Jacob Gottlieb Is Considering A New Hedge Fund Investment

Jacob Gottlieb is an established man in the investment industry and he was the co-founder of Visium Asset Management. Unfortunately, a scandal ended Visium’s run in the market due to certain management members taking advantage. Jacob is finally back at it with a new business plan for an investment company and hedge fund. This new venture will rely on other investors that want to get involved with Jacob’s business plans, though he is still undecided on the right timing. With the liquidation of the old fund still in process, there is still room to change the plans according to Jacob Gottlieb.

One of the reasons that Jacob took some time before coming out with his business idea was because of the problems that occurred at his last company. Jacob wasn’t apart of the shady practices that were going on, he wasn’t even accused of it. In fact, he was all for the go-ahead to shut down his company as the CEO given what was going on. Altium Capital is Jacob’s newest venture and he is still considering how he will focus his new hedge fund. Altium is much smaller than Jacob’s previous company, with less than 10 employees currently working at the firm.

Although Visium is now closed, Altium has the same principles behind it, both focusing on the healthcare industry and investing. Jacob Gottlieb hopes to bring more light to companies that are doing good things in the healthcare industry. At first, Jacob was considering taking a break from the industry after Visium needed to be shut down. Instead, after just two years, Jacob has decided that he doesn’t have the time to take a break and wants to get back into the swing of big business investing. Healthcare was Jacob’s focus before and it will be again. Not only is this because Jacob Gottlieb was once a doctor himself, but he wants to improve the medical field and bring about new advancements to help many people around the world.


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