officer and co-Founder of the SENS Research Foundation, Mr. Aubrey Grey, addressed the aim and goal of the foundation in his opening speech of the yearly Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference that was in Santa Clara. Grey noted that the conference aim was to come up with a transformation biotechnology engineering that speed-up the advancement of drugs via the broad-based relationship of damage-repair skills.

Jason Hope is a regular contributor on the Internet of Things through writing and researching. SENS Research Foundation and other similar organizations are keen on using a unique strategy to anti-aging for finding treatments for diseases that cause fast aging of our body cells. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s, lung and heart diseases affect every function of our bodies. SENS Research Foundation focuses on preventing such diseases from happening ever.

Jason Hope is famously known as a specialist in all manner of entrepreneurial queries. He is among the business advisors who are organizations and individuals run after in the United States.

In his interviews, Jason Hope praises technology saying that it is the most prominent catalyst for change in the contemporary world. He also noted that every person knows that the society’s future is dependent on technology as it interconnects and connects places, things and more importantly people.

For More info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

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